Intuitive Decision Making and HealingIt’s unfortunate that in western society intuition is often disregarded and dismissed...
learn to rely on it again, quiet your mind, listen to yourself and trust yourself, every aspect of themind must be acknowl...
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Intuitive decision making and healing


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Intuitive decision making and healing

  1. 1. Intuitive Decision Making and HealingIt’s unfortunate that in western society intuition is often disregarded and dismissed as not somethingto rely on, not to mention ironic because throughout most of human history our intuition wasactually depended on as a viable means of judgment when concerning almost all matters, in factthere was a point in human history when human intuition or instinct was vital to our survival. Themajority of us today are unfortunately erroneously socialized to ignore our intuition and to insteadrely solely on our logic and reason. This is detrimental our intuitive abilities and weakens that builtin sensor that we have. We’re taught not to rely on our feelings, not to trust ourselves, rather torationalize everything and look to science and authorities for answers. As opposed to listening toour bodies and channelling our minds to figure out what it is that is causing our health problems, weour absolute trust in a doctors diagnosis as opposed to trusting ourselves. By reawakening yourintuition you open the door to another world. So what is intuition and what does it have to do withhealing? Intuitive healing is an alternative healing practice that relies on the use of the five sensesto locate and corrects imbalances in the energy flow within the body, it’s sometimes referred to asinsight healing. The practice does not require any type of invasive procedure, in some cases, thespecific technique does not even involve touching the patient. Like all unconventional practices,regardless of whether or not they are effective or not, psychic healing is not without controversy,nevertheless there are a number of people who claim to receive relief from the various forms ofintuitive healing. While intuitive healing methods vary, the underlying premise is for thepractitioner is to make use of his or her senses to determine the cause of the problem. Once the imbalance or blockage is isolated, intuitive healers normally initiate processes thatinvolve the active participation of the patient. Many intuitive healing disciplines are based on theunderstanding that the individual has the inherent ability to utilize the combination of physical,mental, and spiritual resources to overcome illness. With intuitive healing, the practitioner acts as afacilitator, joining his or her energy to that of the patient, effectively supporting the patient in thetask of tapping into those resources and initiating the healing.Visualization and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. Withthe assistance of the practitioner, the patient is helped to visualize the blockage and slowly begins tobreak that blockage down. This may be accomplished by envisioning that the blockage is beingdismantled piece by piece or that the blockage is subjected to healing light and slowly begins tomelt away. Whatever the imagery used, the end result is the energy path is clear of any obstructiononce again, and the body will soon be back in balance. Intuitive healing can cure problems that conventional medicine can’t, this practice can belearned and enacted by the patient. The practitioner merely acts as an aid or a guide for those whoaren’t familiar with this type of energy healing practice. By learning this ability and rehabilitatingyour own intuition you can learn to use positive thoughts to break down the energy block. Thedisciplined direction of your thoughts will allow the resources of the body to restore a properenergy balance. Intuitive healing can cure a number of ailments, many of which conventionalmedicine is not particularly effective in healing. People suffering with depression, anxiety, andother emotional or mental disorders may find relief through these methods. Others have claimed aremission of physical issues such as back pain, stiffness in the joints, or even the disappearance of agrowth or tumor. While there is not currently any supporting evidence from traditional medicalresearch on the efficacy of any of the several forms of intuitive healing, many people use thisapproach along with herbal or nuclear medicine in order to heal from various ailments. So how can you repair your intuition and learn how to avoid sickness and heal sickness withthis remarkable ability? If you want to know how to become psychic, improve your intuitiveabilities and repair that suppressed aspect of your mind, you can, but it is a lengthy process andrequires patience commitment and focus. We have not been socialized to use our intuitive abilitiesand thus they are not nearly as powerful as they could be. In order to rebuild your intuitive sensors,you need to first acknowledge that it is as significant a trait as traits such as logic and your reason,
  2. 2. learn to rely on it again, quiet your mind, listen to yourself and trust yourself, every aspect of themind must be acknowledged. With time and training you can learn to become a master of your ownintuition and channel your subconscious to correct problems that medicine has failed to find curesfor. The first step to reawakening your intuition is to recognize and acknowledge your beliefs,these beliefs set the stage for healing. A positive attitude stimulates growth, a negative attitudehowever is detrimental to human growth. It’s important that you eliminate these negative attitudes.Secondly, listen to your body, the mind is only one aspect of your body, but your entire body is apowerful and sensitive receptor that sends signals to your brain. Finally pay careful attention toyour bodies subtly energy. Human beings are highly kinetic. We produce approximately 2800volts of electrical energy. Our bodies energy field carries various signals to our brain, which if welearn to quite our minds we can hear and interpret. This energy has a significant effect on our andhealth and can inform decision making. For this reason you should learn to sense other people’senergy but not absorb it. This allows us to make good decisions and allows us to detect our body’simbalances. Another good way to strengthen our intuition is through meditation and quietcontemplation. Sit outside in a quiet park; listen to the earth around you. Because our intellect is soloud, our intuitive voice is often difficult to hear. It’s unfortunate that in today’s western society we are conditioned to only listen to our logicand reason, and to ignore what are commonly referred to as “feelings”. But feelings are more thanjust feelings, they are sensors, they are messages. We each possess an intuitive voice that can giveus the answers and help us make better decisions. By increasing your intuitive abilities andheightening that sixth sense, you’ll open the door to a whole other avenue to making decisions anddetecting your body’s imbalances, and thus the source of the problem.