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Special Tequila Appreciation section/USA Today

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Tequila Appreciation

  1. 1. An Independent supplement by Mediaplanet to usa Today A sustainable future Beyond the shot Is agave the next At home mixology biofuel contender? for cinco de mayo April 2011 Tequila appreciation 5 tips for tequila tasting Escape to Jalisco Patricia Richards, voted askmen.com’s #1 Female Bartender, talks the Tequila Interchange Project and the creation of specialty cocktailsPhoto: alex karvounis ™ n e v e r c o m p r o m i s e. E n j o y w i t h u n c o m p r o m i s E d r E s p o n s i b i l i t y. A l c . 4 0 % b y Vo l . ( 8 0 p r o o f ) . Te q u i l a imp o r t e d b y B r o w n - F o r m a n B e v e r a g e s , L o u i s v i l l e , K Y © 2 011 .
  2. 2. 2 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy cHallenGeStequila, rich in cultural tradition and quality:a synonym of Mexico, and a category that is here to stay. We recommend tequila tastingHarnessing tequila’s potential mike morales of Intimate tequila tastings teaches us to talk tequila. pAGe 4T top 25 tequila bars p. 16 equila has become es, highlighting its place in Mexi- The spirit’s growth is not limited Imbibing hot spots you won’t want the center of at- can cuisine. Tequila has much to “the tequileros to premiumization, as tequila con- to miss tention for lead- ing mixologists, offer in the way of culture, passion and complexity, and this report has are proud of the tinues to develop with more class- es,infusions,brands on the market the hottest night- been designed to capitalize on the heritage and and advancements in production, life establishments, industry’s movement,by encourag- distillation and aging. world travelers, ing sophisticated tasting while pay- history of tequila; The industry will continue toand spirits connoisseurs world-wide.The emerging trend in Amer- ing homage to the masterful pro- cesses and care behind its produc- we feel tequila work with the agave growers,mas- ter distillers, exporters, distribu- tequila aPPreciation, 1st edition, aPril 2011ica’s cultural hubs is the absence of tion, distillation, aging and bottling represents tors and connoisseurs alike, riding Managing Director: Allan Chiuwhite spirits in lieu of the MexicanAgave—from this birthed the te- in Jalisco. mexico and, on the industry’s momentum, to bring meaningful appreciation of allan.chiu@mediaplanet.com editorial Manager: Jackie mcdermottquila cocktail,tequila as a premium ensuring quality in that regard, tequila to the world. jackie.mcdermott@mediaplanet.comsipping drink, and a growing inter-est in meaningful appreciation of The tequileros are proud of the heritage and history of tequila; we have taken While in Mexico the most tradi- tional way to drink tequila is sip- responsible for this issue: publisher: sarah budhimanthe spirit. we feel tequila represents Mex- a number of ping it (maybe chasing with sangri- sarah.budhiman@mediaplanet.com Business Developer: rebecca ramgren With tequila production report-ing a growth of 3.5 percent in 2010 ico and, in that regard, we have taken a number of steps to en- steps to ensure ta or lime juice),there is much more to ‘Tequila Appreciation’ that the rebecca.ramgren@mediaplanet.com Designer: missy Kayko the quality of missy.kayko@mediaplanet.com(257.5 millions of liters), exports in- sure the quality of products in world should know. The National Contributors: brian van Flandern, Francisco Gonzalez, Avery Hurt, Gastoncreasing by 12 percent, a boost insales of tequila in the USA of near- the market. To bear the nomen- clature of ‘tequila’, the drink products in Chamber for the Tequila Industry is excited to work with Mediaplan- martinez, Jason mendenhall, mike morales, patricia richards, Kevin Vanegasly four percent (11.6 million cases) must fall under one of two qual- the market.” et to educate and hone true tequila special thanks: Judith meza, mike moralesand high-end tequila category un- ified classes: 100 percent agave aficionados, who can taste, distin- Distributed within:veiling a great performance (up by (distilled with 100 percent blue guish, appreciate and share all the usA todAy, April 201117 percent),there is much future for agave) or tequila (manufactured category has to offer.We encourage this section was created by mediaplanet and did not involve usA todAy or itstequila. from 51 percent blue agave), us- you to use these tips to explore the editorial departments. The National Chamber for the ing Agave of the species Tequi- complexities tequila has to offer,Tequila Industry has partnered lana Weber Blue variety. understand the passion and historywith Mediaplanet and some of the The industry has achieved as- behind the spirit,and drink respon-world’s most dedicated experts to tounding developments in recent sibly to truly learn the art of ‘Tequilaeducate readers and liquid enthusi- years with the introduction of a Appreciation’. FolloW us on Facebook & tWitter!asts on the category’s unique poten- new category in 2006, “extra añe- francisco gonzalez The National Chamber for the Te-tial, and to encourage pairing the jo” or “ultra-aged” which must be president of the national Chamber quila Industry is the Tequila producers’ www.facebook.com/mediaplanetusa for the tequila Industry (CnIt) www.twitter.com/mediaplanetusaspirit with the appropriate dish- aged a minimum of three years. association. Imported by Anchor Distilling Company | www.ChinacoTequila.com Taste Originality and Please Enjoy Responsibly. Chinaco Tequila @ 40% alc/vol (80 proof). Imported by Anchor Distilling Company, San Francisco, CA © 2011
