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New Whitepapers - http://www.smartonline.com/whitepapers/ …

New Whitepapers - http://www.smartonline.com/whitepapers/
Learn more about
- Rapid Smartphone Adoption
- What are Smartphone carrying consumers doing?
- Mobile Social Networking
- Mobile Websites or Applications?
- Causes & Mobile - consumer reaction

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  • (up by 87.2% from Q4 2010) (THE TREND)Experts predicted that this would happen in 2012 but instead it happened 2 years earlier (experts include neilsen, silicon alley insider, gartner, IDC, etc – I can point you to those studies)I know national stats say 30% of mobile phone market are smartphones right now – projected to be 50 by end of 2011. who knows what this can be in 2 years- experts are already being proven wrong (as we go through the slides I’ll make that point clearer) and this number could very well be over 80% so let’s look at what questions and what we found outSo really, who knows how fast this market can expand. Android is growing at SUCH an enormous rate.Latest predictions include that android will reach 50% of the smartphone market share by 2012 and windows mobile will really grow tooThe cost of a smartphone now is as low as $49 – who wouldn’t want one?
  • How many of you send regular communications through email to your supporters/donors/stakeholders? (THE PROBLEM YOU FACE)How many of you have your emails optimized for viewing on a mobile phone?Okay! Our study showed that 72% open emails more often or equally on phones and pcs. This number will only rapidly increaseLook at the chart - only 3% don’t open emails on their phones There are simple ways to optimize your emails for viewing on a phone – following some simple rules – single column layouts, minimal images, calls to action right at the top, the easiest way is to have a ‘view on mobile device’ link at the top – read my blog post on that @smartonline.com
  • Mobile unfriendly website – what do they do – view chart and explain the numbers
  • We asked them for what functions they prefer an app to a website – where does it make more sense. Utility was top on the chart – 67%, social networking came in second and there was a decent 26% who wanted an app for engaging with nonprofits – participating in fundraising events/virtual events for a cause and for advocating for a causeSo what do these numbers of utility preferences, etc mean to you as a nonprofit? Say you are a museumMuseum example - for utility, plan trip on the go, access info about exhibits, locate ones they would like to see, use Qr codes to connect and give more info – you will need native functionality to do these things – not possible with a web app
  • What would they ideally like to see in a nonprofit mobile app?51% would like to participate in events/fundraisers, read share social media posts, 34% would like to advocateAdvantage of push notifications and why native apps are better equipped to do this. 2 way communication with nonprofits – respond to event rsvps, take immediate emergency related call to action – donate, volunteer, etc., say someone urgently needs blood – send a push message asking them to call now to donate blood if you are the same blood group, very IMMEDIATE and very RESPONSIVE – allow them to take action right then and there. peer-peer fundraising – another great tool – all events like walkathon, bikathon etc - participants are the younger generation who typically are very active on social media and mobile – and with peer to peer fundraising – most of this is done through social media and increasingly mobile – give them the tools they need for these events that they can access on the go - early adoption utility


  • 1. A Mobile World: how your supporters are using their Smartphones and why you should care
    – Smart Online, Inc.
    The developers of SmartOn™ Mobilesolutions that will help bring your mission further with mobile
  • 2. Overview
    Below are a few highlights from our recent whitepaper in March, 2011
    For the full whitepaper go to http://smartonmobile.com/whitepapers/
  • 3. Smartphones vs. PCs - Sales
    Smartphone sales beat PC sales
    100.9 million Smartphones
    92.1 million PCs (Q4 2010) *
    * International Data Corp., 2010
  • 4. Smartphones vs. PCs –Usage
    72% open emails more often on their phones or equally on their phones and computers
    63% open social networking sites similarly
    Always on my phone
    More often on my phone
    Less often on my phone
    Don’t open emails on my phone
  • 5. Mobile ‘Unfriendly’ Websites
    Get frustrated and disengage
    Leave the website and forget about it
    Open it later on a computer
    Zoom in and read information with difficulty
  • 6. Comparison: Mobile Website or Apps
    67% prefer app for utility
    62% for social networking
    26% for fundraising events/advocacy
  • 7. Causes & Mobile – Consumer Reaction
    • 21% used phones to support nonprofits
    • 8. 59% want to receive real time updates
  • To Download the full whitepaper visit http://smartonmobile.com/whitepapers/