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Соединенное Королевство …

Соединенное Королевство
Великобритании и
Северной Ирландии

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  • 1. Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии
  • 2. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of the state which is situated in the British Isles. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the north, the North Sea in the east, the English Channel and the Straits of Dover in the south. More than 56 million people live in Britain. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of four countries which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • 3. England is the largest country in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This part of the country is divided into 39 non-metropolitan and 7 metropolitan counties. The capital of England is London. Its land is 130,000 sq. km. The population of England is 48 mil. people. The largest cities are Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and others. People who live in England are called the English. They speak only English. The famous river Thames is situated in London. The national emblem of England is red rose. The national flag of England represents a red cross on a white field. It’s Saint George’s Cross of England. England is the heart of Great Britain. England
  • 4. Scotland is smaller than England but larger than Wales. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Scotland is the second part of the UK. Its land is 78,800 sq. km. The population of Scotland is 5,3 mil. people. The largest cities are Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee. People who live in Scotland are called the Scottish or Scots. They speak Scottish and English. The biggest rivers are Clyde and Spay. There are a lot of beautiful lakes in Scotland. But the most famous of them are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. The lake “Loch Ness” is famous all over the world because of its monster. The greatest mountains are Ben Nevis and Grampian Hills.   The national emblem of Scotland is a thistle. The national flag is a blue field with white diagonal crossed stripes on it. It’s Saint Andrew’s Cros s. SCOTLAND
  • 5. Wales Wales is the smallest country in the UK. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. Its land is 20,800 sq. km. Its population is about 2,8 mil. people. The largest cities are Swansea, New Port. The biggest river is Usk and the biggest lake is Wirnwel. One of the biggest mountain is Snowdon. The national symbol is a yellow daffodil. The national flag is white and green with a red dragon on it.
  • 6. Northern Ireland is the fourth country in the UK. Its land is about 14,000 sq. km. The population is about 1,5 mil. people. The capital of the Northern Ireland is Belfast. The largest cities are Ulster and Dublin. The biggest rivers are Shannon, Bun. Northern Ireland is a land of lakes and rivers. The biggest lake is Lough Neagh. People who live in Ireland are the Irish. They speak Irish and English. The national flag of Ireland represents a diagonal red cross on a white field. It’s Saint Patrick’s Cross. The national symbol is a green shamrock. Northern Ireland
  • 7. UNION JACK British flag
  • 8. British flag is called “Union Jack”. Really there are three flags in it.
    • English
    • Scottish
    • Irish
  • 9.
    • The red cross on white field. It's Saint
    • George’s cross of England
    English Flag
  • 10.
    • The blue field with white diagonal crossed stripes on it. It’s St. Andrew’s Cross.
    Scottish Flag
  • 11.
    • The white field with red diagonal crossed stripes on it. It’s Patrick’s Cross
    Irish Flag
  • 12. Finally when we put one Flag to another we will have “ Union Jack”.
  • 13.
    • In the official coat of arms the field shows the various royal emblems of different parts of Britain: the three lions of England in the first and fourth quarters, the lion of Scotland in the second and the harp of Ireland in the third. It is surrounded by a garter bearing the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense. The shield is supported by the English lion and the Scottish unicorn and is surmounted by the Royal crown. Below it appears the motto of the Sovereign, Dieu et mon drot (God and my right. The plant badges of the United Kingdom- rose, thistle and shamrock – are dsiplayed beneath the shield.
    Coat of Arms
  • 14.
    • The national anthem of the country is “God save the Queen”. It was written by Henry Cary and was sung in 1740 for the first time.
  • 15.
    • London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and commercial centre. It’s one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. It’s population is about 9 million.
    •   London is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. It was founded more than two thousand years ago. It was founded as Londinium by the Romans.
    • London is situated on the river Thames. The total area of London is 1579 square km.
  • 16. The City The East End Westminster The West End
  • 17.
    • The City’s the oldest part of London. Here most of the streets are narrow, and traffic is very slow. The City’s also London’s commercial and financial center with a number of offices and banks, with the Bank of England among them. It’s also a market for goods, from all parts of the world. The City of London is very small part of Great London. The number people who live in the City’s about ten thousand. The heart of the city is the stock Exchange.
    The City.
  • 18.
    • St Paul's Cathedral is one of the world's most famous cathedrals, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The famous cathedral church of the diocese of London is incorporating the Crypt, Ambulatory and Whispering Gallery. Those who wish to pray at times when there is an admission charge may use St Dunstan's Chapel on the north side
    Great West Door. St Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge. St Paul's Cathedral
  • 19.
    • The Tower of London was build in the 11th century. It was planned by William the Conqueror to keep London under the control of his government and to defend the city. It comprises not one, but 20 towers. The oldest part of the Tower is the Square building called the White Tower.
    The Tower of London.
  • 20.
    • The London Eye has become the most popular paid visitor attraction in the UK, visited by over 3 million people a year. It was designed by architects David Marks, Julia Barfield and Malcolm Cook. The height of the London Eye is 135m. Each rotation takes 30 minutes. The total weight of the wheel and capsules is 2,100 tones.
    Each of the 32 capsules holds approximately 25 people. The London Eye
  • 21.
    • Westminster is the most important part of the capital. It’s the administrative centre. The Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British Government, are there. It’s a very beautiful building with two towers and a very big clock called Big Ben. Big Ben is really the bell which strikes every quarter of an hour. Opposite the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Abbey. It’s a very beautiful church built over 900 years ago. The tombs of many great statesmen, scientists and writers are there.
  • 22.
    •   It is the London home of the Queen. When the flag is flying on the top she is at home. It was built as a country -house for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, and was bought by King George III in 1762 as a family house. Today the Palace contains 600 rooms. The interior and the gardens are never open to the public except for those who are invited to Garden Parties or other formal ceremonies. The Royal Standard flying above the east front of the Palace indicates that the monarch is in the residence. 
    Buckingham Palace
  • 23. Royal Parks Bushy Park Green Park Greenwich Park Hyde Park
  • 24. Royal Parks Kensington Park Regent's Park Richmond Park St. Jame's Park
  • 25.
    • Victoria Park (or 'Vicky' Park, as locally known) is a large open space that stretches out across part of the East End of London, England bordering parts of Bethnal Green, Hackney, and Bow, such as along Old Ford Road, London E3. The park is entirely within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
    Victoria Park lake (2004) The 'Bathing Pond' in Victoria Park. Victoria Park, East London