  3. 3. 4 · april 2011 an independent supplement by mediaplanet to usa today insight 1 tiPQuestion: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when sipping tequila?Answer: Given each category’s unique aging and distillation process, each has a different taste, aroma and pairing.Learn to talk and pair tequila PouR 1 oz. into A slEndER, slEndER stEmmEd tEQuilA glAss oR A sniftERBlanco Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo Blanco tequila (a.k.a. plata, platino, Typically, reposado tequilas are bar- Añejo tequilas must be aged in bar- Extra añejos are tequilas aged three 1 crystalino, platinum, silver, and any other term meaning clear), is 2 rel aged from two months to less than one year. New or used, the ty- 3 rels from one year up to three years.Again, the type of barrel will 4 years and over.Distillers who produce these special tequilas consider themusually unaged and bottled straight from pe and size of barrel will vary from distil- vary, but the combination of scents and their masterpieces.They are the most labor in-the still. It is tequila in its truest form. lery to distillery and from recipe flavors can seem never-ending. tensive, time-consuming, costly to produce, Flavors and scents can range from flo- to recipe. Colors range from deep gold, amber, ho- and are the most expensive and often most re-ral (blossoms, roses) to spices (anise, Colors can range from a pale straw, light ney, bronze, and caramel. warding of all the categories.Rich amber,darkpepper, cloves, cinnamon) to fruits (plan- yellow, gold, honey, and light amber. Flavors and scents can range from bronze,molasses,coffee,and maple syrup cha-tains, olives, citrus, pears, and apples) and Flavors and scents can range from whis- nuts, oak, whiskey, cognac, bourbon, va- racterize these inspired blends.herbs (spearmint, rosemary). Baked or raw key, oak, toasted almonds, nuts, baked aga- nilla, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, and Depending on the types of barrels used toagave should be the most prominent. ve, vanilla and honey. slight agave. age these tequilas, the flavors and scents can It is best paired with fresh ceviche, sea- Due to its versatility, reposados can be Usually served as an after dinner sipper, pack a powerful punch.Rich vanilla,dark cho-food, sushi, fruit (apples, pears, pineapple paired with virtually anything: Mexi- some añejos can be paired with chocola- colate, raisins, dried cherries, sherry, coffee,and oranges),green vegetables (cucumbers, can cuisine, Italian food, Spanish dishes, te, desserts, flan, cookies, oranges sprinkled smoke, leather, tobacco, and more can be ex-celery), and jicama. chicken, fish, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and with cinnamon,and even poured over vanilla perienced in this exquisite varietal. No need even fruit. ice cream. to pair extra añejos at all. Just pour and enjoy! Mike Morales www.tequilacorazon.com Tequila corazón ~ 40 percenT alc by vol (80 proof) ~ imporTed from mexico by gemini spiriTs & wine co., new orleans, la *producT TasTing score by beverage TasTing insTiTuTe, as posTed on www.TasTings.com 12/2010 ~ please drink responsibly
  4. 4. An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy AprIl 2011 · 5newS tequila preparation Harvesting agave By the time agave is ready to be harvested, it has been lovingly aged eight to 10 years in the rich soil of the Highlands or Lowlands of Jalisco,or any of the other four states designa- ted by tequila’s Denomination of Origin. Once the pencas (leaves) have been removed by the jimador (harvester), they are brought to the distillery to be cooked in stone ovens or steam autoclaves. Whether shredded or stone ground to release its aguamiel (honey water), it is fermented and then distilled twice by law. Tequila is bottled from the still, or patiently aMazing agave rested in barrels to be appreciated later. agave of the tequilana Blue Weber variety is grown prima- rily in the area surrounding Mike Morales the city of tequila and in the editorial@mediaplanet.com highlands of the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Photos: Casa Noble
