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User Manual.
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Deviceanywhere studio 5.1

  1. 1. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio Deviceanywhere Studio 5.1 SATISH GORRIPOTU GSATISH_LEELA@YAHOO.COM +91-9885121381
  2. 2. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  3. 3. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio Deviceanywhere Studio 5.1Scenario: 1. Open Application and capture data 2. Save the data in notepadLocation c:program filesmobile complete Deviceanywherestudioworkspace1. Loginto Deviceanywhere
  4. 4. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioScreen Visibility: 1. Test center 1. My devices 2. getting Started 2. Test case Manager 1.Test case editor
  5. 5. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio 2. Test case runtime 3. getting Started 3. Test Automation 1. Scripting 2. getting Started 4. Proof Center 1. program Editor 2. Proof Center 3. Getting Started 5. Device Manager 1. Device manager 2. Ensamble Manager 3. Getting started 6. DemoAnywhere 1. Tutorial Builder 2. free-Nav Builder 3. Gettingstarted 7. links 1. Report an issue 2. Enterprise Portal 3. Proof Portal
  6. 6. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioAutomation Testing:2. Create New Project Test Automation --> Scripting ----New Project --> Create Project
  7. 7. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio3. Configure the Project 1. Overview 2. Devices 3. Dependencies 4. Global variables 5. Error Types
  8. 8. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio 6. External Sharing 7. Permissions 8. Certifications4. Once project created. It will visible in seperate Frame ...same like as Eclipse tree structure with 1. actions 2. states 3. test cases 4. test cycles
  9. 9. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioNote. Right click on project --> properties --> navigate to configure project5. Test case Separate pane will display with Run Debug Edit Variables Check out Save Select as menu options
  10. 10. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioAnother frame will display with Locked or Recently used Devices.Test cases must be device independent.Note: Test Cases are designed based on the Importing Actions. These Actions are locked by Devices.
  11. 11. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio6. Actions:Actions are building blocks of Test Cases. These actions will contain scripts.
  12. 12. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioCreate New Action: Right click on action
  13. 13. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioIt will create three empty place holders with Locked Devices.Double Clicking on Action,
  14. 14. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioClick on Implement: It will display one frame with Run, Debug, Edit Variables and Check in as menu options. And Set of tools which contain commands. 1. Send, 2. Wait, 3. Control, 4. Result. 5. Extend 6. Capture
  15. 15. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioDrag and Drop the commands from the tool box into design Frame, then Check in the Action to access itfrom other members.If requires, we can roll back any time by show History
  16. 16. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioWe can do check in of all actions at same time.
  17. 17. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  18. 18. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTools & Commands: Tool Box Send: Send Keys Hardware Extension – To do Battery removal Find and Touch Send SMS Wait: Wait Wait for Image Wait for Text Wait for Event Wait Audio Wait State Extract Text Control: -Script Logic Section Looping Branching Navigate to Result: Pass Fail Extend: -Modular the actions based on the adding other existing actions Execute Action.
  19. 19. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio Capture: -Record the video Start Recording Stop Recording Take Snapshot
  20. 20. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioScripting: We have to start scripting from Idle or Known position.STEP 1:Drag and Drop the command: SENDDouble Click on the Command .
  21. 21. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioInstead of Double Clicking, Another way is:Right Click on the Command and Start Recording.Then Start pressing keys directly on the device.After that again Right click on the command then stop the recording.
  22. 22. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioNow Double click on the command and verify the below.
  23. 23. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioSTEP 2: Wait Image, to ensure we are at correct screen.
  24. 24. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioIt will allow us to take the screen shot of the Image.The Exact Screen may fail due to Screen resolution, Signal Strength, Batter Life Indicator, Date and Time,Current application.So we have to set the preferences by 1. Crop the Image 2. Adjust Pixel Tolerance 3. Adjust Color Tolerance 4. Adjust Position Tolerance as 100 to 70%We can verify the steps by click Run button in the Menu.Then it will display the Execution Status.We can see the step Result as below by clicking on View Result.
  25. 25. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioAbove steps need to repeat for next type of mobile device.
  26. 26. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  27. 27. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioUsing parameters: Parameters can be used to dynamically populates the test entry to the script during the runtime.To create the Parameter to certain action,Right Click on Action  Properties
  28. 28. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  29. 29. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioCreated Parameters can be used in the Commands in the Actions by right clickingCommandProperties
  30. 30. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  31. 31. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioWe can add additional key commands before and after the parameters
  32. 32. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThen we have to change the type of parameter key mode as per deviceWait Text: This is same as wait image.
  33. 33. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThen we have to set the Checkpoint.Text and Image reorganization capabilitiesIn Send, we have two Commands 1. Find Text and Touch 2. Find and Touch
  34. 34. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  35. 35. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTouch Offset tab: Set the off setBased on the pixel location
  36. 36. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioExtract text:Extract Text to variable.
  37. 37. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  38. 38. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  39. 39. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioNav To:This is extension of Text and Image matching capability. - Looping
  40. 40. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  41. 41. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  42. 42. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTest Cases:These are made up of Action calls and script logic.These must be device independent.
