The Most Common Applications Of The Containment Liners In The Industry


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The containment liners like as the primary containment liners or the secondary containment liners are designed such a way that they sit inside each other for a convenient and easy storage. The best thing about the containment liners are that these don’t corrode or rust.

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The Most Common Applications Of The Containment Liners In The Industry

  1. 1. The Most Common Applications Of The Containment Liners In The Industry OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The containment liners are made of different types of fabric options to help with the containments of approximately any liquid. With the fuel containment liners you can easily eliminate the costly spills while storing the oils, fuels and any other hazardous liquids. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION The tank liners are made of the Polyurea spray technology is a fast-set and plural-component elastomeric membrane system which offers an impervious and monolithic layer. A number of formulating systems of these liners deal with the different needs related to the secondary containment liners, including the adhesion to different substrates those are encountered commonly in the containment areas. In those areas, where the solid substrates are not available, the Geo-membranes are used by the applied layer of the polyurea system that includes low shrinkage characteristics, which are designed for that area. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  4. 4. The Polyurea technology used in the containment liners allows for the quick return to the services of any area in different types of weather conditions like humid or cold weather. Besides, these liners also remain too flexible at lower temperatures by eliminating the cracking issues found in the sheet good liquid membranes and in some other liquid applied coatings. The tank or the containment liners with Polyurea coatings combine the extreme application properties like rapid cure, even at the temperatures below zero degree Celsius and the insensitivity to the humidity of the exceptional physical properties like flexibility, high hardness, tensile strength, tear strength, water and chemical resistance. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  5. 5. So, if you are in search of the primary or secondary containment liners, you can also consider using the PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride sheets to get some unparalleled advantages. These sheets are not only flexible but they also offer great resistance to the fuels, hydrocarbons and oils. Besides, these also work as the perfect option for the portable water containment. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  6. 6. This is the reason why the oil and gas companies around the nation use this type of containment liners in order to manage the fuel transfers as well as to upgrade the containment dikes. Their flexibility, toughness and the slowed reaction time together to make these liners the ideal choice for the oil and gas liners. The reason behind is that the surface of concrete which lines the dike can easily be penetrated by the oil but oil can’t be penetrated by the Poly vinyl chloride tank liners. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  7. 7. Oil and gas are not only the potentially contaminating products, which should be kept in check. Other hazardous and dangerous elements which should be contained by these liners include the acid, salt water, manure and hydrocarbons. Additionally, these liners can also be used to line the manure pita, line lagoons, landfills and other water bodies. On the basis of the concentration level of waste products, the containment liners can reliably be depended on the long term and the short term protection. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY
  8. 8. ABOUT COMPANY Barry Pitman has worked in the professional tank and containment liner company and has detailed knowledge about different type of tank liners and secondary containment liners. OPC - ONTARIO PROTECTIVE COMPANY