  5. 5. 6 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy newS 1759 1862 1902 2010 1974thE story of tEquila1758In 1758, don Jose Antonio de Cuervo mexico—39 years before new mexico joins the union. 1938 mexican distillers create mixtos (51 percent linking the appellation of origin with the concept of cultural traditions, quality and patrón begins expansion into international and duty free markets.obtained the first parcel of land on which to agave tequila), agave mixed with other sugars added value.plant agave, an event that also marks the birth Jalisco is now officially called “tequila” to for a blander, sweeter taste, and the margarita 2008of the tequila industry. distinguish itself from the mezcal wines is invented. It’s now America’s most popular 1983 100 percent agave tequila gains popularity. produced in the south of mexico. cocktail—about 60 percent of all tequila sold Chinaco is the first distillery to launch an ultra- luxury, high-end, and ultra-premium tequilas1795 in the u.s. goes into margaritas. premium tequila made of 100 percent agave, make up more than $600 million of thedon Jose Antonio de Cuervo obtains the first 1880 handcrafted, and packaged in unique, artisan $1.6 billion u.s. market. 100 percent agavelicense to commercially produce tequila, mexico’s exports of tequila are enhanced by 1942 bottles. tequilas are closing the gap between purea point that marks the start of the Jose the new railroad system to the north. don Julio González begins his journey of and mixto tequila.Cuervo brand. innovative tequila-making by purchasing his 1987 1902 first distillery and planting his first crop of 100 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the year 20101812 the botanist Franz Weber categorizes percent blue agave. when don Julio began creating his tequilas, Art reflects reality: doug ellin, creatorthe Cuervo family built Fabrica la rojeña, the the unique plant and names it: Agave Azul don Julio González releases an ultra-premium of entourage, plots out 2010 season ofoldest spirits distillery in latin America, where tequilana Weber. 1949 tequila fit to bear his name. First released only entourage and asks Ken dichter (Ceo ofCuervo is still produced to this day. the first tequila standard issued by the in mexico, tequila don Julio reposado was Avión and childhood friend) for help. “I called 1903 mexican Government. technical regulation to the first tequila brand to be sold in short, square him up and said, ‘I need a business for turtle.’”1862 the first tequila bottling plant opens. oversee the quality of tequila. bottles, the signature bottling for the personal salvatore “turtle” Assante, Vince’s formerCinco de mayo (may 5th)—the battle of reserve tequila that don Julio González would driver in the show, played by Jerry Ferrara,puebla France invades mexico via puebla. 1911 1959 distribute to friends and family. had a bankrupt limousine service. tequilathe French are overwhelmed by a ragtag tequila becomes the most popular drink tequila producers get together and establish Avión was a key character in the 2010 seasonmexican peasant army assisted by the in mexico. the national Chamber for the tequila Industry 1989 of entourage for seven episodes.townspeople who throw sticks, stones, pots in an effort to get organized and collectively patrón tequila is introduced, spreading the above photo: (left to right) Kenny dichter,and pans from the rooftops of their homes. 1918 face industry challenges. ultra-premium tequila category to the world. doug ellin, Ken Austin.the French return and defeat the ragtag army tequila is prescribed for spanish Fluand the insurrection. the French get their first epidemic. the spanish Flu epidemic spreads 1972 1994 tequila industry produces a total oftaste of mezcal/tequila. across europe and the u.s., killing over 100 As the Cuervo family business grew, the Industry identifies the need to create an 257,500,000 l (roughly 3.5 percent above million people in five years. It travels to mexico reputation of tequila’s excellence begins to independent body dedicated exclusively the total production registered in 2009);1872 during its bloodiest revolution. due to the lack spread, garnering numerous prestigious to monitor and guarantee compliance exports grew 12 percent; category of tequilathe town of tequila: the tequila villa houses of medicine and hospitals, doctors prescribe awards from across America and the capitals with technical regulations, and the tequila grew nearly 30 percent compared to 2009,are the 12th property instituted by the state tequila, lime and salt as a treatment against of europe and Asia. exports are propelled regulatory Council (Crt) is formed. reaching an all-year high. According to thegovernment. two years later, tequila will this flu to all ages. forward, capturing the united states market Industry funded, this impartial organization u.s. International trade Commission, wereceive the title of city. and initiating exports to europe and the rest has contributed to improve quality and are a little over $613 million dollars, which 1919 of the world. consistency of product. reflects an increase of 19 percent compared1873 prohibition laws force Americans to buy their to previous years).the first documented exportation of tequila alcohol across the border. Americans drink 1974 2001into the united states was August 7, 1873. the much lower costing “mexican Whiskey.” protection to the Appellation of origin of tequila prices hit an all-time high. editorial@mediaplanet.comthree and a half barrels of vino mezcal was tequila is granted—since then the public Photos:Casa Noble, istoCkPhoto.Com,sent by the sauza family to santa Fe, new begins thinking of tequila in a different way, 2005 Casa Noble, CNit, avióN tequila ™ n e v e r c o m p r o m i s e. E n j o y w i t h u n c o m p r o m i s E d r E s p o n s i b i l i t y. A l c . 4 0 % b y Vo l . ( 8 0 p r o o f ) . Te q u i l a imp o r t e d b y B r o w n - F o r ma n B e v e r a g e s , L o u i s v i l l e , K Y © 2 011 .
