The Hyperproteinic Diet of Pierre Dunkan
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Phase 3: Consolidation phase
When the wished weight os obtained, one approaches this phase 3. its 10 days by lost kilo
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The Hyperproteinic Diet Of Pierre dunkan


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Pierre Dunkan is a doctor and as well a well know nutrionist with his protal diet.
He wrote a few books but the 2 bestsellers are:
"Je ne sais pas maigrir" = I can't lose weight
"Les hommes préfèrent les rondes" = The men prefer the chubby ladies
The 2 books have been as well translated in different languages.
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The Hyperproteinic Diet Of Pierre dunkan

  1. 1. The Hyperproteinic Diet of Pierre Dunkan <a ref=” dunkan.html”> Burn Fat Fast</a> Biography of Pierre Dunkan: Nutritionist for more than 30 years, Doctor Pierre Dukan has been from now on known for his revolutionary diets. Specialized in the psychology of the food behavior like in nutritional rehabilitation, he wrote many handbooks on the diets since 1970. For once a doctor is not obsessed by the thinness and preaches the roundness's in his book ' les hommes préférent les rondes (the Men prefer the buxom women)'. It is an anthem with the woman, a work able to give again the moral one the most coated with among us. In his study 'je ne sais pas maigrir (I do not know how to lose weight)', it proposes four phases, of the active phase to the phase of stabilization, with an immediate result but also on a long term. Today, it always succeeds in alluring the women thanks to its nutritional advices, its good mood and its optimism. True in love with the fair sex. This diet is based on the absorption on pure proteins. It is an hyperproteinic diet based based on the food consumption followed from one period of consolidation avoiding the yo yo effect. It includes 4 phases which leads to a total stabilization of the wished weight: Phase 1: Phase of attack During this phase only a food list precise is authorized and that in unlimited quantities. 5,7, or 10 days during which one eats only animal proteins: - Lean Meat: calf, Ox (except - Meat offal's: liver, kidney, language of ox an calf (the point) - All fish fatty, thin,, white, blue, believed or cocked - All seafood (shells and crustaceans) - All poultry's except the duck and without the skin - Thin turkey of chicken and thin thin pig - Eggs - Thin diary produces - 1,5 of liquid (not salt water): coca light for example, water … - coffee, tea, vinegar, spice, condiment, pickle, lemon (not from drink), salt, mustard, with moderation <a ref=” dunkan.html”> Burn Fat Fast</a> Phase 2: Phase of cruising (Alternative proteins diet) One preserves all the authorized food from the phase 1 and one adds raw of cooked vegetables (except feculents), without restriction of quantity, mix or schedules. During this phase , one makes alternate the periods with pure proteins: periods with pure proteins and periods with proteins and vegetable until the wished weight is reached. The period of alternation most often practiced for loss more than 10 kilos is 5/5 is 5 days of proteins only then 5 days of proteins and vegetables and that in alternation until to reach the ideal weight fixed before. Http://
  2. 2. Phase 3: Consolidation phase When the wished weight os obtained, one approaches this phase 3. its 10 days by lost kilo Example: 20 kg lost, 200 days of consolidation. During all the period of consolidation, it is important to follow truly the following diet. You will have right to: - The food with proteins from the phase 1 - The vegetables from the phase 2 - 1 portion of fruit per day, except bananas, cherries and grapes - 2 slices of wholewheat bread per day - 40 g matured (ripe) chess - 2 portions of starchy food per week - leg of lamb or roti of pork in the fillet More than 2 meals of official receptions per week but in a way impossible to circumvent, and imperative, 1 day of pure proteins per week. Phase 4: Stabilization Consists of 1 day with pure proteins and with more traditional meals. Where one will take again a normal food 6days on 7 with one day of Proteins per week with life (Thursday of preference) And to consume 3 spoons of oats sound per day. Experience of a Pierre Dunkan dieter: I began the Dukan diet with a starting weight of 88.8 kg. When I started I was not convinced to hold a long time (me and the diets! BOF!) Then more the days passed more and I felt. Result, my balance posted 83 kg yes!yes! 5.8kg in 12 days. I am say that this diet had been written for me. I thus held good and today the balance posts 76.1 is soon 13 kilos less in A little close 5 weeks. As for my general state I feel super good. My body is not tired, I even manage to make more sport than before, the fact of consuming proteins nourished the muscles. My skin is firmer than ever even if I add some small massages with well hydrating creams to it. In short I think that with the proviso of following the program until the phase of definitive stabilization this Program really merits the turning. Thank you Pierre Dukan. <a ref=” dunkan.html”> Burn Fat Fast</a> Http://