The Case Of The Missing Red Tootsie Pop


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This is a story that a friend I created. We are looking to get it published any input would be appreciated.

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  • 1. Alignment – while holding down CTRL key, click on all of the lollipops so they are highlighted. Go to Format, click on Alignment and choose how you want it to look. To add an “animation”, go to and go to the animated clips. Click on the “people smiling” and enlarge it. Click Save As, name it martinclass, and save it to the desktop. Go to Insert on the top bar, click on picture, and look for martinclass. Click on insert and it will appear UNANIMATED on the open PowerPoint screen. It will not look like it is animated until it is shown as a slideshow.
  • 2. This page can be made more visually appealing by changing the font and/or size of the type, and by rearranging the type and the icons. Click on what you want to change or move and grab on the corners to change size, or use arrow keys to move item around the screen.
  • 3. Using the crop feature. Click on the pet shop so it is highlighted, click on format on the top bar, and choose crop as the option. Grab the crop signal on the top of the picture and pull it down to the top of the green portion, getting rid of the kreative brand logo and the orange “The pet Shop” sign.
  • 4. Send both the light beam and the bird “behind”. Click on the light, go to format, and under the arrange section, choose send to back. Repeat for the bird, puts the bird behind the bars. Click on bird and while holding down the Ctrl button, click on the cage. Both will be highlighted and can be moved using the arrow keys. Can do the same for the light. Note: the yellow beam was made by inserting a triangle from the shape options and changing the color of the shape (paint can) and the color of the line (paint brush) to yellow.
  • 5. Make bird smaller by clicking on it and grabbing hold of one of the corners and dragging it inwards to the center. To make red lines, go to Insert, Shapes, and click on squiggle. Change the line color to red and draw red lines coming out from his head. To group the lines, click on the first one and then press the Ctrl button. Keep selecting the rest of the lines. When they are all highlighted, click on Format and then Group. Select Group and all of the squiggle lines will move together.
  • 6. Highlight Mr. Kitty. Click on Animations on the top bar. Click on Custom Animations – a box will appear on the Click on Add Effect and Motion Paths on the drop down menu. Click on #7 right arrow. Make any adjustments necessary, like sending the picture of the lollipop to the back.
  • 7. Past and copy the red lollipop to this screen. Go to Insert and click on Shapes. Go to Callouts (near the bottom) and click on a callout. Position it between Mr. Woof and Mr. Kitty. Drag the lollipop to the callout. Change the background color of the callout to white. Click on Mr. Kitty, click on Arrange, click on Rotate, and choose Flip Horizontal. Mr. Kitty should be facing Mr. Wolf.
  • 8. Click on Mr. Woof and move him to the right. Center Mr. Kitty to the middle of the slide. Put Mr. Woof on top of Mr. Kitty. While Mr. Woof is still highlighted, click on Animations, Custom Animations, and Add Effect. Choose Exit and #6 Fade.
  • 9. Open up the Internet, go to google and type in 10:00 o’clock. Search and then click on images. Pick the clock you want, copy and paste onto slide. Add a callout and type “Can I get my leash? I think I left it here…” – it will appear in the callout box – no need to insert a text box.
  • 10. Switch Mr. Woof to face the other way (Highlight, Arrange, Rotate). Click on Insert, WordArt, and type Order in the Court! You can change the font, the size, and the shape by going to Format, Text Effects, and Transform. Play around with different shapes. Can be animated to appear.
  • 11. I added a red circle on all the animals mouths. I grouped them and animated them to appear when I click the mouse button on thye sentence “EVERYONE GASPED!”
  • 12. Use animation – motion path, to send the tootsie pop over to Mr. Bird. Animate the question mark to appear with the “magnify” option. This will bring it on the screen by clicking when “OR DID THEY?
  • The Case Of The Missing Red Tootsie Pop

    1. 1. The Case of the Missing Red Tootsie Pop<br />By Ms. Martin and Company<br />
    2. 2. Detective: Mr. Woof <br />Suspect: Mr. Kitty<br />Other Characters: <br />Mr. Bird <br />Mrs. Storekeeper<br />
    3. 3. Setting: The Pet Store, Long ago. <br />
    4. 4. Long ago in the pet store Mrs. Storekeeper unlocked the store door and walked in. She turned on the lights and noticed that Mr. Bird’s cage door was opened.<br />
    5. 5. Mr. Bird was still sleeping . He awoke as usual and greeted Mrs. Storekeeper, when Mr. Bird noticed that his red tootsie pop was missing.<br />
    6. 6. Mr. Bird had a fit! He asked all the animals in the store if they knew who took it. The animals responded, “NOT US!” <br />
    7. 7. Two hours later ….Mr. Bird saw that Mr. Kitty had the lollipop stick laying right next to him. Mr. bird confronted Mr. Kitty and Mr. Kitty said, “IT’S NOT ME, I DID NOT STEAL IT!” Mr. Bird was frustrated and went and asked Mr. Woof , “Would you help me find my missing red tootsie pop?”<br />
    8. 8. Mrs. Storekeeper over-heard Mr. Woof and Mr. Kitty talking about how they thought the red tootsie pop disappear. So, Mr. Woof asked all the animals again if they had taken the red tootsie pop. But as before the answer was NO!<br />
    9. 9. Mr. Woof noticed that one animal in particular had said nothing. Guess who that was…..”MR. KITTY!” <br />
    10. 10. Mrs. Storekeeper said, “Mr. Kitty came to the store around 10:00 PM. I was locking up the store when he asked if he get his leash that he had left. I told him to lock up the store and make sure that all the animals are in their cages,” and then I left.<br />
    11. 11. The animals looked at Mrs. Storekeeper in disbelief. So, Mr. Woof decide to have a store meeting. The animals were talking very loudly about the recent information when Mr. Woof , bellowed, “All right everyone be quiet and let’s try to make sense of the situation!” They did not stop talking . One of the animals said, “When you catch him we will bring him down by tarring and feathering him!” Mr. Woof yelled, “Order in the Court!”<br />
    12. 12. But that was all that was needed to be said when Mr. Kitty crawled up to Mr. Woof and confessed it was him. EVERYONE GASPED!<br />
    13. 13. ?<br />So fortunately for Mr. Kitty there was no tar and feathering to be done. Mr. Kitty gave Mr. bird back the red tootsie pop and everyone lived happily ever after……………OR DID THEY?<br />