  6. 6. Avion_USA Today_041311.pdf 1 4/13/11 11:53 AM LOVES BLINDFOLDS C M YCMMYCYCMY K A blind taste test never lies. Proud Winner Double Gold San Francisco World Spirits Competition T EQUIL A AVIÓN W W W.T E Q U I L A AV I O N . C O M IMPORTED BY TEQUILA AVIÓN, MANHASSET, NY 40% ALC BY VOL. DRINK TEQUILA AVIÓN RESPONSIBLY
  7. 7. 8 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy inSiGHT 2 tip sWirl the glassquestion & ansWer to free aroMa anD oBserve francisco the BoDy alcaraz, master distiller of patrón spirits■■ given the recent boom intequila’s demand, how are tequila Distilleries Distilleries increasinglyyou, as one of the better- implement reclamationknown producers, setting technology to convert liquid waste into clean water.the industry standard to Photos: PatroN sPirits, Casa Nobleensure sustainability? No matter how much we’ve grown, we still produce Pa-trón by hand using the highest- as demand for tequila surges, sustainable practices followquality ingredients and the samesmall batch recipe that we hadfrom the beginning. This ap-proach has helped us limit the en-vironmental impact of produc-tion, and has earned us recogni-tion and certification by govern- greenovations, ery liter of tequila distilled, ten li- quila distillers to remove up toment authorities for industry- eco-friendly, sustainabil- ters of wastewater (vinazas) is pro- 2,100 tons of solid waste dailyleading research and efforts. Our ity: these are not just fancy duced and up to six kilograms of and convert it into compost fer-bottles are created from recycled buzz words any more. agave solids (bagasse or bagazo). tilizer for agave producers andglass,we’ve eliminated paper was- Mike Morales other farmers.te in our packaging,and we’ve put Consumers are not only demand- intimate tequila a fuel for the future Scientists in the field are alsoin place several advanced distilla- tastings ing more bang for their buck in Various multinational corpo- studying the possibility of us-tion processes to ensure sustaina- this current economy (and getting rations who own tequila distil- ing different types of agave (notbility.We’re proud to be the first te- it) but social responsibility, and leries have invested heavily in just blue) in the production ofquila distillery to implement mul- “green” or sustainable practices constructing wastewater pro- biofuels. One expert calculatesti-million dollar reverse osmosis by spirits companies are quickly cessing plants to neutralize the that enough biomass could betechnology to reclaim liquid was- becoming part of their buying de- vinazas and to turn the bagazo produced by existing wild agavete into clean water (which we re- cisions,as they have been for years “one expert into compost rather than clan- in the millions of arid hectaresuse in our cooling towers and to ir- in Europe. calculates that destinely dumping them in- of Mexico to meet the fuel needsrigate fields and gardens in thecommunity).Also,we take our lef- With the mass production of enough biomass to streams and rivers causing of the United States.tover agave fiber (bagasse), and whiskey, beer and rum to quench the world’s growing thirst, mul- could be produced highly dangerous pollution and contamination of the water Some brands go a step further in their sustainability efforts byspent agave from other local distil- tinational distillers have seen by existing wild supply. bottling their tequila in recy-leries, and recycle it into compost the benefits of constructing new agave in the millions For those small to medium- cled glass bottles and using la-to use as fertilizer.Last year we ge-nerated 5,500 tons of organic com- state-of-the-art breweries and of arid hectares of sized distilleries who are re- bels, neck tags and packaging distilleries that convert the left- sponsible for up to fifty percent made from agave paper, as wellpost for area agave growers, far- over solids from their products mexico to meet the of the tequila production and as using real cork which is a re-mers and our local municipality. into energy that electrically pow- fuel needs who don’t have the resources newable resource.True to our founder’s philosophy“Success Unshared is Failure,” Pa- ers not only their factories, but of the united states.” to dispose of their agave waste Much work remains for most the surrounding communities in properly, there is another an- of the tequila industry to be-trón is committed to investing ti- which they’re located, as well. swer. come compliant with the Mex-me and resources to work with the But converting the wastewa- In January of 2011, Green- ican laws governing environ-Mexican government and the te- ter and solids from the blue agave house Holdings, Inc., a leading mental issues.quila industry to find long-term, plant into a source of energy has provider of energy efficiencycollaborative solutions to this very proven to be more of a challenge solutions, partnered with ten of Mike Moralesimportant issue. for the tequila industry. For ev- these small to medium-sized te- editorial@mediaplanet.com
