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Fb usma brief

  1. 1. 1USMA DeploymentFamily Brief29 APR 2013TF 4-31 IN
  2. 2. 2AgendaPolar Bear 6 IntroductionBN S3• What is Cadet Summer Training• Calendar Overview• Who Is Going And When• When Are We Coming Back• How Long Will They Be Gone• Who Comes Back When• Mail Information• What Does All This Mean ToYou?• What Do We Need to Do• Common Questions from FamilyMembers• Command Message DO’s andDON’Ts• FRG Leadership• Rear Detachment Leadership• Chaplain• Civilian Agency Briefs (Legal,Finance, Red Cross, ACS,MFLC)• Questions?Polar Bear 6 Closing Comments
  3. 3. 3CST Overview• Cadet Basic Training (CBT) focuses on integration of NewCadets to the Military Academy and the Army by coordinatingin-processing and initial entry activities with basic militarytraining skills focused on the individual and team.• CBT – INCOMING FRESHMAN• Cadet Field Training (CFT) expands upon individual trainingconducted during CBT and the academic year progressing tothe squad level. CFT also serves to integrate branch exposurefor the cadets in order to develop the cadets’ understanding ofall possible branching options.• CFT – INCOMING SOPHMORES• Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT) serves to providecadets with a field leadership experience at the squad tocompany level focused on tactical problem solving andleadership under stress.• CLDT – INCOMING JUNIORS AND SENIORS• Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT) is a training event forall potential USMA cadets.What is Cadet Summer Training
  4. 4. 4LocationFort DrumWest PointThe United States Military Academy (USMA) is locatedapproximately 45 minutes north of New York Cityalong the western bank of the Hudson River.
  5. 5. 5171317201701ARMS ROOMFUEL POINTCANTINA/LOUNGEDFACPX/BARBERGYMTASK FORCEMAYOR CELLTOCMOTOR POOLMen’s Latrine& Female LatrineNorth CNBBarracksSouth CNBBarracksFemale Barracks withShowers/LatrinesExternal UnitsBarracksLatrine &LaundryCamp Natural Bridge Overview
  6. 6. 6How Long Will They Be GoneMost Soldiers will be gone for a period 40 to 60 days.The following elements will be gone for the duration of theentire deployment:-ADVON-Fox Company-Drivers/TCs from B and D Co
  7. 7. 7What Does All This Mean to You• We, as Soldiers and Families, get to practice / train onpre-deployment preparation. Consider this a rehearsal.• The more we do now in preparation, the less stress wewill have over this training period and throughout a futuredeployment.• Understand that your Soldier will be DEPLOYED to WestPoint and not readily available for you.
  8. 8. 8S1
  9. 9. 9Mail Information• Mailing address for Soldiers at USMA:Your Soldier’s nameUnit #, Camp Natural BridgeNew York, 10966• Start/ Stop date for sending packages:− Start date 20 MAY 2013− Stop date 01 AUG 2013
  10. 10. 10FRG
  11. 11. 11What Do We NEED To Do• Every Family MUST have a Deliberate Plan• Every Family should provide their most up to date information tothe FRG and receive a chain of concern roster• Each Spouse should have access to all pertinent documentation:− Powers of Attorney− Updated Will− Insurance Cards− Passports− Checkbooks/Debit Cards− Medical Records− Tax information and documents− Any Other Important Documents/Contacts• Please take a copy of the Pre-deployment Checklist
  12. 12. 12FRG InformationCompany FRG Leader Phone Number Email AddressHHC Monica Erickson 612-237-4730 hhc431frg@gmail.comHHC Kimberly Hardin 843-337-8181 hhc431frg@gmail.comA Co Laura David 972-841-9968 lauramarydavid@gmail.comA Co Rachel King 315-658-2707 Rachel_65284@yahoo.comB Co Bryana Bruner 604-545-0949 431bfrg@gmail.comB Co Candice Steger 315-955-3553 431bfrg@gmail.comC Co Becky Moritz 801-719-8705 charlierock431frg@gmail.comC Co Elena Sroka 315-681-4915 Charlierock431frg@gmail.comD Co Christina Garcia 574-229-9121 christinag5683@yahoo.comD Co Courtney Frantz 908-421-9642 fallinghawk89@gmail.comF Co Latoya Babcock 315-486-5846 latoyababcock86@yahoo.comFRG AdvisorDanny Simmons315-405-8849dasimmons1@yahoo.comFRSALyndsey Hodkinson772-4811Lyndsey.M.Hodkinson.civ@mail.mil
  13. 13. 134-31 Rear- D LeadershipContact Roster4-31 IN A coHHC B co C co D co F coCommanderCPT Murphy315-772-4766 (o)907-350-7701 (c)No OIC CPT David315-772-8700 (O)703-304-1750No OIC CPT Roselle772-9545(o)607-644-7223 (c)No OIC No OICNCOICMSG Dippel315-7724393 (o)315-778-2015 (c)SSG Gendreau315-772-4550 (o)207-436-9817(c)1SG King315-772-8699SSG Kelly315-772- (O)407-74 (C)SSG Clark315-772-0753 (o)315-489-1698(C)SSG Turner315-772 (O)315-995-3147 (BB)325-617-9417 (C)SSGWhitehead772-6956 (o)520-686-2027 ©5/9/2013 8:25 AMDCompany, 4-31 IN“PUNISHERS”YOU’VEBEENPUNISHED!
