An Introduction to Raspberry Pi


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This is a power point I put together in December of 2012 that is designed to introduce a technical team of my peers to Raspberry Pi.

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An Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  1. 1. Raspberry Pi An Introduction Eric Andresen SSAB Infrastructure & Engineering Manager December 2012
  2. 2. Introduction • The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard, which can be used for many of the things that your average desktop does - spreadsheets, word-processing, games and it also plays high-definition video. • The Raspberry Pi charitable foundation wants to see the device being used by kids all over the world to learn programming and electronics.
  3. 3. Background • 6+ years • Pi Foundation • Cambridge University • Programmers • Education • Industry support
  4. 4. Why What made computers accessible and fun What are the barriers that exist today
  5. 5. Computing in Schools The Raspberry Pi charitable foundation is working with partners to get software materials developed, as well as with the open source community. The foundation is also working with partners to use it as a teaching platform for other subjects, including design, art, languages and maths.
  6. 6. USP ? • Model A - $ 25 • Model B - $ 35 • Why so cheap ? • SoC - System on a chip, a computer on a single low voltage chip • Linux OS
  7. 7. A Naked Pi
  8. 8. What can it do Media Streamer, print server, network attached storage/file server, Lego Robots, iPhone activated Garage Door Opener,Car Computer, Solar Powered Wireless Widgets, General Purpose Productivity PC, Environmental monitor, Photo Frame, Quake III Gaming appliance, Apple ] [ Emulation, Arcade Emulation, dedicated RDP/VNC/Thin client, Pi in SPACE. …You decide
  9. 9. Operating System • Linux on a bootable SD card • Fedora • Debian • ArchLinux Other pre-rolled projects exist like XMBC Media Center
  10. 10. Programming • By default, supporting Python as the educational language. • Any language which will compile for ARMv6 can be used with the Raspberry Pi, though; so you’re not limited to using Python. • For primary age SCRATCH game maker is bundled
  11. 11. Scratch scratch is free from MIT .. thanks MIT !
  12. 12. Scratch
  13. 13. Your own pocket laboratory
  14. 14. Tinkering • GPIO pins if you’re after an interesting electronics project. • Gertboard - A GPIO expansion board from the foundation for electronics projects • USB Devices / Ethernet / Hubs / AV out • Can be powered by 4 x AA batteries ...
  15. 15. Examples
  16. 16. What will you do with Raspberry Pi? Questions