Social tools for the organization


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Social tools can help your business develop and maintain relationships, but in addition, you’re going to need to have some common interests with your communities and the people you’ll interact with.

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Social tools for the organization

  1. 1. Assembling the Organization’sSocial Tools
  2. 2. As with everything on the Internet, the field of social technology is maturing quickly!We all know the more familiar social sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr,YouTube, and others – but of course you know there are 100’s of very useful andeffective social sites and tools that can be just as useful as these giants?
  3. 3. Some of these tools are topic or industry-based, such as for realtors, for auto dealers, or for sales
  4. 4. Social tools can help your business develop and maintain relationships, but in addition,you’re going to need to have some common interests with your communities and thepeople you’ll interact
  5. 5. If you sell kitchen appliances, you’re much better off getting involved with acommunity built around cooking!
  6. 6. A business has to engage others to be successful in the social realm. Socialcommunities won’t stand for spam or blatant advertising – that’s not why people arethere.People use social sites to explore their own personal world, not yours.The idea is to become a part of their world, to become a part of their lifestream, andnot try to bring them into yours. Engage in conversation Engage in relationships Engage in
  7. 7. Starting discussions is the easiest step you can take to engage youraudience. Make it a topic that’s not necessarily directly related to yourbusiness, but be sure you have plenty to say and offer on the subject – thebetter the discussion, the longer it will go on, and therefore the better foryour
  8. 8. Social sites designed for connecting with
  9. 9. Social sites designed for business
  10. 10. Aggregate, Not AggravateDeveloping relationships and keeping all of these new engagements fresh and excitingcan be a daunting task, to say the least. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that wouldmake managing it all easier and less time consuming? Here are a few…
  11. 11. Listen QuietlyFinding discussions and topics where others are talking about your products or servicesis a more recent area where social tools are becoming increasingly useful and valuableto our businesses. People are most honest in casual settings.To listen and find these conversations here are a few sites to get you started
  12. 12. How to Measure SuccessMeasuring success of your social efforts is an interesting aspect of your company’ssocial program.Here are a few social measurement tools that you can incorporate into your
  13. 13. Social SEOSomething else to consider regarding all of these conversations and discussionsfloating around out there about your business, products, or services… for the mostpart, it all will eventually one day get indexed into the major search engines, and inturn, could potentially improve your search engine listings, page ranks, and otherareas of your SEO
  14. 14. The Social ChannelSocial Media platforms provide us with content-serving tools that many people arefamiliar with in their daily routines of checking news or entertaining themselves.Creating media such as instructional videos, entertaining low-budget commercial, or aslideshow of a house for sale are all great ways to engage your
  15. 15. Pass It On!Bookmarking has become social. People like to save and share high value content.Social Bookmarking is becoming increasingly important in search engine ranking.The philosophy is that the more people who are bookmarking your site, the morerelevant and important it is, and therefore it gets better
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