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Saranda Property, Saranda apartments for sale, apartamente ne sarande

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Saranda Property - Saranda Panorama Residence

  1. 1. 1 Saranda Panorama Residence Your Gate to……… Investing in Albania Saranda Panorama Residence Important Note: The information contained within this document does not form part of any contractual agreement. Investors should seek personal taxation, legal & financial advice before deciding to invest. ©
  2. 2. 2 Saranda Panorama Residence Why Albania?  25% growth in property prices in Tirana and Vlora city in last 5 years  22% growth in Tourism  20% growth in number of passengers flying in Tirana International Airport  Direct daily flights of British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia  700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure projects recently  NATO member since 2009  EU member on 2014  422 mil Euro from EU funds  10% Profit tax  10% Income tax  No Property Tax  No VAT ©
  3. 3. 3 Saranda Panorama Residence Albania is coming along to be the latest hotspot of the property world  A small Balkan country of a population of 3.6 million.  An area of 28,748 Square Kilometers  It borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia east, and Greece to the south and opposite the ‘heel’ of Italy.  It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea to the south-west.  Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering a wealth of stunning scenery, history and culture.  A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and holiday makers will find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.  If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other activities abound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to exploration across the national parks, there is something for everyone.  For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and paragliding are activities on offer.  Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at 2.5% and property sector increasing circa 20% pa ©
  4. 4. 4 Saranda Panorama Residence Saranda–Albania’s Dream Beach Saranda, the gateway to the The ruins are also preserved of an Other mosaics are to be found in southern Albania, is a small town early Christian Monastery, of the the district museum. Butrint, the located between high mountain Forty Saints, from which the first place you should visit in and the Ionian Sea. modern name of the town Saranda. Among the most Located on the shores of Ionian (Saranda, forty in Greek) is interesting archaeological ruins sea, in front of Greek island of derived. are: Corfu, Saranda is characterized by The amphitheater, dating from - the old amphitheatre a Mediterranean climate and the 3rd century B.C., bears - the temple of Aesculapiu warm sea waters. Daily ferryboat witness to the cultural riches of - the baptistery, with colorful link Saranda with the nearby the city. Near Saranda stood the mosaics and the ancient city Greek island of Corfu. Due to its ancient Illyrian city of walls. location and warm weather Onchesmos, mentioned as a port - An old fortress housing a small Saranda is one of the most in the 1st century B.C. In the 4th museum watches over the entire attractive tourist town in Albanian century A.d. the town was site, which is one of the last Riviera, where honeymooners fortified with walls. Inside the unspoilt natural and ancient traditionally spend their holidays. walls have been excavated the historical areas remaining in Located in front of the sea and remains of dwellings, water Mediterranean. along the main promenade there cisterns and an early Christian The mud and vegetation that are some hotels and restaurants Basilica of the 5th and 6th covered Butrinti had protected it which offer you catering facilities century, containing a beautiful from the natural and human and accommodation. multicolored floor mosaic. ravages of time. ©
  5. 5. 5 Saranda Panorama Residence ........presenting Saranda Panorama Residential Complex Sales have begun for apartment’s modern architecture with different Apartment Sizes from 50m2 to 130m2. The Residence is already completed, and ready for new owners. Only 8 Apartments left. Distance from the sea is only 150 meters. All Apartments are built to have sunshine, as well as the Ionian Sea view which also makes it even more beautiful living in these apartments. Apartments Available: 70.32m2, 75.61m2, 79.22m2, 84.70m2, 100.39m2, 107.88m2, 123.71m2, 135.87m2 Apartments from: 750 Euros/m2 ©
  6. 6. 6 Saranda Panorama Residence Saranda Panorama, a Wonderful Development  Perfect Location – only 150 meters away from the beach  Great Views of Saranda City and Saranda Harbour  An Outstanding Opportunity to Invest in a Recognized High Growth Area  Expected growth rate- minimum 20%  150 meters from the beach  Balconies all have sea views  It is modern and built with quality  It will have the option of parking  Already completed  Experienced developers showing all clean papers  Good specification ©
  7. 7. 7 Saranda Panorama Residence The Residence is of high Construction quality:  Double brick walls, insulation from the cold, acoustic insulation  Elevator  The front door of the armored  Double-glazed aluminum windows (acoustic insulation)  Car parking available  A very modern and contemporary quality development with full clear views of Corfu.  Right in the center of town just 10 meters from the promenade and beach  It has the convenience of the amenities as well as the beach and waterfront cafes on your doorstep.  These are important features for the local and international rental market.  Full specifications, floor plans and prices can be given on request.  The Residence is located on the promenade of Saranda ©
  8. 8. 8 Saranda Panorama Residence Property Location: Payment Schedule *  On signing of the reservation – Reservation / agency fee of 2000 EUR  On signing of contract – 80% to be paid to developer  On signing of contract – 700 EUR to be paid for legal services  On delivery of the keys – 15% to be paid to the developer  On receiving of title deeds – 5% to be paid to the developer * These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made. ©
  9. 9. 9 Saranda Panorama Residence For further details on how we can supply you with more information on outstanding investment opportunities, please contact us: USA and Canada Sam Dardha - Executive Director Cell: +1 414 852 5513 Email: Albania Ilir Dardha - Albania Director Email: ©