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Executive Sales Professionals - Iran
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Executive Sales Professionals - Iran


Published on

This is presentation was the background for a speech I delivered via the web to 250 delegates in Tabriz, Iran on 30th July 2009. …

This is presentation was the background for a speech I delivered via the web to 250 delegates in Tabriz, Iran on 30th July 2009.

I will be physically in Teheran to deliver a speech to ca 1,000 delegates in early January.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. C-Level Sales Mastery Rainmaker Commando Course Paul J. Lange Blue Ocean Strategist & Rainmaker Sydney – Dubai
  • 2. Presentation Overview
    • Death by PowerPoint
    • Traits of Great Salespeople
    • Monetising Value
    • Killer Sales Questions
    • Daily Actions for Success
  • 3. Death By PowerPoint or Written Proposal
    • Maximum 10 Slides.
    • Customer Logo No-no’s
    • Customer Focused
    • Describe Your Customer's Compelling Need to Buy
    • Name Proposed Solution Without Technical Details
    • State Price and (% of) Total Cost
    • What Business Pain Do You Remove or Prevent?
    • Do They Believe You?
  • 4. Your Best Salesperson
    • Goes Where the Fish Are
    • Identifies Buy Signals
    • May Not Have the Most Prospects in the Pipeline
    • Calls Only on Decision Makers
    • Plans Every Call
    • Always Documents the Sales Call Objective
    • Pre-plans Questions
    • Establishes an ‘Up-front’ Contract
    • Listens
    • Takes Notes
    • Monetises the Value
    • Makes Early Morning and Friday Afternoon Appointments
    • Shows the Whole Chain and Sells the First Link
    • Asks for the Sale
    • Asks for New Business and Referrals
    • Documents Agreements Instead of Writing Proposals
  • 5. Monetise Your Value
    • Identify, Not Edify Your Competitor(s)
    • State Your Benefit in Simple Clear Terms
    • Quantify the Benefit
    • ‘ Monetise’ the Benefit to the Customer
    • Show Total ‘Monetised’ Benefit in ‘Unit’ Terms
    • Demonstrate the True Net Cost of Your Product
  • 6. Killer Sales Questions
    • Do you have your agenda in front of you?
    • Will you look at the facts and decide for yourself if it makes sense?
    • Would you like to know how we differ?
    • If XYZ is successful is there anything else stopping you proceeding?
    • Why can’t you?
    • Why don’t you give it a try?
    • What question haven’t I asked that I should have?
  • 7. 11 Actions You Can Take Today
    • Send a Handwritten Note
    • Ask for a Referral from a Satisfied Customer
    • Send a Thank You Note or Gift to a Referrer
    • Meet an Influencer from Your Network in the Real World
    • Convert Connections to ‘True’ Followers
    • ‘ Napsterise’ Knowledge to Your Clients Environment
    • Clip and Send an Interesting Media Article
    • Make an Appointment
    • Call a Client You Haven’t Spoken to in Over a Year
    • Return All Calls
    • Leave Voicemails … Especially Late in the Evening
  • 8. Exclusive for Delegates
    • Proposal/Presentation Format
    • Copy of this Presentation
    • Complimentary Pre-Launch Copy of Book
    • Access to Sales Training & Information
    • Exclusive Offers
    • http://