  8. 8. An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy AprIl 2011 · 9 newSa new frontier of uSDa certified organic tequilasDr. adolfo Murillo, the man against pests and diseases elimi- charge higher prices for tequila, in no cross-contamination occurswho singlehandedly spear- nating the need for toxic pesticides. reality, earning USDA organic cer- with non-organic agave and te-headed the resurgence of A combination of beneficial in- tification is like jumping through quila.organic agave farming in sects to fight off the few predators flaming hoops. If that’s not enough, the US-the tequila industry, says that might attack the agave, as well The USDA is the only agen- DA requires yearly physical in-proudly, “i have been given as constant soil and plant monitor- cy that can certify organic prod- spections for recertification. Thatthe opportunity to devise ing,crop rotations,and allowing the ucts in the United States.  They li- means that the applicant hasand teach the return to ba- fields to lie fallow after harvesting, cense certification agencies to col- to jump through those flamingsic farming methods that have allowed these organic farm- lect and verify all documentation hoops again next year!will bring back the produc- ers to grow record-sized agave that of the organic process from a giv- While these organic certifica-tivity of the earth.” yield some of the finest tequila pro- en applicant (agave grower and/ tion processes are more costly and duced today. or brand owner).  The agency then labor intensive,the resulting quan-“As my grandfather used to say, conducts an extensive physical tity of the tequila is more ecologi-‘Respect the earth and it will pro- small batch, micro-distilled inspection to make sure that what cally friendly,and the quality of theduce for us.’” organic tequilas is actually going on in the fields juice is “tequila as intended.” Dr.Murillo and other organic aga- Currently, there are only a hand- corresponds with the claims on Like your favorite “throw back”ve growers, through the use of nat- ful of USDA certified organic te- the application.  jersey, think of these small-batch,ural composted fertilizers and tak- quilas on the market, but there is a A secondary inspection and micro-distilled organic tequilas asing advantage of all green matter, burgeoning interest by tequila pro- a trenD in Mixology. from fresh certification can also be done at a celebration of the past.have enriched the soil of their plan- ducers in this yet-to-be officially spices to locally grown organic fruits the distillery for the processing and vegetables, more liquid chefs aretations to where the agave has de- recognized category. Once thought creating organic signature cocktails. and handling of that particular Mike Moralesveloped its own natural defenses to be just a slick marketing ploy to Photo Credit: William GraNt & soNs brand’s agave and tequila so that editorial@mediaplanet.com
  9. 9. 12 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy newS 3 tip reciPe: the luxury droP Brian van flandern Global brand ambassador, sMell the tequila don Julio tequila froM an inCh aWay, it is 60 perCent of the taste■■The Luxury Drop,the new inn-ovative cocktail concept from Te-quila Don Julio that’s catching onnationwide, enables bartendersand consumers to experience theversatility of tequila while main-taining its authentic roots and ri- tequila Mixology perfect pairings intuals.  The Luxury Drop combines nightlife culture.the concepts of shots and high- Photo: evaN travelsend mixology in a unique hybrid, PhotoGraPhycreating a premium specialtycocktail in a smaller,more respon- the recent economic downturn was a learning experience for the tequila industry.sible portion.  Six of the world’smost acclaimed mixologists hel- Watching consumers trade down to value priced tequilas but still demand quality juiceped to develop the concept, inclu- caused it to take notice and to fill that void.ding Salvatore Calabrese (UK),Da-le DeGroff (US), Peter Dorelli (UK), Five tequila trends to watchGary Regan (US), Simon Difford(UK) and Hidetsugu Ueno (Japan). Luxury Drops can contain no mo-re than four ingredients (inclu-ding Tequila Don Julio) plus a gar-nish, and each Luxury Drop musthave a name and a ritual associa- as the country emerges out have been exposed to quality tequi-ted with the drinking experience.  