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Booklet theatre guide

  1. 1. LONDON LONDON THEATRE GUIDE - ONLINETHEATRE GUIDE Whats On | Reviews | News | Tickets | Seating Plans | MapHOME StarsOnStage | Q&A | Photos | QuizB) West End C) West End News...Musicals Cabaret directed by Rufus Norris with Will Young starring asComedy Emcee at the Savoy Theatre from 3 OctDrama Private Peaceful at Haymarket 18 – 29 Sep as One Man, TwoOpeningClosing Guvnors takes 2 week breakVenues Yes, Prime Minister returns at the West End from 6 JuneCalendar 2012, at the Trafalgar Studios 1 Taming of the Shrew full cast at GlobeRepertoire The 39 Steps extends to 30 March 2013National (NT) Off West End/Fringe/Other News...Globe Soho Cinders by Stiles & Drewe - Soho TheatreOpen Air Celebration of Coward & Novello Rside StudiosRSC London 1936 by Tom McNab at Lilian Baylis StudioFestivals more news click here....Fringe/Other TASKS:Shows 1.Que tipo de texto es The London Theatre Guide?Opening 2. De que trata este texto?Closing 3.Cuáles son los subtítulos que aparecen?4.Tradúcelos.Venues 5.Nombra los géneros que aparecen en el London Theatre Guide.Calendar 6.Mirando las letras A, B y C, bajo que nombre aparece la información que te indicaInformation  a que teatro pequeño o pub puedes ir a ver una obra??Overview  Si sacas las entradas por Internet cómo elegís tuHow to Buy TktsTours & Walks ubicación?FAQ 7.Leyendo la información del cuadro C, completa el siguiente cuadro:About Us Nombre Teatro Fechas Actress/ors GéneroContact de la obraEmail NewsletterUseful LinksArchiveAdvertise with us. 8.Qué significan :FAQ ; useful links; Advertise; Walks;venues;RSCLondon,Repertoire?? D)Latest Reviews I)The Sunshine Boys Latest News Few laughs (; Pitch-perfect (Telegraph); Touching as well as funny (Guardian) more...... II) What the Butler Saw Funny in places (; There were long stretches that seemed almost sadistically unfunny 1 (Telegraph) more5 1 III)Top Hat The real allure lies in the songs (; Enjoyable (Telegraph); Amiable stage version
  2. 2. .1.Que significa the latest review?2.Que información aparece en el LATEST REVIEW? Tacha la que no corresponda.Actresses/Actors/Producer/Synopsis/Cast/Venues/Newspapers´names/Magazines/Costs/Plays´names.Coloca el nombre que indique tu elección. 3.Une las fotos con las sinopsis.4.Has leído, interpretado o visto alguna de estas obras?5.A que genero pertenecen?6.Busca la traducción más acertada para : I)I) II)IV)V)VI)VII).7Interpreta cada REVIEW .Son positivos o negativoOverview of London TheatreGenerally, London theatres are divided into West End, Fringe - some fringe are also known asOff West End - and repertory like The National Theatre (NT) and Shakespeares Globe.WEST ENDWest End theatres are mainly concentrated in the West End of London around LeicesterSquare, Strand and Shaftesbury Ave. They are commercial, mainly putting on large, expensiveproductions. Ticket prices can be high, sometimes as much as £70 (or £100 for so calledpremium seats), even more if buying from an agency. However, the cheapest tickets can be aslow as £15 depending on the day of the week (although they may not be great views!)Some West End theatres are not located in the West End. A couple are in Victoria, but areclassed as West End because of their size and investment. The seating capacities can rangefrom around 250 to over 2,000.NT and GLOBE THEATREThe National Theatre (NT) and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre are two of the most popularrepertory companys in London. (Generally repertory theatre in London is when a selection ofshows are rotated every few days so you can see several shows in one week at the same venue,some with the same cast)The National Theatre (NT) is subsidised, which means it can take a risk with new and unknownwriters, and plays that may not appeal to a wide audience. Having said that, probably the bestplays are performed here. The very successful productions can transfer to the West End for acommercial run.The Royal National complex houses three theatres, the Olivier, the Lyttelton and the Cottesloe,and as most performances are in repertory, you can see many plays in one week. TheShakespeare Globe Theatre season runs from April to September, and of course it mainlyperforms Shakespearean plays.THE FRINGE/OFF WEST END/OTHERSmaller theatres, including many pub theatres, are called Fringe, although some of these smalltheatres are also called Off West End, particularly those located in the West End of London,where most of the big commercial theatres are. These small theatres can vary in size, withseating capacities of around 40 to 400.can see some superb plays in these small theatres, and prices are much lower than those in theWest End. The size of Fringe theatres brings you very close to the action and can provide amore intimate experience than the big West End theatres. 2
  3. 3. There are also some commercial theatres in London that are not West End or Fringe, like theRichmond and Wimbledon theatres, which are generally classed as regional. These theatres aremainly receiving houses for touring shows, which play for only a week or two.1 DEFINE REPERTOIRE THEATRE:2 EN QUE SE DIFERENCIA EL NATIONAL THEATRE (NT)DEL RESTO DE LOSTEATROS?? ESTA DIFERENCIA ES POSITIVA O NEGATIVA??3 QUE TEATROS ENGLOBA EL ROYAL NATIONAL THEATRE?4 EN QUE MESES ESTÁ ABIERTO EL The Shakespeare Globe Theatre5 LEE EL TEXTO NUEVAMENTE Y REALIZA UN DIAGRAMASINTETIZANDO CADA SUBTÍTULO.GRAMMARLa frase verbal:La frase verbal contiene como mínimo, el verbo principalEl verbo:Así como la frase nominal (el sustantivo y sus modificadores) es la frase con mayorcarga semántica en un texto, el verbo en sí contiene una información semántica rica nosólo acerca del tiempo en que se expresa una idea sino que, además, es fundamentalpara establecer relaciones dentro de la oración. Cada verbo, elige, selecciona las frasesque lo acompañan. Un verbo como CALL ( llamar,nombrar ), por ejemplo, seleccionados elementos (argumentos) para completarse: [alguien] llamao nombra [algo]. Eninglés:...some of these small theatres are also called Off West EndForma Activa:Extrae los verbos,ubícalos en el siguiente cuadro:Presente Pasado FuturoSimple Continuo Simple ContinuoFormas Pasivas:La forma pasiva en inglés es similar a nuestra lengua. Si bien no es una estructuracompleja su uso frecuente en el lenguaje técnico-científico hace que debamos prestarlecierta atención. Se construye con alguna forma del verbo “be” y un verbo en participio.Las formas pasivas pueden tener dos lecturas:1. Se puede hacer una lectura literal 3
  4. 4. 2. Se puede optar por el uso del “se” en nuestra lengua:De acuerdo a lo antedicho como traducirías las siguientes oraciones??a.…..theatres are divided into....b.West End theatres are mainly concentrated in the West End of London aroundLeicester Square.... 4