What am I?


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In Term 1, we studied the Rocky Shore. We wrote what am I clues and facts about sea creatures from the rocky shore.

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What am I?

  1. 1. What am I I can have over 40 arms, my mouth is in the middle . When I get my food I push out my tummy. I am really slow as slow as a snail and I am a male
  2. 2. Facts about Star fish Star fish don,t have back Some bones or a brain or head sea so they Sea stars eat pipis and stars use eyespots on the mussels in a strange use ends of their arms way their senses to hunt Star fish can grow over 40 arms. and smell Some star fish can camouflaged. Seagulls and Star fish grab the mussel and pull the shell otters eat star apart then push out their fish tummy then digest the mussel Alex
  3. 3. WHAT AM I..... I have five or more arms. If I lose an arm it will grow back in one week. I have no head or fins not even a tail. I have no eyes but I can still eat. I can still move WHAT AM I
  4. 4. Sea stars can Sea stars are also hold on to animals that a rock. People live in the can get them. sea, some They have I am a people call suckers to Starfish! them cling to the starfish . rock Sea stars don’t have back bones / they don’t even have heads but they can eat Aorangi
  5. 5. WHAT AM I? I have a big brain. I do not have any bones. I move by pumping water through my body. I feel like jelly. I inject a poison into my prey. I can go through rocks. I squirt black ink. Bailey
  6. 6. If scared or annoyed an Octopus can change very quickly to look like a rock. Octopuses have very large brains and have been known to open containers that have food inside them.
  7. 7. By Brooke WHAT AM I..... I have three different colours. They are green red and brown. I live in the the water but to grow I need sun. I can grow up to 30 metres long. Lots of animals like to eat me. I attach myself to whatever I grow on.
  8. 8. Sea weed-kelp There are lots of different shapes and sizes Sea weed has gas trapped in side its It needs sun leaves to help it float to the sun and water to grow When sea weed grows They’re a little bit like a balloon in deep water and make the leaves float back the long leaves have to the surfice where there is gas bubbles in them more sunshine . sea weed is eaten by lots of fish Red brown and green sea Bright green sea weed, weed grows farther down such as sea lettuce grow the low tide . high on the shore
  9. 9. WHAT AM I..... Charlie I can be the size of a grain of rice, but I also can be as big as a room. Green, blue, gray, purple, red, pink and white; Yellow, orange, gold or spotted; a painter has had great fun. I am a clown; you are allowed to laugh. I am a fierce soldier; fear upon you! Daddy long leg, I look like... But, I can also be as red and big as a table. I am short, big, but most usually, I am a medium size and I live either on land or in water. Do you know what? I can also climb trees. Funny enough, I can snap coconuts from their branch with my gigantic claws. Sometimes, you will see me walking around waving my unique huge yellow or red claw. With my big long googly eyes on stems, I can also play music because I am a fiddler! I can burry myself and look like an alien, with only 2 big eyes sticking out of the sand. What am I? A clown, a musician, a soldier or a great big spider??????
  10. 10. What am I? I have a shell with a door, and I live on the rock-pool floor. I’m very small with one big foot, and I come out of my shell to have a look. Humans try to catch me it isn’t a lie, but I can tuck in my shell if somebody tries. I have a black body that is very small, and my colourful door acts as a wall. WHAT AM I? Edward
  11. 11. It lives in rock-pools Cat’s eyes have on all the one big foot like rocks. a Paua. If something or A cat’s eye is a grazer someone tries to A.k.a. a Herbivore so that means it feeds on catch a Cat’s eye Facts about a Cat’s eye algae. A Cat’s eye is a univalve and that they will shoot A Cat’s eye has a means it only has one shell. back into their colourful door and a shell like a rocket small shell. and close their colourful door. Their door looks like a The Maori name Cat’s eye and that’s where for Cat’s eye is it got it’s name from. Kanohi Pupu.
  12. 12. WHAT AM I by finn I am soft and small. I Live in a rock pool I’m in the predator family . I’m a very fast guy. When I’m tired I climb up a tree. I come in all sorts of colours . I’m camouflaged in all different ways. I need to change my shell when I grow too big. I shed my old shell. I have gills. I bring eggs on my belly.
