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Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's
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Movie Trailer Research - Film Genre's


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Movie Trailer Research Naomi Hall
  • 2. The main Genre’s used…
    • Four main genre’s are used in the film industry although many companies are limited when approaching the genre of Sci-Fi as this requires more funding in order to make the films look convincing.
  • 3. HORROR!!
    • Horror films tend to be popular with most audiences (other than the younger generations) as these films tend to have more tension than other films. Creating this atmosphere keeps the audience hooked and wanting to find out what is happening in the film. Horror films tend to also have twists meaning that audience’s can be left waiting to find out what or who is the killer.
    • One example of this would be scream. In each film a new killer using the same ‘Scream Mask’ would go after one girl but just when the audience think they know who the killer is they find out its someone completely different. The films also are left open for sequels meaning that people would be left wondering and in need of seeing the next in the collection.
    • Action films are one of the most popular films because they contain violence and action which can sound abit warped but for some reason the audience continue to enjoy this genre of film. Like with horror films they often have sequels meaning that the audience are left wondering or wanting to see more.
    • A example of this would be Die Hard. Although it is very unrealistic having one persons have more enemies than one country but that’s what people like and people continue to watch it due to the films having such a large fan base.
  • 5. COMEDY!!
    • Comedy films have more and more fans more recently and often have funny moments that people can actually relate to. This genre also can have a reputation of crossing over with another genre meaning that it can attract a larger audience from the crossed over genre. An example of this would be a Romantic Comedy (or RomCom) like Love Actually or another example being Shaun of the Dead and its Comedy Horror.
    • Shaun of the Dead is also a spin off from another film Dawn of the Dead which can often be the case with comedy horror films. This also happened with the Scary movie Quadriolgy which was a spin off of most other scary movies like the Sixth Sense and Scream.
  • 6. SCI-FI!!
    • Sci – Fi films are extremely popular but have a limited audience. These films also need more funding in order to make them convincing which usually means that the world leaves it to the larger American companies to make the films.
    • Sometimes these films have a limited audience meaning that audience numbers could be limited although more people are starting to enjoy the films as they tend to be more believable or realistic.
  • 7. Others
    • There are too many different genre’s in the world to list and some can be very rarely seen but some others that can often be seen are:
    • Rom Com
    • Comedy Horror
    • Dance and song
    • Adventure
    • Animated
    • Heroic