  43. 43. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioDrag and drop the actions into the Test CaseIf any Action has Parameters, Then we can manipulate it for each cycle.
  44. 44. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThen lick Run:
  45. 45. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioWe can Run the Scripts in Debug Mode also.
  46. 46. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThen it will open each action and execute.
  47. 47. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTest Cycles: In Test Cycle we can specify the Test cases and sequence by Drag and Drop.Test Cycle will have three commands 1. Control 2. Result 3. Extend.
  48. 48. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioResults:
  49. 49. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  50. 50. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioUpload the test Results:View Results:
  51. 51. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioStates: Capture and Store specific state of the screen or device and then reuse it in actions.
  52. 52. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  53. 53. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThen procedure is same as wait Image.Implement State in Action:
  54. 54. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioDeviceAnywhere mobile popup will have following direct options.Input Mode: Keyboard Input Hardware - battery
  55. 55. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio Audio& Video - Video , Speaker, MicrophoneTools: Send SMS Application cleanup Sharing BrewConnect Device to Computer - ADB Tunnel (Specific devices)Manual Testing:Once we login to Deviceanywhere we can see the following Mydeviceanywhere Reports Support Community
  56. 56. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioThe Major component in Deviceanywhere is Test Case Manager.With this Test case manager, we can Manage Test Plans and Test Results.Test Case Manager: 1. Test case Editor 2. Test Case Runtime 3. Getting Started
  57. 57. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioCreating Project:Whilst Creating the project we can assign permissions to groups and add devices. Later also we can do thesame by properties option.Test Case: Click on Test Case Editor and then create test case.Test Steps: By Clicking on Add step we get below screen
  58. 58. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioNow we have to add Details like Name ,Description, Proof Type(Single, Multiple screen shots, VideoRecording)
  59. 59. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTest cycle: Click on Test Case Run time in Test Case Manager
  60. 60. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioOnce we configure on which device we have to test, Then screen navigates to runtime section.Then we have to walkthrough each stem and to do testing and make it Pass or Fail.
  61. 61. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  62. 62. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioTest Results:
  63. 63. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  64. 64. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio
  65. 65. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioDevice anywhere has Plug-in with HP Test Case management tool QC and Functional testing tool QTP.HP Functional Testing (QTP) and HP Quality Center Enhances Mobile Testing Offering with DeviceAnywhereDev iceAnyw here provides integrated solutions for HP Functional Testing (QTP) and HP Quality Center that enable users to run a ndautomate complex test scenar ios on mobile applications. Building on its long-time technical collaboration w ith HP as a key ALM partner,Dev iceAnyw here currently supports the latest versions (V11.0) of HP’s softw are quality management applications, QC and QTP(Quic kTest Professional). DeviceAnyw heres integrated bus iness solution w ith HP Functional Testing ( QTP) extends the capab ilities ofthe HP QTP client application to mobile, enabling users to test mobile applications and devices in a mobile cloud or dedicate dimplementation.HP Functional Testing (QTP) customers are able to trigger automated testing on live mobile devices directly from QTP. Test status andresult links are passed back and stored w ithin QTP for auditability/reference. The automated solution integration enables con solidationof test case management and allow s for automated execution of test cases for mobile devices.
  66. 66. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere StudioScreenshot of Scripting in HPs Funtional Testing (QTP) V11 utilizing real mobile devices from DeviceAnywhereScreenshot of results from HPs Functional Testing (QTP) V11Advantages:Users of the DeviceAnyw here – HP Functional Testing ( QTP) integrated solution for mobile test automation are able to:  Leverage existing test assets and infrastructure w hile extending capabilities to the mobile space.  Easily port test scripts from desktop to mobile versions of Web applications.
  67. 67. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio  Generate accurate and reliable results from w orking w ith real, live mobile devices.  Implement a comprehensive approach to mobile application quality and reliability by availing of DeviceAnyw here automated solutions via Test Automation.  Meet auditability requirements by referring to DeviceAnyw here test results stored in HP QTP ( Quic kTest Professional).  Support test scenarios that include mobile and Web application interactions.Technical Overview :The integration of DeviceAnyw here and HP Functional Testing (QTP) softw are makes DeviceAnyw here API functions available w ithinthe HP QTP interface. Specifically, HP QTP users can leverege DeviceAnyw here Test Automation integrated business functions tobuild and run reusable, automated mobile testing assets. This capability enables you to control, interact w ith, and extract screenshotsfrom real mobile devices in the DeviceAnyw here test environment during automated test runs. DeviceAnyw here test results can b epassed back and stored w ithin HP QTP for reference.Resources:For more information please clic k here to access the QTP Integration Guide. For additional information related to Add- In version/QTPversions, please c lick here. DeviceAnyw here is an HP Softw are Gold Business Partner. For more infor mation on the DeviceAnywherepartnership please clic k here to access the HP Partner Directory Page
  68. 68. Satish Gorripotu Deviceanywhere Studio