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The dangers of technology
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The dangers of technology


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  • IS JUST one of these dangers
  • harsh reality and that the students of this world need to be extremely cautious. Once something goes on Facebook (or the web), it doesn't come down again. Ever. Just because you cannot directly access it through your Facebook interface doesn't mean that the content isn't lurking around the corner for your next employer to stumble upon, and not give you that dream job as a result of the drunken photos you uploaded.Source:
  • Nothings worst than what you don’t know then what you cant see. Technology creates a shield, a mask to hid behind What society doesnt realize is what they put out will always linger in the world of the web foreverThis makes privacy virtually impossible and gives them difficulty to be in control Source:
  • can be anybody who we want to be and no one would know -- you don’t always know who you’re talking toDO YOU know who you’re really talking to?-we create our own identity and this blured the fine line between the online and offiline identity -creating images of ourselves offiline-says Graham of the University of Texas, Austin, co-author of the studies with Sam Gosling. "Whether we're creating a screen name or avatar for ourselves, or broadcasting that the bar or coffee shop down the street is one of our frequent hangouts, we are inevitably telling those around us something about who we are as individuals."-this leads to many problems especailly our youth –making it easy for cyberbullying to happen -Some statistics indicate that as many as 160,000 students a year skip school just to avoid being harassed, and texting and social media are making it easier than ever to harass classmates. Victimization from schoolmates has been correlated with everything from depression and anxiety to thoughts of suicide and struggles with academics.Will we ever know who we are REALLY talking to?
  • Will we ever know who is really behind the screen?Stranger danger
  • This makes its also a breeding ground for online predatorsMask Hekumorguefile
  • Technology allows us to masked ourselves (our true identity)Therefore.. This mask
  • RertractHow can we learn to connect if we are
  • We are so dependant on our devices that we have forgotten how to even have a conversation anymoreFace to face conversation allows for us to connect and learn
  • This hinders our ability to connect with one another , to uWe are tempted to think that our little “sips” of online connection add up to a big gulp of real conversation. But they don’t. E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, all of these have their places — in politics, commerce, romance and friendship. But no matter how valuable, they do not substitute for conversation. nderstand and to truly know someonoetechnologies that provide the illusion of companionship How can we prevent these dangers from happening to us?Next time, forget the fancy iphone
  • Transcript

    • 1. By : Sophia ChoongImage viaJamiechien(morguefile)
    • 2. Today’s technological advanceshave shown usthat the possibilitiesare endlessImage via Sean MacEntee
    • 3. InternetMobiledevicesSocial mediaapplicationsTechnology has become a integral partof our daily routineImage via Sean MacEntee
    • 4. It is no surprise that technology hassimplified our lives todayImage via Jinno.Jung
    • 5. Better?But can we really say it was forOr Worse?Image via propagandaTimes
    • 6. Truth be told, today’s technology contains manyunderlying dangers that are harmful to all of societyImage via Xavierbt
    • 7. PRIVACY is atthe top of the listImage via eschipul
    • 8. We are often misleadby the “delete’” buttonImage via Matt McGee
    • 9. A recent experiment conducted on Facebookshowed how even after a user’s posting wasdeleted, the content could still be retrievedand be visible by othersImage via FindYourSearch
    • 10. “Snapchat are indeedrecoverable, and donot disappear forever.”Source: Snapchat UnveiledThe same thing applies to social mediaapp SnapchatImage viaEmilyKendall- Richard Hickman
    • 11. Society needs to realize whatthey put online remains on the worldwide web foreverImage via jdurham
    • 12. They also don’t realize thattechnology enables you to hideyour true identityImage via xenia(morguefile)
    • 13. The fine line between online and offline identity isblurred -allowing us to be whoever we want to beImage via mrhayata
    • 14. 44% of teenagers admitted to lyingabout their age to gain access to aweb siteImage via LeonardJohnMatthewsSource: Coming of Age in Digital Age
    • 15. This also makes ita breeding groundfor onlinepredatorsImage via heku
    • 16. “It is believed that morethan half a millionpedophiles are onlineevery day.”- Special Agent Greg WingSource: FBI: child predators Image via dave
    • 17. Will we ever know who is really behindthe screen?Image via .Andi.
    • 18. Technology also tends topull away from theimportance of a face toface conversationImage via misko13
    • 19. We are so dependant on our devices that we haveforgotten how to have a real conversationImage via SusanNYC
    • 20. “Someday, someday, I’d like to learnhow to have a conversation.” -16 year old boyThis loss of skill hinders our ability totruly connect with one anotherImage viaorangesandlemonsSource: Sherry Turkle , The Flight of Conversation
    • 21. Technology provide us with the illusionof companionshipThey do not substitutefor conversationImage via craigallyn
    • 22. So how can we prevent thesedangers from happening to us?Image via tricky
    • 23. Image via huskyte77PROTECT YOURSELF: be cautiouswhen using technologyNext time: think twice aboutposting that pictureandchoose to talk face to facerather than sending a text
    • 24. CREDITSAll images are licensed under theCreative Commons NonCommercial Share A-like 3.0agreement and sourced fromflickr or otherwise stated
    • 25. SOURCES1.