Reha Of CI Children Possible Outcomes Yvonne Havers


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Language: English. Yvonne Havers from the Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Centers explains how children with a CI develop and what kind and quality of outcomes can be expected when they undergo proper rehabilitation. The Cochlear Implant Center Friedberg, Germany is very experienced in the field of rehabiliation of CI Children. This presentation was given at the first monsana conference in St. Petersburg in May 2009. See also

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Reha Of CI Children Possible Outcomes Yvonne Havers

  1. 1. kRehabilitation of children with CI possible outcomes Yvonne Havers Cochlear Implant Centrum Rhein - Main Friedberg, Germany 1st Monsana Conference
  2. 2. kGirl: Pauline Burkhardt Age at videotaping: 13 years prelingual deaf (>90dB) First fitting: 7,5 years 1st Monsana Conference
  3. 3. k 1st Monsana Conference
  4. 4. k} Different aspects: Age of implantation Bilateral cochlear implantation Migration background Children with additional impairements Children with hearing impaired parents Educational placement 1st Monsana Conference
  5. 5. k Bilateral CI (n= 171) March 200935302520 ad ults15 children10 5 0 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 1st Monsana Conference
  6. 6. kChildren without additional disabilities or migration background (n= 244) 25% 38% 7% 30% Main stream School for hearing im paired Integration Early support 1st Monsana Conference
  7. 7. k Children with foreign family-language March 2009 (n= 103) Turkish Arabian 30% 49% serbisch pakistanisch 1% marokkanisch 5% Italian 5% 3% 7% OthersSpoken Languages in CIC: 19 1st Monsana Conference
  8. 8. k 1st Monsana Conference
  9. 9. k 17% 25% 12% 16% 13%learning cognitive body behavior eyes multiple 1st Monsana Conference
  10. 10. k 1st Monsana Conference
  11. 11. k Children of hearing impaired parents Children of hearing parents 98%2% 1st Monsana Conference
  12. 12. k 1st Monsana Conference
  13. 13. k 1st Monsana Conference
  14. 14. kBut they do depend on§ UNHS§ Duration of deafness§ Cause for deafness§ Duration of HA support§ Status of hearing nerve§ Good working technical support§ Mono- or bilateral support§ Support by the parents§ Education style§Important!Regular Rehabilitation with professional support 1st Monsana Conference
  15. 15. k 1st Monsana Conference
  16. 16. k} Why do these children have got a good chance to get into language?} Importance of parental/ family support} Parents have to becom e real specialists for their own children} That s why parents always have to join: Directly or by television 1st Monsana Conference
  17. 17. kSchool Parents TherapistOthers Early support Child 1st Monsana Conference
  18. 18. k therpist Life or via live online rooms parents childEarly support school others 1st Monsana Conference