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HLN 2000 - Centre for Advanced Placement Education on the Bonavista Peninsula


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Barbour, M. K., & Brooks, S. (2000, June). Centre for Advanced Placement Education on the Bonavista Peninsula. Presentation at the Hook, Line & Net conference, Clarenville, NL.

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HLN 2000 - Centre for Advanced Placement Education on the Bonavista Peninsula

  1. 1. Centre forAdvanced Placement Education on theBonavista Peninsula
  2. 2. AgendaWhat is CAPE Bonavista?Why CAPE Bonavista?AP Social Studies in NewfoundlandThe CAPE Bonavista InitiativePilot AP European HistoryLessons Learned
  3. 3. What is CAPE Bonavista?
  4. 4. What is CAPE Bonavista? A group of teachers and administrators within the Vista School District, primarily based out of Discovery Collegiate An online centre for Advanced Placement education studies, with a concentration on the AP Social Studies courses
  5. 5. Why CAPEBonavista?
  6. 6. Why CAPE Bonavista? Similar opportunity in intermediate programme Concentration on Mathematics and Science in secondary programme Little opportunity for Social Studies, particularly advanced options
  7. 7. Why CAPE Bonavista? Intermediate Secondary Science / Science Mathematics Social Studies Mathematics / Social Studies 1 course 11 courses 12 courses 9 courses per year 4 (8) credits 4 (8) credits 4 credits
  8. 8. Why CAPE Bonavista?AP Mathematics AP Social Studies and Science Art History Macroeconomics Calculus AB Microeconomics Calculus BC Human Geography Statistics Comparative Government and Politics Biology United States Government and Politics Chemistry European History Environmental Science United States History Physics B World History Physics C Psychology 8 Courses 10 courses
  9. 9. Why CAPE Bonavista? 68% of schools in Newfoundland are rural schools (77% when District 10 is excluded) Approximately half of large schools are located in District 10 Over half of the AP Students in Newfoundland are located in District 10
  10. 10. Advanced Placement in Newfoundland
  11. 11. Advanced Placement in Newfoundland District 1 - 62 1398 student District 2 - 0 enrolments in District 3 - 55 4000-level District 4 - 248 District 5 - 12 courses District 6 - 23 District 7 - 88 District 8 - 115 District 9 - 125 District 10 - 711 District 11 - 1
  12. 12. Advanced Placement in Newfoundland Accounting (College) Literature and Art History Composition Biology Mathematics Chemistry Music Theory Computer Science Physics European History Psychology Fish/Wildlife Biology Studio Art (College) 14 different subject French areas
  13. 13. Advanced Placement in Newfoundland 1999 College Board Exams Art History - 3 candidates Biology - 8 candidates Chemistry - 6 candidates English Literature and Composition - 9 candidates European History - 2 candidates French Language - 21 candidates Calculus AB - 10 candidates Music Theory - 8 candidates Physics B - 4 candidates
  14. 14. Advanced Placement in NewfoundlandAP Mathematics Offered in and Science Newfoundland Calculus AB Calculus AB Calculus BC Statistics Biology Biology Chemistry Chemistry Environmental Science Physics B Physics B Physics C 8 Courses 4 Courses
  15. 15. Advanced Placement in NewfoundlandAP Social Studies Offered in Newfoundland Art History Art History Macroeconomics Microeconomics Human Geography Not available until 2000-01 school year Comparative Government and Politics United States Government and Politics European History European History United States History World History Not available until 2001-02 school year Psychology Psychology 10 courses 3 courses
  16. 16. Advanced Placement in NewfoundlandAP Mathematics AP Social Studies and Science Calculus AB Art History 304 students 19 students Biology European History 252 students 3 students Chemistry Psychology 213 students 163 students Physics B 78 students 847 students 185 students
  17. 17. BREAK
  18. 18. CAPE Bonavista Initiative
  19. 19. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative In many instances, smaller rural schools can only offer the standard curriculum Distance education and the WWW provide schools the opportunity to go beyond the standard curriculum without devoting teacher allocation
  20. 20. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative AP BiologyVista District Digital taught from Clarenville High Intranet (VDI) Clarenville High - 2 Mustgravetown High - 7 Our Saviour King Academy - 1 Swift Current - 1 Joint venture of the Centre for TeleLearning and Rural AP Mathematics Education and the Vista taught from Musgravetown High School District Clarenville High - 6 Distance education project Mustgravetown High - 8 Southwest Arm Academy - 2 using AP Mathematics and Science courses AP Physics Funded by Industry Canada taught from Centre (St. John’s) Clarenville High - 2 St. Michael’s - 2
  21. 21. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative As seen with the VDI, distance education projects via the WWW were the missing piece in the puzzle to provide some equity between rural and urban schools With this in mind, a Social Studies based project was born.