of the recession, so does a “millennials (a.k.a. Gen las for years, to help them navigateThe Luxury Drop combines the more resilient tequila indus- y), the new wave of through the marketing hype andfun and ritual of a shot with the try and several exciting tequila enthusiasts, will the same tired tequila myths andfundamental principles of mix- tequila trends. turn to their older family misinformation.ology, providing tequila and spi- Intergenerational sharing willrits enthusiasts with an outlet to Mixology leads the way members, most likely not only ensure that they establishthink about tequila differently. Part of tequila’s effective image repair baby boomers who solid tastes and preferences for tra- can be traced to the modern mixolo- have been exposed ditionally made 100 percent agavethe agave Drop gist and his best friend,the chef. tequilas, but also strengthen fam-■■ingredients: More tequila bars and restau- to quality tequilas for ily ties just as it has for decades 1 1⁄2 ounces Tequila Blanco rants are springing up around the years...” in Mexico. 1⁄2 ounce agave nectar country enveloping customers Mike Morales, 1⁄2 ounce fresh lime juice with a complete sensorial experi- owner, intimate tequila tastings organic tequilas Lime wedge for garnish ence. Foods prepared and careful- As quickly as mass produced te- ly paired with tequila and tequila After all, current figures show mise to level the playing field. quila has exposed the world to this■■preparation: cocktails have accelerated the ac- that 65 percent to 70 percent of the Through the use of Twitter, Face- magnificent spirit of Mexico,so will 1. Combine Blanco, agave nec- ceptance of quality tequila by the alcohol purchases for the home are book, YouTube, photo albums, handcrafted, old-style certified or- tar, and fresh lime juice into masses. made by women. smartphone applications and more, ganic tequilas expose the next gen- a shaker filled with ice. Shake start-ups on shoestring budgets can eration of aficionados to its tradi- well. Women in the industry the role of social media reach out to their fan base to create tional methods and processes. 2. Strain into a shot glass. More women will join the ranks of The deluge of more tequila into virtual armies of loyal promoters,as This awareness will preserve and 3. Garnish with lime wedge. tequila brand owners bringing a an already crowded marketplace well as viral contests literally in re- transform the essence of tequila’s 4. Ritual: Participants clink fresh perspective to an otherwise has made it very difficult for fled- al time. Denomination of Origin into one glasses and say “Viva Don Julio!” male dominated industry. gling brands to get the word out that works the way all geographical In particular, Hispanic women and to compete with more esta- intergenerational sharing indications should.■■ideal serving glass: with a family lineage of agave grow- blished ones that are spending Millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y), the new Shot glass ing and tequila producing will be- millions in advertising and celeb- wave of tequila enthusiasts, will come more involved in their family rity endorsements. Social media turn to their older family mem- Mike Morales businesses. has enabled these brands of pro- bers,most likely Baby Boomers who editorial@mediaplanet.com
  10. 10. simply perfect. Hand-selected 100% Weber blue agave. The world’s finest ultra-premium tequila. simplyperfect.com The perfect way to enjoy Patrón is responsibly. © 2011 The Patrón Spirits Company, Las Vegas, NV. 40% Alc./Vol.PTR110025_USA_Today.indd 1 3/30/11 6:13 PM
  11. 11. 14 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy newS 4 tipquestion: What’s the latest trend in mixed drinks and sipping spirits?answer: Tequila infused with other delightful flavors of Mexico.Tequila grows up with infusions sip a sMall aMount, let it sit for 10 seConDs. sWalloWif tequila makes you think Mexicans and spirits aficionados plates. Small distilleries provide flavor—not simply topped up withof slushy margaritas and have long known: Good tequila is top-quality, 100-percent agave flavorings. Tequila is steeped intwenty-somethings trading a delightful sipping spirit as well tequilas infused with locally- macerations of real fruit, peppers,shots, you haven’t met real as an essential ingredient of many sourced ingredients. These small- or other ingredients, with thetequila. and these days real high-end cocktails. A good tequila batch infusions contribute subtle maker tasting and adjusting alongtequila means hand-crafted is rich and distinct with layers of flavors of Mexico, such as jalapeño the way.The process is painstaking100 percent agave tequila, flavor that typically include plenty and cocoa,to the already intriguing and time-consuming, from fieldoften infused with other tra- of fruit up front and a nice,peppery taste