The united states constitution


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Constitution Powerpoint

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The united states constitution

  1. 1. The UnitedStatesConstitutionThe following questions will be answered:When was the Constitution written? Why? By who? And where?What events led to the Constitution being written? And what documents it was modeledafter?What problems did the Constitution solve and what are some of it’s limitations?MackenzieGibson
  2. 2. What is the United States Constitution?The Constitution is the framework that was to be used for the USgovernment, in order to make it run as smoothly as possible. It explainschecks and balances, popular sovereignty, limited government, judicialreview, federalism, and separation of powers. It also outlines ways to keepeverything in check and equal to everyone in the country.
  3. 3. Who? When? Where?The Constitution was written in Philadelphia in 1787, by the Delegates of thePhiladelphia Convention:Governor Morris of Pennsylvania, John Dickinson, John Adams ThomasJefferson, James Madison, James Wilson and more.Note that all above worked on it and that the Constitution was not writtenby one person only
  4. 4. The Constitution was written in order to accomplish six different goals. ThePreamble states these goals to create “a more perfect union”, “establish justice”,“ensure domestic tranquility”, “provide for the common defense”, “promote thegeneral welfare”, and to “secure the blessings of liberty”. They wanted to accomplishthese goals for several reasons; to create a stronger relationship between the nationaland state governments, to create fair and reasonable laws, to create and keep peace,to defend against foreign attacks, to create a strong government that can protect thenation, and to protect the liberties just recently won in the American Revolution.It was also written to be the framework for the United States Government and how itshould work. It also explains the three branches of government: the Legislative,Executive, and Judicial branches. And it explains how to keep the power equalthroughout.WHY?
  5. 5. Events Leading to the ConstitutionThe American RevolutionThe United States wanted to be free of King George IIIThe American Revolution really pushed the US into wanted to establish its’ own formof democracy that would work well in their country. The Revolution made themvery weak, so change was needed. Many also wanted to be independent of Britain’sKing George III. During this time, the US gained many new liberties that they wantedto protect, they wanted freedom and equal rights. Without the Constitution it waslikely that the government could suppress the citizens from their liberties.Therefore, those who were in charge and wrote the United States Constitutionlooked at Britain and the American Revolution to have a starting point in which tocreate an equal society where nobody could have too much power.
  6. 6. What documents was the Constitution modeled after?The Magna Carta, which outlined the liberties in England in 1215The Articles of Confederation, which was written during the Revolutionary war andserved as the United State’s first constitutionThe Declaration of Independence, written in 1776 declaring independence of the kingand stated that the US was now an independent nation
  7. 7. What problems in our society did theConstitution solve?The Constitution solved the problem of power. It showed a way in whichgovernment could run with power distributed evenly in order to prevent any one groupor leader to become to powerful and possibly create some sort of dictatorship. TheConstitution solved this problem through the creation of the three branches ofgovernment and creating the idea of checks and balances. Those involved in making theConstitution found a way to make sure every right is protected and all people are equal,including the president who has to follow the same laws.
  8. 8. LIMITATIONSSome limitations that were created in the Constitution were created due to the factthat some parts and points of it could have different interpretations. Therefore, itmakes it hard to create punishments or going against something that is consideredto be unconstitutional. In other terms of limitations, the Constitution, likementioned before, created different limitations on the government, that kept thepeople in charge and prevented any one person from becoming too powerful fortoo long. These types of limitations are completely different, one is sort of aproblem, the other an answer. The fact that some of the Constitution is open tointerpretations can create some problems today, especially in court cases, wherethe judges have to use their interpretation of the Constitution and what isconsidered unconstitutional.
  9. 9. How would I improve the US Constitution?I’m not sure that I can really think of anything to improve the US Constitution.Yes, some parts may be out of date, but that’s why there have already been 27 changesto it. The Constitution was created as a framework for a reason, to be something thatcan be interpreted in different ways, in order to work for newer generations. Thismakes the constitution genius and therefore hard to think of what change couldimprove it.
  10. 10. Is the Constitution as relevant today as it was whenit was first created?I feel that the Constitution is as relevant today as it possibly can be.Obviously it is not as relevant because it was not written during this time period, it’sbeen over 200 years since it was originally written. However, I still feel that it is veryrelevant because it CAN be modified due to different societal interpretations of theConstitution and what it means. It is still used very much today because we still havethe three branches of government and keep the power equal between them and thepresident and do not allow the power to get out of hand.