Marian Anderson by Celia


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Marian Anderson by Celia

  1. 1. Marian Anderson By Celia Graham
  2. 2. Where and when was Marian Anderson born? • Marian Anderson was born on February 27, 1897. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  3. 3. What was Marian Anderson’s early life like? • Marian Anderson grew up in Philadelphia. She had two younger sisters,their names were Ethel May, and Alyse. When she was six she joined the childrens choir at her church, Marian loved to sing! When she was twelve her father died. Marian was heart broken!
  4. 4. What was Marian Anderson’s education like? • Marian Anderson took singing lessons with Giuseppe Boghetti. • Marian Anderson’s elementary school was Stanton grammar school. • Her high school was Penn high school, then she transferred to South Philadelphia high school. • Marian Anderson did not go to college!
  5. 5. What was Marian Anderson’s adult life and career like? • Marian Anderson first appeared at town hall. She had begun to sing German songs and the German songs were her favorites! Marian did not do so well at town hall, the people there realized that she did not know what she was singing! Marian was sad, she loved singing. Marian still liked the German songs, so she went to Germany to study German songs. She also toured parts of Europe. When she sang for the people in Europe the people loved her. In fact, so many people in Europe loved her the news reporters called it “Marian fever”! Marian even sang for president Roosevelt and his wife! Now that’s impressive! One day Marian was having a concert. She needed a place for her concert to be at. Giuseppe Boghetti had booked for her to sing in the Lincoln memorial but when she went in, the lady at the front desk said that she couldn’t sing there because she was black! That hurt Marian a lot, but she didn’t give up and finally she was allowed to give her concert on the steps of the Lincoln memorial! The concert was on Easter Sunday in Washington D.C. From that day on Marian gave all kinds of concerts all around the world! Marian Anderson gave hear last concert in New York in 1965.
  6. 6. What were Marian Anderson’s accomplishments? • Marian won a singing • Marian also became contest in New York! the first black singer to When she won the sing a part in the competition she was thrilled! At first she didn’t Metropolitan Opera. think she had won because On that day she was weeks had passed and she very nervous but she still didn’t get a letter but knew she would do finally a letter came well and, she did! saying that she had won!
  7. 7. What was Marian’s impact on the world ? Marian didn’t like that sometimes when she had concerts and one side of the room would be for back people and one side of the room would be for white people. So one day she refused to sing unless black and white people sat together. That brought black and white people together!
  8. 8. What was Marian Andersonsthe date and cause of death Sadly, Marian Anderson died on April 8, 1993 at the age of 96. She died from a wound