of tequila. They offer new to barrel. The result is unique andditional Mexican flavors. bite on the finish. taste experiences while remaining satisfying. While these infusions true to the romanticism and are delicious for sipping, they areTequila sales quadrupled during hecho a mano requirements of genuine Mexican also excellent in a wide array ofthe last decade. While much of A new generation of hand-crafted tequila. cocktails, margaritas included. Butthe increase was knocked back tequilas is responding to the please,don’t waste them on shots.as shots or stirred into cheap new food culture with the same preparation of tropiCal fruit. real ingredients tequila is steeped in macerations ofmargarita mixes, the U. S. cocktail attention to detail in our glasses real fruit, peppers, or other ingredi- These artisanal tequilas are infused avery Hurtculture is discovering what that we’ve come to expect on our ents. Photo Credit: taNteo tequila distillery with subtle and complex layers of Roundeditorial@mediaplanet.com L/C 1 2 3 4 5 6 Please enjoy Tanteo responsibly. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof). © 2011 Imported by Tanteo Spirits, LLC, Oakton, VA TA N T E O I N F US E S ultrapremium 100% agave tequila with fresh, all-natural ingredients for a completely new tequila experience. Try Jalapeño, Cocoa or Tropical and taste the tantalizing world beyond ordinary tequila. Visit us at facebook.com/tanteo to find out where you can try it. ® ICS #110189 - Creature Color OK_____ Tanteo Tequila Ad - USA Today
  12. 12. an independent supplement by mediaplanet to usa today april 2011 · 15 recipes Gaston Martinez Kevin Vanegas Patricia Richards Jason Mendenhall Brand Ambassador, Brand Ambassador, Head Mixologist, Owner, Cocktails in Motion Milagro Tequila Jose Cuervo Tequila Wynn and Encore resortsItalian sunset punch cocktail Platino fresco Organic blueberry & basil margarita Spicy margarita1 1/4 oz. Milagro Reposado 1 oz. Jose Cuervo Platino 1 ½ oz. Fresh organic blueberries 2 oz. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila½ oz. Lillet Rouge ½ oz. St. Germain (approx.20-23 each) 1 oz. Fresh lime juice½ oz. Solerno 2 Slices of cucumber 2 Large organic basil leaves 3/4 oz. Agave nectar (or simple syrup)0.75 oz. Lime juice 3 Mint leaves 1 ½ oz. Organic Casa Noble Reposado Tequila½ oz. Agave nectar 1 oz. Grapefruit juice 3/4 oz. Fruit Lab Citry,organic orange liqueur ■■Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice.1 oz. Blood orange juice 3/4 oz.Organic light agave syrup ■■Shake well and pour into a rocks glass3 Basil leaves ■■Combine the cucumber, mint and 1 oz. Freshly squeezed,organic lime juice (salted rim optional).2 Dashes rhubarb bitters St. Germain into a mixing glass and ■■Garnish with a lime wedge.½ oz. Water muddle. Add the grapefruit juice and Jose ■■In a bar mixing glass, muddle the ba-1 oz. Ginger beer Cuervo Platino. sil leaves and the blueberries. Add the re- ■■Fill with ice and shake. Strain into a maining ingredients and shake well with■■Mix in punch bowl. rocks glass filled with ice. ice to chill. Strain over fresh ice into a ■■Garnish with a cucumber slice. highball glass. ■■Garnish with a fresh basil top and a few whole blueberries and serve. PHOTOs: PrivATE
  13. 13. 16 · april 2011 an independent supplement by mediaplanet to usa today newstop 25 tequila bars in americaGot the itch to ditch the same ol’dive bar? more tequila bars and res-taurants are springing up around thecountry enveloping customers withthe complete sensorial experience.escape to Jalisco and visit our toppicks around the country that boastthe largest tequila selections and thebest mexican eats. Jump on thenation’s hottest nightlife trend andvisit a tequila bar!Editor’s picks1. Ofrendawww.ofrendanyc.com113 7th avenue south, New York1 Photo: Evan travEls2. La Velvet Margarita Cantinawww.velvetmargarita.com1612 North Cahuenga blvd., Hollywood Rings indicate number of bars 2 Photo: Evan travEls top 25 barsBaltimore Los Angeles Las Vegas Teqa NYC PhoenixBlue Agave Baltimore Las Perlas Bar Tacos & Tequila www.teqanyc.com Blue Agave Mexican Cantinawww.blueagaverestaurant.com www.lasperlas.la www.tacosandtequilalv.com 443 3rd ave., New York www.blueagavemexicancantina.com1032 Light street, baltimore 107 E. sixth street, Historic Downtown La 3900 Las Vegas blvd., Las Vegas La Biblioteca de Tequila 7000 E. Mayo blvd., ste. 1056, phoenix Malo Agave Las Vegas www.richardsandoval.com/labibliotecaChicago 622 3rd ave. at 40th street, New York San FranciscoMasa Azul www.malorestaurant.com www.agavelasvegas.com Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant 4326 W. sunset blvd., silverlake 10820 Charleston blvd., Las Vegas Agave NYC2901 W. Diversey avenue, Chicago www.tommysmexican.com