  22. 22. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative The CAPE Bonavista Digital Learning Initiative for Rural Adult LearnersThe CAPE Bonavista Initiative is a project which will developan asynchronous model of distance education via the World-Wide Web. The delivery model will be investigated initiallyin a small rural setting (the geographic region covered by theRegional Economic Development Zone 15) and later on aprovincial basis. This delivery model will use the CollegeBoards Advanced Placement Social Studies courses as itscurriculum.
  23. 23. The CAPE Bonavista InitiativeYear 1 - Vista District Year 2 - Vista District AP Comparative Government AP Comparative Government and Politics and Politics AP European History AP European History AP Human Geography AP Human Geography AP United States Government AP Macroeconomics and Politics AP Microeconomics AP United States History AP United States Government and Politics AP United States History AP World History
  24. 24. The CAPE Bonavista InitiativeYear 3 - Districts 1-9 Year 4 - Province-wide AP Comparative Government AP Comparative Government and Politics and Politics AP European History AP European History AP Human Geography AP Human Geography AP Macroeconomics AP Macroeconomics AP Microeconomics AP Microeconomics AP United States Government AP United States Government and Politics and Politics AP United States History AP United States History AP World History AP World History
  25. 25. The CAPE Bonavista InitiativeDelivery Model Through WebCT & MS Netmeeting Asynchronous Independent School Visits Progress meetings
  26. 26. The CAPE Bonavista InitiativePartnerships Centre for TeleLearning and Rural Education Memorial University of Newfoundland National Capital Freenet STEM~Net Vista School District Office of Learning Technologies Merrill Lynch Canada
  27. 27. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative Potential Sources of Funding Canada Millennium Partnership Programme Community Learning Networks Initiative Rural Partnership Initiative
  28. 28. The CAPE Bonavista Initiative Community Learning Networks InitiativeDevelopmental Phase Project Phase Letter of intent Business plan $25,000 funding Potential $300,000 of Creation of partnerships funding over 3 years Professional development
  29. 29. AP EuropeanHistory Pilot
  30. 30. AP European History PilotAP European HistoryThe goals of this course are for students to gain knowledge ofbasic chronology and major events and trends fromapproximately 1450 to the present and to develop anunderstanding of some of the principle themes in modernEuropean History, an ability to analyze historical evidence, andan ability to analyze and express historical understanding inwriting.Students who take this course and achieve a level 3 or higher onthe AP exam are eligible for six 2nd year credit hours atMemorial University of Newfoundland.
  31. 31. AP European History PilotCourseThis thirty week course is a study of the social, economic, cultural, intellectual, political anddiplomatic history of Modern Europe and its place in the history of the world from the fall ofConstantinople to the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union. The course will be taughtat a level and rigor equivalent to that required of students in a college freshman orsophomore Modern European History course.The course objective is to develop an understanding of the major periods, ideas, movements,trends, and themes that characterize European history from approximately 1450-the highRenaissance-to the present. Students develop the ability to analyze historical evidence andexpress understanding and analysis in writing. We try to prepare our students to besuccessful at undertaking university-level work.The course will corresponds to recent trends in history curricula at the undergraduate leveland will prepare students for the College Board examination in European History given inthe Spring. A primary goal for the scholars in the course will be to achieve a high score onthe Advanced Placement Exam in mid May. It is understood that all students electing thiscourse will take the Advanced Placement Exam in Modern European History.
  32. 32. AP European History PilotTaught from Students Discovery Collegiate 3 students Discovery Collegiate - 2 First-year teacher Clarenville High - 1 Instructor’s 8th 16-18 credits/student course on a 5X8 Student #1 - 16 credits timetable Student #2 - 17 credits Student #3 - 18 credits No class time provided for instruction
  33. 33. Lessons Learned
  34. 34. Lessons LearnedDelivery Model Students An asynchronous model is Must be independent workable using the AP Social learners Studies curriculum Must be highly Online materials must be motivated supplemented with printed materials (in addition to the Source of motivation textbook) must be self- School visits by the instructor or motivation an in-school supervisor are necessary for keeping students “up-to-date”
  35. 35. Centre for AdvancedPlacement Education onthe Bonavista Peninsula HTTP://