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United States Constitution

United States Constitution



My PowerPoint all about the United States Constitution.

My PowerPoint all about the United States Constitution.



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    United States Constitution United States Constitution Presentation Transcript

    • The U.S. Constitution By: Stephanye Floyd
    • The Constitution!
      • The Constitution is one of the most important documents in America’s history!
      • In the Constitution there are laws that have contributed to the shaping of America.
      • The Constitution has laws that make sure everyone is equal and that everything moves smoothly in America for now and for years to come.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • When was the Constitution written?
      • The first draft of the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1789.
      • Parts of the Constitution came from the Federalist Papers which was published in 1787.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • Who wrote the Constitution?
      • James Madison of Virginia, also known as the Father of the Constitution was the main man who wrote the Constitution with a some other delegates like Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • Why was the Constitution written?
      • A couple reasons the Constitution was written was to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, ensure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty.
      • Another reason the Constitution was written was because the Articles of Confederation was weak and there was need for a stronger government.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • What led to the writing of the Constitution?
      • Events like the failing of the Articles of the Confederation led to the writing of the Constitution since America was looking to build a stronger government they needed laws to help build that government.
      • The Virginia Plan led to the writing of the Constitution since the idea of three branches was included in Articles 1, 2, and 3 of the Preamble of the Constitution.
      • The New Jersey Plan led to the writing of the Constitution since the idea of too much power in some states was included in Article 4 of the Constitution.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • The Constitution’s Significance
      • The Constitution is one of the oldest surviving constitutions ever.
      • The Constitution makes laws equal and fair for everyone.
      • The Constitution is the bases for all laws in America.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • Problem Solver!
      • The Constitution helped solve problems on power between the states and the government by giving them all equal power.
      • The Constitution also helped give women equal rights and people the right to own property.
      • Also, the Constitution gave people rights during trials, laws for voting and laws for drinking ages.
      • The Constitution helped solve problems whenever one would arise and try to make everything equal for everyone.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • Limitations of the Constitution
      • When it comes to judicial limits, anyone who commits a crime from a foreign country cannot be convicted of the crime in the U.S.
      • A bill can only become a law if the President signs it and if majority ratifies it.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • My Improvements on the Constitution
      • One of my improvements I would have made to the Constitution was to put more detail into each law and be more specific. I feel like too many issues arise because the laws aren’t specific enough. I do realize though that these laws were made a while ago and things are different now than they were back then.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
    • Relevance Today?
      • In a way I think the Constitution isn’t as relevant today as it used to be. Not as many laws have been created as they have been in the past couple centuries. I think everyone is satisfied in a way with the way things are and everything is equal for everyone.
      By: Stephanye Floyd
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      By: Stephanye Floyd