  13. 13. The purple The crusty rock crab crab gets lives in its name the high from its tide zone top part. THE CRAB A crab’s skeleton is on the outside. When the hermit crab gets tired it climbs up a tree. There is a type of crab lives in the rainforest
  14. 14. What am I ? I’ve got four holes on my back and some kind of ink comes out of it. When I’m small I live in the low tide area but when I’m big I go out more into the sea. People like to eat me. I have a maori name. Geordie
  15. 15. Paua are also called There are sea opal. three New different Zealands types of I’m a paua ! best known paua. paua is the The paua is an icon black foot in New Zealand Paua are paua commonly Blackfoot paua found in are the most shallow The paua is a common of all waters along delicacy to paua coastal people shorlines
  16. 16. Helaina What am I? My tail is curvy,my body feels spiny. My dad gives birth to me. To hold on to things I use my tail. My father looks after me. I eat like a fish, no wonder I am In the fish family. What am I?
  17. 17. Sea They suck up Horse! I can have many crustaceans babies with there I ,of as possible. snouts. course can I live in I can grow shallow water. look to five inches two I look like a long. ways miniature I can eat as many as at dragon. A sea horse Is a once. 3,500 food daily. very weak swimmer. A sea horse eats shrimp.
  18. 18. Holly What am I ? I have five or more arms. I can be all different colours. I do not have a back bone, and seagulls like to munch on me. I grow a new arm if one breaks off. I have no head or fins not even a tail.
  19. 19. starfish The starfish pushes out its tummy when it is eating and A starfish’s arm pushes the is called a ray. shellfish into There are a about starfish do not its tummy. 1,800 different have back a back kinds of starfish. bone Some starfish use Starfish have tiny sense of smell to The starfish hunt or food. little sucker feet. gets it’s name Starfish do not Starfish because it’s belong to the fish prefer to family. shaped like a hunt at night star. Starfish move very slowly.
  20. 20. WHAT AM I ? Jyselle I eat algae and I live in the sea, I’m as big as an adult’s palm and I’m very colourful too. I’m have a BIG sucker foot under neath me,so I can hold on tightly to the rocks. I’m a herbivore and I belong to the shell fish and crustation family. I have a maori name and people like to eat me.
  21. 21. I have 4 to 5 I live on the holes in my Paua sea bed. The family I shell. belong to is I have a black shell fish. body. The shell of the I’m very tasty and paua has a low and yummy. open spiral I can’t live in structure and the sun. characterised by I move with my big foot. several respiratory The flesh of holes in a row near paua is widely the shell’s outer Paua is as big as considered to edge. an adult’s palm. be a desirable food.
  22. 22. I sometimes live in the sea and love algae. I’m a univalve not a bivalve. I love to eat and sometimes sleep. I have one foot under me. I like to be in the sea. I’m oval shaped like a hill. I sometimes stay Kaid
  23. 23. I’m a I’m a univalve limpet. I can cling I have one big . on to rocks black foot that and move moves me slow. I live In A limpet’s around. It’s a shell fish rock bed is a that looks like a pools rock in chiton but It’s and in rock pools not. the Limpets sea. Limpets hold or In the sometimes live the water in sea. with chiton’s their foot when the tide goes out.
  24. 24. what am I I have two nippers. I carry my house on my back. I live in a rook pool, and have a very big snack. I walk very slowly and I have no toes. I have two pointy eyes I have a soft shell not a hard one. Each time I grow too big for a shell I move into a larger shell. When people come to hurt me I tuck away in my shell. Now do you know what I am? Kurt
  25. 25. hermit crab. When a hermit crab sees The hermit crab does someone coming to hurt not have a hard shell it, the hermit crab tucks it has a soft shell away in its shell Hermit crabs eat The hermit crab plankton not walks sideways algae. A hermit crab’s A hermit crab shell must fit is a crustacean. exactly. Some hermit crabs leave the sea each day to crawl up tress to rest.
  26. 26. WHAT AM I.... I walk really slow on shimmering sea beds.I have eight legs and a very hard shell.I like to eat pipi and mussels. I live under rocks. I am part of the crustacean family. what am I. BY Lauryn.
  27. 27. Do you know that there One of them are are as big as 4400 species of crab our classroom. around the world. Fact about crabs some crabs leave by lauryn. the sea each day to go Crab are scavengers to they eat mussels and the bushes. pipis.
