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Radhima Residence - in English


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* Holiday Apartments in the beach of Radhima.
* Approx 10 min drive south of Vlora.
* Completed apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms.
* Distance with sea 100 meters
* Sea view from all apartments
* 4 residential floors
* Lift in the residence
* Property managements in place

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Radhima Residence - in English

  1. 1. RadhimaResidential ComplexAlbania Property Group ©Important Note: The information contained within this document does not form part of any contractualagreement. Investors should seek personal taxation, legal & financial advice before deciding to invest.We promise youa piece of the Mediterranean
  2. 2. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group © 1Why Albania?The blue on blue riviera of southern AlbaniaTIRANAMACEDONIAADRIATICSEAIONIAN SEAKOSOVOMONTENEGROGREECEDurrësKavajaElbasanPogradecLaçLezhaPeshkopiLushnjeFierVloraSarandaBerat KorçaTepelenaShkodra25% growth in property prices in Tirana and Voracity in last 5 years22% growth in Tourism20% growth in number of passengers flying inTirana International AirportDirect daily flights of British Airways, Lufthansa,Austrian, Alitalia700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure projectsrecentlyNATO member since 2009EU member on 2014422 mil Euro from EU funds10% Profit tax10% Income taxNo Property TaxNo VATLocation of Albania in EuropeMap of Albania
  3. 3. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group ©A small Balkan country of a ppopulation of 3.6 million.An area of 28,748 Square KilometersIt borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia east, andGreece to the south and opposite the ‘heel’ of Italy.It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea tothe south-west.Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering a wealthof stunning scenery, history and culture.A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and holiday makerswill find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other activitiesabound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to exploration across thenational parks, there is something for everyone.For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and paragliding areactivities on offer.Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at 2.5% andproperty sector increasing circa 20% pa2to be the latest hotspot of the property worldAlbania is coming alongTirana is the fast-growing capital of Albania, and and active hub for economics, politics and culture
  4. 4. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group ©Dhërmi – Lush vegetation by the pristine seaside “Cold Water” rocky beach in Vlora Secluded private beach in VloraThe adorable Ionian riviera spans the whole length of Vlora3Vlora coast is situated in the southwestern part of Albania, exactly where theAdriatic and Ionian seas meetVlora, through the Otranto Channel, is the nearest point of Albania to Italy(72km). It is also 135 km from Tirana and 123km from GreeceAlong the Vlora coastline you will find outstanding white beaches and stunningsurroundingsMany beautiful beaches in places like the Llogara Natural Park, Dhermi, Palasa,Himare and Cold Water (famous for its rich clientele and natural water resources)Vlora averages 274 days of sunshine per year/with kilometers of white beachesVlora – Tourist Town
  5. 5. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group ©Relaxing in the paradise that is VloraMajestic view from the Llogara Mountain, down to the beaches of PalasaVlora’s Cuisine Castles4Vlora area cuisine is typical of coastaland mountainous areas. The productsare taken from dairy animals which areraised in the mountains by the sea.Another important characteristic of theVlora cuisine is cooking with seafood.Here are some examples of traditionalAlbanian dishes:Byrek is a flaky pastry that is preferredby the people of Vlora to be filled witheither field greens or just as a milky pie.The most important ingredients arefresh milk, flour, and field greens.Grilled meat is characteristic of Vlora,and is found in every restaurant. Thenearness of the sea and the quality ofpastures give the meat in this area anincomparable taste. Lamb fromKaraburun cooked over an open fire isparticularly deliciousHarapash is similar to porridge and iscooked with corn flour, the intestines oflamb, cheese and butterRaki is the traditional alcoholic drink ofAlbania, but it is especially good in thearea of Vlora. The drink is typicallygrape-based, but you can also find rakimade from blackberries and plums.In Vlora district there are 8 castles, withmost of them dating back since RomanTimes.National Park of LlogaraOne of the most picturesque places onthe Albanian Riviera. The 1020 hectarearea is covered by pine trees forest. It isconsidered a classic place where a naturalequilibrium exists between the world ofanimals and plants. The well known areaof Llogara has a height of 1027 meters.temperature in summer is 20 degreesCelsius while by the sea it goes as high as40 degrees.
