Marine ecosystem


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Marine ecosystem

  1. 1. marine ecosystem
  2. 2. in this presentation are going to talk about the marine
  3. 3. On the coast of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego marine vagetation is lush and with great diversity of green algae, red and brown, located on the seabed
  4. 5. Marine flora and fauna
  5. 7. Are abundant striped mussels, mussel, crab, sardines fueguina, hake and sea bass. Among the species of wildlife related costs should be mentioned birds and marine mammals
  6. 8. mussels
  7. 10. Crab
  8. 11. Sardines
  9. 12. Robalo
  10. 13. It diversity fishets is lower in the other seas. The productivity of marine is important, the high concentration phytoplankton and zooplankton, whithch translates info a rich fishery
  11. 14. Ecosystem marine the Argentina Coast Chubut Tierra del fuego Santa cruz Diversity Algae robalo sardines mussels birds mammals
  12. 15. members