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  • Chardham yatra ppt

    1. 1. Chardham yatra is a one of the most religious shrines of Hindu mythology .people came here to get blessing theirpeace of mind. This religious yatra is very much well known amongst the people of Hindu faith. This tour isconnected with the travel to the sanctified Himalayas in the splendid state of Uttaranchal. Here at this place thereligious experience of the pilgrims revitalizes. Choose one of your best fit holiday deals in this summer seasonand get the ultimate experience of peace of mind and spiritual bliss.
    2. 2. Badrinath Dedicated to Lord Dedicated to Lord Shiva. The famous Vishnu .This holy attractions of place is situated at Kedarnath temple is an altitude of 3155 Chandrashila, mts. Gaurikund, Deoria Tal and etc. Yamunotri Kedarnath Birth place of Gangotri Ganges. It is Birth place ofcentrally located Ganges. and situated amongst the just 14 kilometers far series of from Gangotri. Himalayas.
    3. 3. Char Dham Tours is a Journeyby four Religious Dham which aresituated in Uttrakhand. Thesefour Dhams are Gangotri,Yamnotri, Kedarnath andBadrinath. And his sightseeingtour Sacred Himalayas is acomplete trekking, Sikh religiousplace Hemkund Sahib Tour.Every year millions of pilgrimsvisit to this most sacred place ofIndia to seek the blessings ofGod. Call us : +91 11 49814981 Visit us :-
    4. 4. Badrinath YatraLord Vishnu which issituated on the banks ofRiver Alaknanda. Thisplace is famous asBadrinath. “Badri” wordstands for Lord Vishnu andthis place is visited bythousands of Lord Vishnudevotees. The famous“Panch Badri” are themajor attraction place.Badrinath Temple has beenmentioned as a holy placein scriptures andmythology for thousandsof years.
    5. 5. Kedarnath Yatra Kedarnath temple is situated on a height of 3584 meters from sea level. This is one of the most favorites places of Lord Shiva. Its significance is equivalent to that of Kailas Parvat. The climate of these places is very sweet and cold and lots of people every day visit The famous five Jyotirlings”Panch Kedar” are the major attraction of this place. Call us : +91 11 49814981 +91 11 49814982
    6. 6. Gangotri Yatra Gangotri is worship the holy goddess All these holy places exist in one state and that is Uttrakhand. Gangotri lies at an altitude of 3750 meters above sea level. Every year millions of pilgrims visit tothis most sacred place of India to seek the blessings of God. A visit to these sacred places of India is a symbol of peace and spirituality. Call us : +91 11 49814981
    7. 7. Yamunotri YatraYamunotri is a sacred place at this point believed to be the origin of Yamuna River. It is said that it is a position of Goddess Yamuna and due to righteous places a lot of tourist attraction or pilgrims visit this place to keep themselves from the Birth Chakra. Hear visit a lot people of different parts ofIndia and abroad come to take blessing. You can get moksh with only a view of it.
    8. 8. Travel Information There is various transport services have been provide by the state government or private organization for the pilgrims to achieve the Chardham Yatra and still present is also special facilities like helicopter services are provided to build the journey of pilgrims suitable and hassle free. Move one of these holy places and save yourself from the Tour. Go ahead with this tour. Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Chardham Yatra by Car
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