  14. 14. 14USMA Deployment Checklist(Part 1 of 4) Family Contact InformationEnsure Rear-D/Co FRG Has Family Contact Information (Are you going outof Town? Fill out “Out of Town Form”)Ensure Family has Rear-D and FRG Contact InformationEnsure Family Knows How to Contact Mortgage/Landlord Plan AheadAlternate Child Care plans if your spouse becomes ill or injured FinancialEnsure Family Can Access “MyPay” to view leave and earning statementEnsure Family Has Account #s, checkbooks, ATM cards, etc.Ensure Family Has Credit Cards, Loan Statements, Bills, and KnowsAmount Due and How to PaySpouse is Aware of Savings and Investments and understands How toAccess
  15. 15. 15USMA Deployment Checklist(Part 2 of 4) MedicalEnsure Family Has Medical Cards, Shot Records, PrescriptionsLet FRG Know About Special Medical NeedsEnsure Family Has Phone Numbers for Medical/Dental Service,Pharmacy, and Tri-Care LegalEnsure Family Has ID Cards (Check Expiration Dates)Obtain Updated Power of Attorney (Special v. General POA)Ensure Family Has Updated Wills / Spouse Knows LocationDoes Spouse have Access to Other Legal Documents: Marriage andBirth Certificates, Insurance Polices, SSNs, Deeds – Mortgage Papers,Court Orders for Support and Custody of Legal Dependents, FamilyCare Plans
  16. 16. 16USMA Deployment Checklist(Part 3 of 4) Legal (cont)Legal Assistance Office is located in Clark Hall, Rm. A-268Office Is Open Mon – Fri from 8am to 4 pm, or can be contacted at772-5261Legal Assistance Office Provides Notaries, Powers of Attorney(POA), Wills, Legal Advice etc.POA’s are done on a walk-in basis during open hoursTo get Legal Advice you need an appointment.Call 772-5261 at 1pm (1300) to make automated appointment forthe following day.The appointment line is open only as long as there are app.savailable. Once they are all filled a person will answer the phonefor your questions.
  17. 17. 17USMA Deployment Checklist(Part 4 of 4) AutomotiveEnsure Vehicle Has Up-To-Date MaintenanceEnsure Vehicle Insurance Is Up To Date and Family Understands Policy/ What To Do In the Event of an AccidentEnsure Spouse Has Valid Driver’s LicenseState Inspection and Vehicle Registration Current and Paperwork onHandEnsure Family Has Extra Keys and Garage Door OpenersConsider a Road-Side Service Policy [Emergency Service – AAA, etc.)Discuss Alternative Plan for TransportationRoadside Emergency Kit in Car [extra clothes, blankets, etc.) AdministrativeEnsure SGLI, DD93 is updatedEnsure your updated information is provided to the correct chair (FRGleader, FRSA)If newly married, new child- enroll the family member in DEERS
  18. 18. 18Common Questions from FamilyMembers• Will the Army recoup BAS while my Soldier is deployed to USMA?− Yes• Will my Soldiers receive per diem?− Yes, per diem rate in support of Cadet Summer training is $5.00incidental per day.• Will my Soldiers receive Family Separation Pay while deployed toUSMA?− Yes- IF your Soldier is deployed for more than 30 consecutivedays.• Will my Soldier have cell phone service while deployed to USMA?− Yes, but understand that it is dependent on the service/carrier asCamp Natural Bridge is surrounded by mountains• Will my Soldier have email access?− Yes, we will have an internet café
  19. 19. 19Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)-As directed by Title 37, US Code, DoD Directive 1418.05, ArmyRegulation 600-38, and ALARACT 105/2010 Commanders mustinitiate action to recoup money when meals are available during fieldexercises. Neither enlisted Soldiers nor officers can avoid havingcollection for meals from their pay by choosing not to consume mealsmade available. As long as MREs or the DFAC is providing meals forSoldiers while in the field they should expect to have BAS deductedfrom their pay for those field exercise dates.Enlisted:$352.72 monthly BAS allotment-$297.00 month meals provided+$55.27 left over$9.90 is daily rate for meals while Soldiers aredeployed to USMA (breakfast, lunch, dinner)Officers:$242.60 monthly BAS allotment-$297.00 month meals provided-$54.50 taken out of base pay
  20. 20. 20ChaplainCH (CPT) Metz
  21. 21. 21Polar Bear Ministry Team
  22. 22. 22LEGALSGT Welch774-2314
  23. 23. 23Legal InstrumentsPowers of Attorney Documents• Powers Of Attorney- Types of Power granted General Special- When granted Durable• Terminating a Power ofAttorney
  24. 24. 24Family Care Plans• Go beyond the DA Form 5305• Do not take the place of court orderedguardianships Powers of Attorney for guardians do notsupersede court ordered guardianships Powers of Attorney not effective to transfercustody of minor children• A state court custody order may beappropriate for difficult custody issues whiledeployedSee Legal Assistance
  25. 25. 25Estate PlanningWills• Wills In General Estate Plan Purpose Of Wills Importance Of Wills Living Will- Expresses your wish NOT to be kept aliveunder particular circumstances
  26. 26. 26ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS)Amanda GarciaConway RoadBldg. P-4330315-772-65571-800-826-0886M-F: 7:30am-4:30pm