  28. 28. When I am young I am as soft as moss As I grow older I get lumpy and bumpy Humans and large fish are scary to me The place to be is in my father’s pouch because it is so cosy and no one there is nosy. I am also spiky a bit like a puffer fish. Can you guess what I am? Nicole
  29. 29. The father Sea horses! Sea horses have is the one that gets pregnant spikes,lots of and looks after them. the babies. the one A sea horses life that gets is 1-5 yrs. Sea horses can pregnant change colour. and looks At first sea horses after the are soft,but as they A herd is a team of babies. grow older they sea- get harder and harder. horses. There are millions of babies born at a time.
  30. 30. I’m slimy and delicate no doubt about that. I’m not too skinny and not too fat. I’m a plant, all of you think but really I can sink,sink,sink. I don’t have a shell it would be much too tight It seems like I’m see through and glow like a light. I hunt but do not move, For my food comes to me. Olivia
  31. 31. I am a meat eater At any time I can let also known as a out little anenomes carnivore. from my mouth that look identical to me. I can split in Sea Anenome half to make a I can swim but new anenome My mouth is in I’m usually the centre of my grounded body I come in a I can have a wide range of range of ten sizes and tentacles to colour hundereds.
  32. 32. what am I by piper I suck food because I don;t have teeth. My husband has the babies but I don;t. I have fins that have spikes. My tail is swirly and curly but not all over my body.
  33. 33. sea horses are sea horses can really camouflage on the small it is sea weed a size of a fish sea horse FACTS Sea horses are unusual because its the male that gets pregnant and carries the hundred of eggs in its stomach until they are all ready to hatch.
  34. 34. What am I? I have eight legs. I have a shell but my back is soft. My shell protects me from other animals. If one of my nippers fall off i will grow a new one. I am a scavenger and I clean up rock pools by eating dead plant and animals. Sarah
  35. 35. A hermit crab When a has a soft back. hermit crab feels scared Hermit crabs they tuck I am a use their powerful into their hermit crab. claws to hold on shell. to the rocks. A hermit crab can use it’s nipper to nip us.
  36. 36. What am I? I grow up to 40 legs. I have a mouth in the middle of me. I have lots of tubed feet and eat at night. I have 5 arms. Normally I am a predator. I eat mussels and little fish. Sean
  37. 37. The cushion I am a Star fish star can be very small. They grow up to 40 The cushion star holds legs. water in its self. They have a mouth They have microscopic in the middle eyes on the end of them. of their arms. They eat little creatures
  38. 38. What am I? I stick to rocks, my colour can be greeny. One of my type is called snakeskin. I am not big I am small, I am like a limpet but I’m not. I like to eat algae. I am a herbivore ! I have no eyes. What am I?
  39. 39. cling Chitons have no Chiton eyes, tightly s! they have a to the rocks using relatively good suction and fossil are veryhas record stretching The chiton difficult to back eight remove! 400 million years. Chitons shelter movable plates They wriggle fastened across the rocks like on or together by under rocks or in worms. crevices in tidal muscles and surrounding pools. By Sinead! leathery scales!
  40. 40. What am I? I can grow up to forty arms. I have lots of little feet. I can camouflage into sand to protect myself from predators. I can come in all different colours like red,orange and sometimes blue. I like to live on pipis and mussels. What am I? Todd
  41. 41. Starfish can Starfish belong grow up to to the forty arms. echinoderms Starfish family. have microscopic Starfish eyes on the Starfish have spiky end of their bodies. arms. Starfish If Starfish bring out their Starfish eat lose an stomachs to pipis and arm they digest mussels. grow a food. new one.
  42. 42. Will j What am I? I have five arms. If one of my arms break it will grow back in a week. I cling to rocks very tightly. One of my favourite foods are filter feeders. I come in many shapes and sizes.
  43. 43. Starfish’ starfish!! s favourite Starfish have five foods or more are filter arms. Facts about the star-fish!! feeders. There are tiny The starfish’s mouth little is sucker’s feet underneath in the that Some starfish have middle of the spikes on their arms most popular There it move. help are many The starfish. types types starfish. Starfish are of starfish are found all over brittle the rocky star,cushion star
  44. 44. What am I? I crawl across the seabed and I eat mussel I use my arms to eat mussel. And I'd push myself inside out to eat the victim what am I ? Will S