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Searching pub med



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  • 1. Searching PubMedByDr. A.P. Kulkarni, MD, PhD, FIAPSMPro Vice ChancellorMUHS, Nasik
  • 2. What Is PubMedq  Free resource, developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)q About 22,000 journals since 1966q  Uses MEDLINE data baseq Accessible through http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed22-Jun-11 2
  • 3. The screen you see on http:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pubmed The screen you see on www.pubmed.gov22-Jun-11 3
  • 4. Common Problems§  Lot of unnecessary references§  Retrieving one or two exact references§  Getting latest on a topic§  We get abstracts, what about getting full text (Free !!)?22-Jun-11 4
  • 5. Structure of PubMed§ Search Box : Type search words àSearch§ Limits: Select Limiting options that cuts down unnecessary references, refines your search à Search§ Display Mode : Select : Summary, Abstract Plus etc22-Jun-11 5
  • 6. Search Box “Go” button Search Button22-Jun-11 6
  • 7. Lot of Unnecessary ReferencesExample:You are a pediatrician. Want references on bronchodilators in asthmaType word bronchodilator in search box and click Search à 207,402 references22-Jun-11 7
  • 8. Search Box Entry Display Setting (Summary) 207,402 References Lined Up22-Jun-11 8
  • 9. Display Setting (Abstract)22-Jun-11 9
  • 10. Lot of Unnecessary ReferencesUse other key wordsBronchodilator AND asthmaHere AND is a limiting operandOther operands: OR, NOT22-Jun-11 10
  • 11. Lot of Unnecessary ReferencesExample:Type word bronchodilator AND asthma in search box and click Search à 18,636 referencesCut down from 207,402 to 18,63622-Jun-11 11
  • 12. Search : Bronchodilator AND Asthma22-Jun-11 12
  • 13. Lot of Unnecessary ReferencesUse of Limits 4.  Human / animal facility 5.  Journal groupCommon Limits 6.  Type of article1.  Age2.  Sex3.  Language22-Jun-11 13
  • 14. Limits Option22-Jun-11 14
  • 15. Limits Options Displayed Type of Article Language Clinical trial, English, French, Editorial, Letter etc German …etc Species (Human, Sex Animals) M, F Subsets Age AIDS Birth- 23 mo Bio-ethics 0-18 yrs …. etc Cancer… etc22-Jun-11 15
  • 16. Limits Activated §  Type of Article : Clinical trial §  Language: English §  Species: Human §  Sex : M, F §  Age: 0-18 years Number reduced from 18,636 to: 2116 22-Jun-11 16
  • 17. Limits Activated Displayed 2116 references22-Jun-11 17
  • 18. 1 or 2 Exact ReferencesExample:§  Article by Kulkarni A.P.§  On Typhoid Outbreak§  Or is it Typhoid Epidemic?§  Or is the word “Enteric Fever” used?22-Jun-11 18
  • 19. 1 or 2 Exact ReferencesUse “Advanced Search” option on Home Screen(Typhoid OR enteric) AND (outbreak OR epidemic)Also use additional optionKulkarni AP [First Author](Typhoid OR enteric) AND (outbreak OR epidemic) AND Kulkarni AP[First Author]22-Jun-11 19
  • 20. Related Citations Single Article Displayed22-Jun-11 20
  • 21. Getting LatestExample : Malaria Vaccine , in last 5 yearsIn Search Box TypeMalaria VaccineUse Limits optionIn this use Dates - > “Published In Last” option & select “5 years”22-Jun-11 21
  • 22. Getting Latest§  Search Builder: Various options likeAuthor, Book, Publication date§  Can select one or more§  Can add it to “Search Box” with AND, OR options22-Jun-11 22
  • 23. Search word “ Malaria Vaccine” Limits Date Last 5 years22-Jun-11 23
  • 24. 22-Jun-11 24
  • 25. Want Full Text : (Free!!) In the Limits Find “Text Option” Links To Full Text ü Links To Free Full Text Abstracts In the displayed list : Click on “Free Full Text” below the article of interest Full text is displayed in Separate window 22-Jun-11 25
  • 26. Full List of Text Artic o rticles le D f Select 78 A ispla edLis t of 16 yed Dis played 22-Jun-11 26
  • 27. Guide Tools Clinical Queries Topic specific enquiries22-Jun-11 27
  • 28. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.biomedcentral.c om§  Independent publishing house§  Permanent, free access to 185 journals§  Alphabetical list of journals22-Jun-11 28
  • 29. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.openmed.nic.in§  Free facility for self archive§  Only archived work is accessed§  2004 ----- 123§  2005 ----- 211§  2006 ----- 18622-Jun-11 29
  • 30. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.medind.nic.in§  Access to selected Indian Journals§  Search facility directs you to URL- link of the journal§  Requires Adobe Reader22-Jun-11 30
  • 31. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.indmed.nic.in§  Indian MEDLAR§  Full, free text of selected journals in pdf format§  One can know from icons if free / full text available or not22-Jun-11 31
  • 32. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.popline.org§  Journals / articles on RCH since 1973§  Also available to institutes on CD§  Full, free text on request ( for developing countries only)22-Jun-11 32
  • 33. More Websites For Free Full Text§  www.freemedicaljour nals.com§  Some journals provide free, full text after 6 months – 2years§  This is collection of such access to 430 journals like JAMA, BMJ 22-Jun-11 33
  • 34. More Websites For FullText§  www.highwire.stanford .uk§  Website of Stanford University , UK§  Search facility§  Full text on payment§  Requires registration 22-Jun-11 34
  • 35. Cochrane Data base§  www.mrw.interscience.wiley.com/cochrane§  Cochrane systematic reviews on various topics like clinical trials, vaccine trials 22-Jun-11 35