Protecting your rights as consumers


Published on Today’s economy continues to be challenged by social plagues like poverty, unemployment and certain ailments like cancer and depression. Medical disorders do not necessarily torment the economy as the recession does. Reports issued by the World Health Organization say, however, that roughly $40 million in productivity losses attributed to psychiatric disorders such as depression.

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Protecting your rights as consumers

  1. 1. As Published on the Paxil Birth Defects Website
  2. 2. Today’s economy continues to bechallenged by social plagues likepoverty, unemployment and certainailments like cancer and depression.Medical disorders do not necessarilytorment the economy as the recessiondoes. Reports issued by the WorldHealth Organization say, however, thatroughly $40 million inproductivity losses attributed topsychiatric disorders such asdepression.
  3. 3. Bureaucracy, in political governance, ensures order andsystematic framework although they imply processes. Achunk of the bureaucratic system is devoted to the needsof the people and their welfare. The ideal concept ofmaximizing government service efficiency remains to beconsistently demanded. This is where the Bill of Rights isput in application. The people need to ascribe to thestate its duty to protect their rights and uphold itspreservation. This may come in the form ofcomplaint, protest litigation or any other process whichexpress frustration and disappointments seekingvindication.
  4. 4. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be anexcellent embodiment for this. This federal governmentagency is functions to oversee the manufacture of all foodand drugs warrant the public that it is fit forconsumption, which are neither hazardous nor dangerous tohuman health. Its people and resources are organized to seeto it that drug and food manufacturers follow ethicalstandards. The greatest opponent of every strategy is therisks which are unknown that although inevitable andunforeseen, and are still likely to happen. Focusing simply ondrugs, the FDA’s nemesis is side effects. All drugs known tomen, which are chemically manufactured, possesses sideeffects
  5. 5. An example for this would be paroxetinedrug Paxil which is manufactured byGlaxoSmithKline (GSK) PLC. According to aBloomberg report, the company has facedvarious lawsuits and has entered intosettlements allocating almost $1 billion ofits revenues for litigation processes.Because of its contraindications for birthdefects and suicidal behavior, the FDAissued a black box warning for Paxil. Theseside effects have incited hundreds ofinjured users to file a Paxil lawsuit.
  6. 6. It is important for buyers to understand that even afterpurchase of the product and after the contract of salehas been consummated, their constitutionally protectedright against erring manufacturers remain intact. It isimperative for manufacturers to also know that they areaccountable for the product that they warranted wassafe and effective. Although a Paxil lawsuit may not bethe most expedient way of getting vindication for Paxilusers, but it is certainly an option to correct a veryserious wrong.