7 ways to avoid getting on email blacklists


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Getting added to a blacklist spoils any email marketing campaign. Despite how good your intentions are sometimes small things like overloading your e-mail with images, results in instant blacklisting.

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7 ways to avoid getting on email blacklists

  1. 1. 7 Ways To Avoid Getting On EmailBlacklistsBy: Alphasandesh.com
  2. 2. Inception• Getting added to a blacklist spoils anyemail marketing campaign. Despite how good yourintentions are sometimes small things likeoverloading your e-mail with images, results ininstant blacklisting.alphasandesh.com
  3. 3. What is blacklist• A blacklist generally refers to a list of email or IPaddresses known to deliver spam e-mails or someother kind of unwanted messages. These lists arepresently used by mail servers for filtering incomingmails and obstructing the ones listed, in order toenhance email security and reliability.alphasandesh.com
  4. 4. Tips to rescue you from blacklist• Here are some tips to avoid being on email blacklistto some extent:Send out email to those people who signed up foryour messagesManage your email frequencyDo not use all capsDo not use excessive imagesMake use of right kinds of words or phrasesSend out consistent email templatesProvide your customers with useful contentalphasandesh.com
  5. 5. Send out emails to only opt in people• Its helpful to purchase email lists, but these listsare not of good quality and people are probable tomark unwanted emails as spam. Just send outemails to the people who have directly opted-intoyour email lists.alphasandesh.com
  6. 6. Manage your email frequency• Be aware of how many e-mails youdeliver per week, and of theimportance conveyed by theindividual that is on the other end.Make a schedule that is impartial andwould not irritate your readers. Withsome email marketing programs, youcan develop a lead fostering or dripcampaign that deliver particular e-mails at a specific rate based on usersubmissions on your website. alphasandesh.com
  7. 7. Do not use all caps• In an email, using allcaps is like shouting. Forsome particular reason,spammers like to use allcaps. For this reason,you should not use allcaps in your messages.Instead of it you can useitalics, bold andunderline features.alphasandesh.com
  8. 8. Do not use excessive images• Many ISPS are really startingto crack down on e-mailsthat use excessive images.Images can be very usefultools in grasping natural andhealthy interest in what youhave to state. Thus, youshould use a goodcombination of images andtext to make sure that youare not flagged as spam.alphasandesh.com
  9. 9. Make use of right kinds of words• Do not flood yourreaders withconventionally spamwords like free andrelated terms embracea ton of weight withspam filters. Make aconscious effort toselect words thatsupport yourauthenticity.alphasandesh.com
  10. 10. Send out consistent email templates• You should use an emailtemplate that you canuse for sending allnewslettercorrespondence, whichmakes it clear that it is akind of promotional mailfrom your company. Themore outspoken you are,the better you will beagainst blacklisting.alphasandesh.com
  11. 11. Provide your customers with usefulcontent• Do not let down yourprecious customerswith your promotionalcontent. Modify yourcontent according tothe anticipation of thecustomer and offerthem somethingconsiderable in thosewords.alphasandesh.com
  12. 12. Conclusion• At last, keep in mindthat you control a mainpart of what happensafter you hit send on ane-mail marketingcampaign. Now it’s upto you to make surethat your customerswant to get your emailand that they canfacilitate you.alphasandesh.com
  13. 13. Alpha Sandesh combinesall aspects of mass emailmarketing service into asingle & easy to useplatform.For more details pleasehave a look atwww.alphasandesh.comalphasandesh.com