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  • 1. Ideology
    Definition- The beliefs or values that belong to an individual or group of people.
    Their view and understanding of the world.
    Example- A religious group is an example of ideology because they all have
    Different views and beliefs than other people’s religion.
  • 2. Individualism
    Definition- The idea that an individuals rights , needs and beliefs come before the
    needs of a group or nation
    Example- The U.S.A. cares more about the individual citizen than a group of people
    when it comes to rights and freedoms.
  • 3. Collectivism
    Definition- The idea that the need, beliefs, and rights go to the majority instead
    of the minority.
    Example- In most countries the majority of the people decides what happens
    to their country instead of one person.
  • 4. Liberalism
    Definition- The ideology that everyone is treated equally, everyone has the same
    rights and freedoms.
    Example- Canada is an example of Liberalism because our government treats
    Everybody the same.
  • 5. Self-interest
    Definition- A person’s personal interests should benefit their life by their own efforts.
    Example- Getting a job to increase a person’s income.
  • 6. Competition
    Definition- is a struggle between individuals, groups, and nations for land and/or
    Example- War is a competition between nations for control over land and the gain of
  • 7. Freedom
    Definition- To be free from the influence of the government and to be able to make your
    own decisions. That everyone is treated as equal.
    Example- Canada is an example of a free country, we are free to make our own choices
    and everyone is equal.
  • 8. Rule of Law
    Definition- A rule that belongs to a country that nobody has immunity over and everyone
    has to obey by even the government, the punishment can very based on the law.
    Example- The law that u have to be 18 to drink, you can’t drive over the speed limits are
    examples of laws.
  • 9. Private Property
    Definition- A piece of land belonging to an individual that he/she can do what ever they
    want to on their land within the laws of the country.
    Example- A house and apartment are examples of private property.
  • 10. Collective Responsibility
    Definition- When individuals are held responsible for other the actions of another
    individual, or their countries actions.
    Example- a lot of people don’t like the Americans because of George Bush’s actions.
  • 11. Collective Interest
    Definition- The interests or actions of a group or nation of people to better themselves.
    Example- War was a fought to benefit a country to gain recourses and land. Also schools
    can be an example because they educate the public to better their nation’s interests.
  • 12. Cooperation
    Definition- Is the process of working or acting together so that both individuals or groups
    working together benefit from the outcome.
    Example- A treaty is an example of two nations working together.
  • 13. Economic Equality
    Definition- A state of economics in which a society has equal access to resources such
    as energy, wealth, and power. Taxing the wealthy more and the poor less.
    Example- Progressive taxation, trying to bring the wealthy and the poor to the same
    level of money.
  • 14. Collective Norms
    Definition- What is considered “normal” in a group or country. A certain way to act,
    To dress, and the views you should have.
    Example- A private school.
  • 15. Public Property
    Definition- A building or place, that is assessable to everyone in a country or nation.
    The services or inventory of the building are available to everyone.
    It is normally a government owned building.
    Example- A school and a hospital are examples of public properties.
  • 16. Belief
    Definition- To believe in imaginary beings and follow their guidance even though
    there is no proof of their existence.
    Example: The Easter bunny , Santa, God, and the tooth fairy are examples of Belief
  • 17. Value
    Definition- The importanceof worth or the needs of an individual or group. A person/
    group’s belief is also considered a value.
    Example- Religion, or possessions are values.
  • 18. Individual Identity
    Definition- An individuals personal beliefs and interests expressed through their
    action and possessions.
    Example- Every has their own identity
  • 19. Collective Identity
    Definition- A group/nation’s beliefs and interests expressed through politics and
    the way their country is ran.
    Example- Every nation has a Collective Identity.