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Gravity Man
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Gravity Man


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Published in: Sports

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  • 1. By: Pooja Patel Acceleration
  • 2. Acceleration Facts
    • Acceleration is the change in speed and directions (velocity)
    • Constant acceleration is acceleration that doesn’t change with time
    • Galileo was the first to show that all objects fall to earth with constant acceleration.
    • In order to produce an acceleration, a force must be applied to the object.
  • 3. Acceleration Examples
    • One is when you are running and change speed or direction
    • Another one is when a bike is going up hill changing speed and direction
  • 4. Examples of Acceleration
    • The car is moving (duh!) at a certain velocity and when it changes speed or direction it is changing acceleration
  • 5. Acceleration Examples
    • Your horse when it is jumping it would move in to a canter from a trot
    • When a motorcycle is going full speed and then it encounters a stoplight! Yikes!
  • 6. Acceleration Example
    • The cart accelerating!
    • Example of an example when it goes up it is slow and when it goes down it is fast
  • 7. Acceleration Examples
    • The helicopter is (hopefully) changing speed and direction
  • 8. Acceleration Example
    • This one is by far my favorite
    • Michelle Kwan is changing speeds as she lifts her leg
  • 9. Click the screen for information on my project
  • 10. Experiment
    • My dad took me to my local ice skating arena
    • My experiment was fun even though their were a lot of people
    • Click the screen to see how I did
  • 11. Procedure Question: How much acceleration does it take to jump 5 inches of the ground?
    • First I went to the ice skating arena!
    • Then I did my jumps in different speeds to see what speed takes me 5 inches of the ice
    • I got my dad to measure time. The distance was measured by a ice skating teacher
  • 12.  
  • 13. My Results
    • Going 0.5 feet per second was hard and put a lot of pressure on my ankles but it took me 5inches of the ground
    • Going 0.25 was easy for me but it only took me 3 inches off the ground
  • 14. Thanks for Watching
  • 15. Resources
    • www. wikipedia .org