El Carmen www.agaveny.comSalud Tequila Lounge Minneapolis 140 7th ave. south, New York 5929 Geary blvd. san Francisicowww.saludlounge.com www.elcarmenrestaurant.com Barrio Tequila Bar 8138 W. 3rd street, Los angeles Mayahuel Washington, DC1471 N. Milwaukee, Chicago www.barriotequila.com Red O www.mayahuelny.com Oyamel Cocina MexicanaDepot Nuevo 925 Nicollet avenue, st. paul www.redorestaurant.com 304 E. 6th street, New York www.oyamel.comwww.depotnuevo.com 8155 Melrose avenue, Hollywood New Orleans 401 7th street NW, Washington DC1139 Wilmette avenue, Wilmette Rita’s Tequila House PhiladelphiaDallas Houston www.ritastequilahouse.com Tequilas Restaurant Anvil Bar & Refuge www.tequilasphilly.comIron Cactus Mexican 419 bourbon street., New orleans www.anvilhouston.com 1602 Locust street, philadelphiaGrill & Margarita Bar 1424 Westheimer road, Houston New York Cantina Dos Segundoswww.ironcactus.com TQLA Houston Dos Caminos (4 locations) www.cantinadossegundos.com1520 Main street, Dallas www.tqlahouston.com www.doscaminos.com 931 N. 2nd st., philadelphia 4601 Washington ave., Houston 675 Hudson street at 14th street
  14. 14. An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy AprIl 2011 · 17 1 oz. O L D W O R L D 2 oz. N E W T H I N K I N G 1 oz. P A S S I O N splash S T Y L E Combine, shake and serve over ice. 901 Silver Tequila is a proud recipient of the Double Gold medal from the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  15. 15. 18 · AprIl 2011 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todAy inSiGHT 5 tipquestion: What happens when great love is put into the growing and distilling of spirits?answer: You get great beverages that complement fine dining and inspire exceptional recipe creation.a top mixologist takes Cleanse palate p With CraCKers or Chips, repeattequila from farm to bar“a mericans ture does not stop with the desire a prestigious group of profes- from the farm to your glass, ex- are develop- for better tasting food and drink. sionals dedicated to exchang- plains Richards. “Food just tastes ing more so- It’s about knowing the story be- ing knowledge and ideas about better and is often better for you p h i s t i c at e d hind your food and drink, where tequila production and market- when it is produced with love by palates, and it comes from, how it was grown ing. After visiting agave farms the farmer down the street,” she that extends and produced. It’s about being re- and distilleries in Mexico as a says. While tequila is not exactly to cocktails,” sponsible, without sacrificing part of the TIP, Richards made just down the street for most of us,says mixologist Patricia Richards. pleasure. several suggestions for ways by developing relationships with“If you are eating great food, why Richards, master mixologist Mexico’s official national stan- the farmers who grow the agavenot have a great cocktail as well? at the Wynn and Encore resorts dards for tequila could make and the local distillers who makePeople increasingly are looking in Las Vegas, is widely consid- tequila production both more the tequila, Richards brings thatfor globally inspired flavors and ered one of the top mixologists sustainable and more socially connection home. “A lot of loveingredients made from natu- in the country. In addition to responsible. goes into spirit making,” Richardsral, artisanal products.” This ap- creating new cocktails, devel- notes. And when you have thatproach works just as well in the oping recipes, and supervising from farm to bar kind of respect for your ingredi-bar as in the kitchen. And there 25 different bars, Richards is re- These suggestions stem direct- ents,a lot of love goes into making,may be no better way of satisfy- sponsible for sourcing ingredi- patricia richards ly from what Richards calls her as well as enjoying, cocktails.ing these desires than with a well- ents. This last task led to her be- bridges the gap between production “Farm to Bar” philosophy. Likecrafted tequila. ing invited to serve on the Te- and mixology in tequila, mexico Farm to Fork, the goal of Farm avery Hurt Photo: Private The new food and drink cul- quila Interchange Project (TIP), to Bar is to shorten the journey editorial@mediaplanet.com Campeón tequila wins the trifecta Gold • silver • bronZe at The world Spirits competition campeonspirits.com
  16. 16. t rue t eq uil a .t h e o r i g i n a l, u lt r a - p r e m i u m t e q u i la u n i q u e ly h a n d c r a f t e d s i n c e 1870. h e r r a d u r a t e q u i l a. n e v e r c o m p r o m i s e. E n j o y w i t h u n c o m p r o m i s E d r E s p o n s i b i l i t y. A l c . 4 0 % b y Vo l . ( 8 0 p r o o f ) . Te q u i l a I mp o r t e d b y B r o w n - F o r man B e v e r a g e s , L o u i s v i l l e , K Y © 2 011 .