  27. 27. 27American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross: 315-772-6561 or 1-877-272-4410To reach members of your family in times of emergency, call the American RedCross Armed Forces Emergency Service Center toll - free: 1-877-272-7337.Please be prepared to provide the service member’s:Full Name:_____________________________________________Social Security Number: __________________________________Branch of Service: ______Active Duty Army___________________Rank: ________________________________________________Military Unit: 4-31th Infantry ____________________Company:________________________
  28. 28. 28Q: What warrants an ARC message?A: Death or serious illness of an immediate Family member• Who is defined as immediate family?− Spouse− Parents or stepparents− Siblings or stepsiblings− Children or stepchildren− Only living relative− Grandparents (exception)− Fiancée (exception)− In-Laws− All others will be decided case by caseAmerican Red Cross Messages
  29. 29. 29DEERS/ID CardsBy Appointment OnlyPlease check expiration dates on your ID Cards!ID Cards - DEERS - Official PassportsLocationClark Hall Bldg P10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd Room A1-19Hours of Operation7:45am – 3:45pm Monday through FridayOpen till 6pm on WednesdayClosed Weekends and Federal HolidaysContact Information & AppointmentsEmail: drum.dhr.idcards@conus.army.mil315-772-5149Fax: 315-774-3412
  30. 30. 30ACS DEPLOYMENT SERVICES• FAMILY ADVOCACY– Stress Management classes– New Parent Support Program• A home visitation program for parents of children under the age of three.• FINANCIAL READINESS–ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF• Provides financial assistance (no interest loans and/or grants)to active duty military Families whose resources do not meetemergencyWe invite you to visit and utilize the many services and opportunities provided to helpFamilies handle situations during deployment.
  31. 31. 31ACS DEPLOYMENT SERVICES• FAMILY READINESS– Army Volunteer Corps (AVCC)• Stay involved - give back to the community and make new friends– Army Family Team Building (AFTB)• Become empowered through personal and Family preparednesstraining– Mobilization & Deployment• Family Readiness Support– MilitaryOneSource.com1-800-342-9647 ~ En español llame al: 1-877-888-0727• RELOCATION– Hearts Apart Support Group• Monthly support & fun-filled activity program for Familiesseparated due to deployment, unaccompanied tour or extendedTDY.
  32. 32. 32DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS: Wait List Policy changed on January 1, 2012STAY IN HOME- Call your Community Center for assistanceCLEAR HOME- Give 30 days written notice - Spouse would need Special Power ofAttorney (SPOA)- Attend a move out session- Reapply for housing (if desired), as a Priority 4, prior to departureRETAIN HOME & LEAVE AREA- Notify Community Management and leave a Point of Contact (POC)- Use Deployment Form or “I’ll Be Back” Form- Responsibilities during your absence: Snow Removal, Lawn Care,Pet CareHousing
  33. 33. 33Army Community Housing: 772-6668Mountain Community Homes:Adirondack Creek: 955-6640Crescent Woods: 955-6641Monument Ridge: 955-6642Rhicard Hills: 955-6643Welcome Home Center: 955-6644welcomehome@fdmch.comhttp://www.fortdrummch.comHousing
  34. 34. 34Army Family Covenant Benefits:This is only applicable for those that will be gone 90+ days• Free child care for FRG or deployment meetings• 16 hours per month of AFC child care at Memorial oran FCC Home. After the 16 hrs, the hourly rate isreduced to $2.00 (per child)• SKIES- up to $150 AFC Credit for duration of supportcycle (taekwondo, skiing, dance, etc - per child)• Youth Sports- up to $50 AFC Credit for duration ofsupport cycle (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc - perchild)Please note children must be enrolled in Child and Youth ServicesChild, Youth, & School Services
  35. 35. 35Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC)Professional counseling consultants who support deployment relatedactivities, and provide a rapid response team concept to assist Soldiers,Families and Civilians on military installations.Primary function: to assist Soldiers and their Families in …•Developing focused problem solving techniques•Recognizing early warning signs of possible stress and/or problems•Addressing reunion/reintegration concerns•Providing consultative liaison support with other military agenciesNo records kept (with the exception of Duty to Warn issues)An informal / anonymous structureAvailable to see children who are registered with CYSS(315) 212-6919 or call ACS (315) 772-6556
  36. 36. 36Military & Family Life Consultants’ ScopeOutreach to GeographicallyDispersed FamiliesPositive CopingMechanismsParent EducationSupplement ExistingFamily ProgramsPrevention thru educationDeployment andReintegration IssuesFamily DynamicsStress Reduction2BCT MFLC – Dan Childers(315) 955-4823
  37. 37. 37QUESTIONS?
  38. 38. 38Polar Bear 6Closing comments