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Nuxeo Drive enables bidirectional synchronization of all types of content between the desktop and the Nuxeo content repository. This slide deck was a guide for a webinar -

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Nuxeo Drive

  1. 1. Content Management PlatformFor Business Applications/Alain EscaffreNuxeo Drive:Synchronize Your Desktopand Your Content Repositorymardi 30 avril
  2. 2. Nuxeo, the Platform• Nuxeo Platform is a full stack software platform forbuilding content-centric business applications• Designed for software developers, architects andbusiness managers who create software for internal useor for customers• A foundation for business applications in the areas ofcontent management, document management, digitalasset management, and case management• Trusted by large organizations for mission-criticalapplications• Nuxeo Platform is open source software, available 30 avril
  3. 3. Nuxeo, the Company• Nuxeo supports customers in creating, building, maintaining,deploying and operating apps• Nuxeo covers the full lifecycle of applications:• Application Designer: Nuxeo Studio• Development Environment: Nuxeo IDE (Eclipse), MavenTooling• Testing Toolset: Unit, Functional (Sl/WebDriver), Performance• Deployment tools: Nuxeo Marketplace, Update Center• We focus on the complete experience for our customers, notjust the software you run• We are based in France, New York and Californiamardi 30 avril
  4. 4. Trusted by great customers...mardi 30 avril
  5. 5. Nuxeo Drive in a Nutshell5mardi 30 avril
  6. 6. Sync Client for Nuxeo Platform• Bidirectional sync of contentbetween the desktop and therepository• Supports any content format(file, picture, video, custom)• Runs on Windows, Mac &Linux, 2 clicks to install• Works with any platformmodule (CAP, DAM, DM, CM)and your own businessapplication• Available now onmarketplace.nuxeo.commardi 30 avril
  7. 7. Nuxeo Drive: What’s in it for you?• Brings “Dropbox”-like features safely into your company(same experience as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)• Offers offline access to selected content, for the mobileworker, thanks to an optimized synchronization algorithm• Optimizes collaboration, with advanced versioningpolicies and conflict management• Brings a common way for any desktop apps to nativelyedit content stored into the repository• Can be extended & customized - Drive is the idealfoundation for local applications interacting with thePlatformmardi 30 avril
  8. 8. Showtime8mardi 30 avril
  9. 9. How we make the magicwork...9mardi 30 avril
  10. 10. Efficient Sync Protocolmardi 30 avril
  11. 11. Simple & Robust Desktop App• Universal: Written in Python+Qt, works on literally anyoperating system with very few dependencies• Lightweight: 30MB in memory• Robust: Full suite of unit tests, under CI• Easy to install• From Nuxeo Web client (dedicated Drive tab with link toinstallers)• MSI package for windows, DMG for MacOS, scripts for Linux.No dependencies required, 2 clicks to install.• Update Windows registries: (automated start up with user OSsession and protocol handler for LiveEdit)mardi 30 avril
  12. 12. Sync REST API (Automation-based)Need to customize server-side sync behavior?Just override the built-in sync operations!mardi 30 avril
  13. 13. File System API & Adapters (I)• Business Content is not just simple files(that’s why you use a content management platform, right?)• You want to use custom content types, even with acomplex structure or attached files and control howthose are represented on the desktop• Local sync workspace must be flexible toaccommodate use cases, for example performspecific actions (start process, change state, etc.) ifdocument is moved to a folder.• Sync dynamic lists / queries: sync all documents toapprove, sync the latest modified documents, syncall documents matching a specific tagmardi 30 avril
  14. 14. File System API & Adapters (II)• The Drive desktop app only knows about files & folders,but...• On the server-side, custom adapters can be created todefine and implement business logic when• creating / updating on the desktop a given document of repository• creating / updating on the server a file or a folder sent by the client(depending on its content type & format)• Custom virtual hierarchies can be configured since adapterAPI has a “getChildren” method that returns for each childthe Adapter factory to use• Which all adds up to virtually unlimited flexibility to handlecomplex custom content and formatsmardi 30 avril
  15. 15. Example - Flexible Sync WorkspaceOption 2Option 1 Option 3Synced roots beside personalworkspace: that’s the defaultconfigurationContent of personal workspaceright under Nuxeo Drive folder,and a subfolder dedicated tosynced roots: that’s anotheroption - Synchronization of documentson which there is a task assigned- Synchronization of casescorresponding to a specific query- ...That’s a projection of things that*can* be implemented, withoutmodifying or extending theclient !mardi 30 avril