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Zope is dead - Long live Zope
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Zope is dead - Long live Zope


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The slides from a talk I did at Google Tech in Krakow in 2011

The slides from a talk I did at Google Tech in Krakow in 2011

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Zope is Dead,Long Live Zope! Lennart Regebro Krakow, June 2011
  • 2. “Zope Is Pythons Killer App” Jon Udell – BYTE, February 2000
  • 3. Pop Quiz!
  • 4. Google trends: “Zope”
  • 5. A brief history of Zope
  • 6. Year: 1996● Duke Nukem 3D● Altavista● Web development is CGI and Perl● Maybe php, if you are lucky● Spice Girls● Presentations had bullet lists
  • 7. Location: An airplane● Jim Fulton creates Bobo ● Object publishing ● Traversal ● Open Source
  • 8. Year: 1997 (maybe)● BoboPOS: A persistent object storage● DTML: Innovative HTML templating● Principia: A web framework ● Uses Bobo and BoboPOS and DTML
  • 9. Year: 1998Principia becomes open source and is renamed Zope
  • 10. Year: 2001The warts of Zope starts being a problem A rewrite is started
  • 11. Year: 2004The rewrite is released as Zope 3
  • 12. Year: 2009Zope 3 is renamed BlueBream
  • 13. Year: 2011
  • 14. Zope?
  • 15. Zope!
  • 16. Object Publishing● You use the URL it to find an object● The object is then asked to render itself● No stdout is used● No loading of the whole program every request● Your application is not a collection of separate scripts on the disk
  • 17. Traversal● Example path: /calendar/2011/06/17/google● / returns a root object● You ask the root object for the calendar subobject● You ask calendar for the 2011 object● Etc until you reach the google object● Which you ask to render itself● No more /calendar.php?item=84735
  • 18. Many other nice things● Fine grained access control● User management● Internationalization● Reusable extension products● Zope Page Templates● Through-the-web Development
  • 19. Digression: Database Fashions● 1990s: Object-Oriented Databases● Early 2000s: In-memory databases● Mid 2000s: Transparent persistence● Now: Schemaless / NoSQL databases and sharding
  • 20. ZODB● ZODB is an object-oriented,● In-memory transactional,● Transparently persistent,● Schemaless database.● Its hierarchical and logging as well.
  • 21. The facepalms of Zope
  • 22. Through-the-web Development● Code in the database● No version control● Restricted Python for security reasons● You cant use normal development tools
  • 23. Development dead-ends● The TTW development was not OOP ● You end up with a pile of scripts● Solution: ZClasses ● Actually was even worse ● Required re-write● Disk-based products ● The right solution ● But: Required rewrite. Again.
  • 24. The Zope Ghetto● Zope had to invent everything● Later others reinvented it● Zope ended up with its own solution
  • 25. Monolithic
  • 26. Magic attributes and methods● __bobo_traverse__() ● Special traverse logic● __before_publishing_traverse__() ● Also special traverse logic● __call__() ● Is what renders the object. ● Unless is has an index_html attribute – Unless there is a default view component ● Unless there is a __browser_default__()
  • 27. Acquisition● Like inheritance but completely different● All objects “acquire” the attributes of objects above them in the object hierarchy● The complete opposite of namespaces
  • 28. Backwards compatibility forever
  • 29. Bad karma● Bad documentation● No ability to hype● Ugly web page
  • 30. Bad learning curve Just gets worseStarts easy
  • 31. Zope 3!
  • 32. Fixed all the problems● Not TTW● An awesome aspect-inspirect component architecture!● Everything pluggable● Acquisition only when you ask for it● Super-mega-enterprisey!
  • 33. Nicer learning curve
  • 34. But...● Not backwards compatible● Death by abstraction: ● Everything is an adapter or a utility● All files called the same: ● configure.zcml,,,, configure.zcml again. ● “A conspiracy on the hard-disk” – Jörgen Modin● Still installed as a monolith● Confusing name
  • 35. FiveZope 3s awesome component architecture But in Zope 2
  • 36. Mmmmmyeah...
  • 37. The King is Dead?
  • 38. State of Zope 2011
  • 39. Plone● Fantastic Content Management System● Loads of users● Great community● Best conferences
  • 40. Buildout!● Deployment tool● For development and production● Extensible with recipes● Even used by prominent Django-people!
  • 41. Repoze● A re-imagining of the Zope publisher● A WSGI pipeline of middleware ● Transactions ● Security ● Indexing● Quickly picked up by Pylons/TG crowd
  • 42. Cooperation!Pylons ♥ BFG = True
  • 43. Pyramid● Routing or Traversal● Persistance agnostic (can even use ZODB)● Fast and extensible● Best T-shirt of Pycon 2011
  • 44. Deliverance / Diazo● A whole new way to theme sites● Rules to map items from content to theme● Skin sites in hours● Make several apps look the same
  • 45. Hot or Not?✗ ✓
  • 46. Cool Zope Things● Object publishing● ZODB● Zope Component Architecture● Buildout● Repoze● Pyramid● Deliverance / Diazo
  • 47. Questions?