  6. 6. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group © 5Radhima Residential ComplexThe beach in front of Radhima Residential Complex...presentingGreat sea views.All amenities on your “doorstep”.Distance from the InternationalAirport of Tirana 130 kmDistance from the capital city Tirana is140 km.Urban quality in the beach ofRadhima.Only 4 floors in every buildingStudio and 1 bedroom apartmentsUnderground parking available forsaleBar–restaurant in the residenceRadhimaResidential Complex
  7. 7. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group ©Ioannis Kapodistrias International(CFU), Corfu, Greece – 112.1 kmLecce (LCC), Italy – 140.8 kmTirana Rinas (TIA), Albania – 141 kmCasale (BDS), Brindisi, Italy – 162.5 kmIoannina (IOA), Greece – 164.4 kmBeautiful view of Radhima’s coastRocky coast and pebble beaches by crystal-clear waterAbout RadhimaAirports close to Radhima6Coastal area Radhime-Orikum lies onthe east of Vlora bay with a lowland andhilly relief planted mainly with olivesand citrus. In west part the area iswashed by Adriatic Sea with a veryfavorable coast for the development ofsea and sun tourism. The beach is one ofstones and pebbles which make the seacrystal clear. East part hills are mild,especially in Radhime village area and inOrikum City.The area is characterized by a warmsummer with a favorable temperaturefor sunbathing and swimming during a 5month period, where during thesummer you can make use of about 14hours in the beach.Radhima has a favorable geographicalposition in terms of what it can offer to acultural and historical tourism. Standingat an intermediate position on the onlyroad that connects national Vlora withOrikum, Himara and beyond to Saranda.It offers historical points of interest suchas Vlora, Kanina, Amantia, Mavrovo,Orikum, Himara etc.Historical data, many archaeologicalfinds, and 19 cultural monuments,evidence that the region has beenamong the most civilized in southernAlbania.
  8. 8. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group ©Gjon Bocari CastleDervish Ali TowersArcheological site in Ancient OrikPlaces to visit near RadhimaAncient OrikDervish Ali Towers7First mentioned by Greek geographer andhistorian Skylaksi, c. VI - V BC in his work"Navigation" Orik town, sea port in theIonian and Adriatic. Antique Theatre ofOrik built in c. III - II BC is identical to thetheater of Troy. Theatre capacity rangesfrom400-600spectators.Itisusedforpublicmeetings, various performances and in theRoman era, were organized matches withgladiators and wild animals.Located near the village of Dukat, DervishAli is famous for the villagers revoltsagainst the reforms in southern Albaniaduring the years 1847-1848. Dervish AliTowers were built in the early nineteenthcentury on a land owned by him. Its mainelements are: the clock tower, defensivetowers and composition of internal rooms.The complex was declared a culturalmonument and is reconstructed.GramaThis is a small bay on the western side ofKaraburun Peninsula, who has servedsince ancient times as an anchorage forships. On its walls were found writingsthat belonged to sailors who werethankful to Poseidon. First writings datefrom IV century BC. In Latin writings ofthe century AD there were found thenames of Mark Antony and Pompey.Also can be seen drawings of vessels,anchors etc. In this area can be findGrama Cave which is located on the westcoast of Karaburun Peninsula. There arepreserved around 2000 inscriptions thatdated from the IV century BC, drawingsand writings regarding the hospitality ofthe locals.Gjon Boçari CastleThis is a medieval castle, located near thevillage Tragjas. Its construction began inthe XV century. The castle is rectangularand consists of two towers. The castle hasa length of about 50 meters, with walls 5meters high and 1.25 meter wide.Fortified walls surrounds the upper partof the castle, while stairs at the bottomwere used by soldiers during fighting.
  9. 9. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group © 8Radhima Residential ComplexRadhima Residential ComplexPayment Schedule *On signing of undertaking contract 30% to be paid to developerOn completion of concrete work at the apartment - 30% to be paid to developerOn completion of plaster work - 20% to be paid to the developerOn delivery of the apartment- 15% to be paid to developerWith title deed – 5%These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made.
  10. 10. Radhima ResidenceAlbania Property Group © 9Cold Water beach in VloraFor further details on how we cansupply you with more information onoutstanding investment opportunities,please contact us:Tirana Office - HeadquartersKavaja Street, Tirana Tower 59, Floor 6Tirana, AlbaniaIlir Konomi - Managing Director - AlbaniaCell: +355 6720 80001+355 6940 00711Email: