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this report introduce you to forex market
tells you alabuot it,every thing....

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  • The L.M.T Forex Formula Does NOT Work. It is a SCAM. Just read the report here:
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Lmt Profits Plan

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  2. 2. DISCLAIMER Stock, forex, futures, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the information in this special report will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses. Risks also include, but are not limited to, the potential for changing political and/or economic conditions that may substantially affect the price and/or liquidity of a market. The impact of seasonal and geopolitical events is already factored into market prices. Under certain conditions you may find it impossible to liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, when a market becomes illiquid. The placement of contingent orders by you, such as “stop loss” or “stop limit” orders will not necessarily limit or prevent losses because market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders. In no event should the content of this correspondence be construed as an express or implied promise or guarantee that you will profit or that losses can or will be limited in any manner whatsoever. Past results are no indication of future performance. Information contained in this correspondence is intended for informational purposes only. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted. 2
  3. 3. Welcome It has been a firm belief of mine for many years that anyone can make staggering amounts of money trading forex. Some may take longer than others to reach financial freedom nevertheless it is still achievable by anyone who is willing to put in a little hard work. But with so much conflicting, contradictory and just plain bad trading information floating around the internet at the moment, traders are finding it harder than ever to turn a consistent profit in the forex markets. From what I have seen recently many people are on the verge of giving up the dream of trading forex forever. I find this distressing because trading forex is not hard, it’s dirt simple once you have the correct help and guidance. It’s for this reason I have been motivated to write this special report. In it I reveal years of hard work and discovery. This special report contains more valuable information than 99% of forex courses who are charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Make sure you save a copy of this report to your computer and even print it out so you can read it while out and about if necessary. You are about to discover something I have never revealed before, this information if acted on has the power to change your trading career and life forever! You are about to discover L.M.T I Hope you enjoy this special report. 3
  4. 4. L.M.T As I’m sure most of you are aware there is a huge opportunity to make insane amounts of money every single day in the Forex markets at the click of a button. All you have to do is be correct in the market direction and you get paid, yet so many people fail in this business. While over 95% of Forex traders are losing money I have been quietly pulling money out of the Forex market consistently for many years. I spend less that 15 minutes each day in front of my charts and I have little or no stress. I spend the rest of my free time doing things I enjoy. How do I do this? I do it easily because I don’t follow the crowd, I don’t listen to other traders and most importantly I follow L.M.T L.M.T Stands for Low Maintenance Trading, L.M.T is the concept behind all my most successful and profitable trading methods. It is combination of everything I have discovered over the 9 years I have been trading forex. Over the following sections of the report I am going to explain each part of L.M.T in detail, something I have never done before. You can take this information and apply it to your trading and I believe you will succeed as I have done. I have to warn you I am not going to sugar coat this information, you may discover facts that you will not like. Most people will not agree with what I have to say but then again most people are losing money in the forex markets! 4
  5. 5. Time Frames When most people think of forex trading they imagine intense trading action on small time-frames, in and out in a few minutes and bang you just made $1000! Everything to do with forex is geared towards getting people to day trade. Almost all forex brokers offer ridiculously high leveraged accounts and most adverts will have you believe that day trading is as easy as pie. If you have spent any time at all trading forex you will have already discovered that it’s not as easy as you originally thought. Scalping the 5- minute charts becomes extremely stressful when the market is always doing the exact opposite of what you expect. Trading the correct time-frame is paramount to making consistent profits in the Forex markets. It’s the main key to my success! New traders coming into this business are drawn to the low time-frame charts for the fast action and quick profits. However there are serious problems associated with trading these low time-frame charts that most people don’t realise or understand. Here are some disadvantages working against you when trying to day trade these small time-frames. • Random Market Noise- The markets are random but this randomness can be predicted and profited from on a consistent basis. However the lower in time-frame you go the more random market noise becomes and the harder it is to predict the market direction consistently. This random market noise is often the cause of your stop loss triggering just before the market moves in the direction you intended. • High Cost- Taking several trades each day for a few pips creates a lot of cost in spread (broker’s commissions). An average day trader can take around 10 trades in a day. Using the EURUSD as an example which has a low spread of just 2 pips the day trader has already lost 20 pips just in commissions to the broker. Not only does this affect overall profits but this 5
  6. 6. has a serious affect on the traders edge in the markets and chance of finishing the day with any profits at all. • Screen Time- Most day traders find it difficult to produce consistent profits because of the random market noise which will often take out their stop loss. Those few that do succeed in day trading wind up becoming a zombie watching a computer screen for up to 12 hours a day. The dream of freedom that trading Forex can provide is far from realised and often day traders end up working more hours than in their regular job. • High Stress- Trading on small time-frames requires a lot of concentration, constantly watching the markets for up to 12 hours a day is enough to stress out anyone and will eventually affect your health and lifestyle. When combining all these disadvantages of day trading it is not difficult to see why so many traders fail to become profitable and eventually give up. As I said earlier the higher the time-frame you trade, the easier it becomes to trade profitably. After years of fighting against this rule I now focus almost exclusively on the Daily charts I have found this to be extremely profitable and gives me great freedom to spend my time doing the things I enjoy. On a daily chart each candle represents a days worth of trading, using the daily charts trading signals are generated at the close of each daily candle. Therefore you only have to check your charts once each evening and scan through each currency pair for a setup which takes less than 15 minutes each day. With over 20 currency pairs available you will generally have plenty of set-ups each week. Let’s look at some of the great advantages that trading the daily charts provide. • High chance of success- By trading on a high time-frame like the daily charts you have cut out all the market noise which is responsible for taking out your stop loss. Your trades now have an extremely high chance of success, you are now working on the same time-frame as the banks and institutional traders. • Huge profitable trades- With big time-frames come big wins. The daily charts provide huge winning trades of hundreds if not thousands of pips. • Free time- This is a huge advantage. If you are working a full-time job then the daily charts will make it easy for you to trade around your day job until you are comfortable enough to trade Forex full-time. The daily 6
  7. 7. charts allow you to manage trades and check for set-ups at the end of each day. The process of managing trades takes less than 15 minutes. Once you begin trading full-time you will have the freedom to spend time with your family. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have a laptop and internet connection you can make money! • Low costs- Taking only 2-3 trades a week will drastically reduce the cost in commissions to your broker. This also adds to your edge giving you a higher chance of success. • Low stress- Watching trades live all day long will create a lot of metal stress. Using a long term trading approach will reduce this stress to almost nothing as you only check on your trades once a day for a few minutes. • Huge Trends- It’s well known that the currency markets have huge trends which continue for thousands of pips. The only way to catch a long term trend is by trading a long term time-frame. • Plenty Of Trades- Although most people think a daily chart moves slowly with 20 pairs to watch you would be surprised how many trading opportunities you will come across. You can easily average 3-4 trades a week which have a profit potential of hundreds of pips. • Small Position size- With today’s Forex brokers you can trade micro lots which means you don’t have to over leverage your account to trade the daily charts. You can easily risk a set % of your account on each trade just like you would if you were day trading. • Limited risk- News report announcements which would normally devastate a day trader will have little impact on a long term position. As you can clearly see trading on the daily charts gives you huge advantages over day trading the smaller time frames. I’m sure you have herd that 95% of Forex traders lose money consistently. I believe that 90% of Forex traders are trying to trade on small time frames while only a fraction are smart enough to use the longer term time frames to their advantage and not follow the crowd. 7
  8. 8. The Power of a Trend Have you ever herd the expression ‘the trend is your friend’? This is the most common phrase in trading yet I know of few traders who use the power of the prevailing trend to their advantage. Most traders are constantly trying to pick the bottom or the top of a move which has the unavoidable result of losing money. Most traders do not realise the immense power of trading with the trend. Think of the trend as the current going down a river, if you try to swim against the current you will find yourself battling hard just to stay in one spot let alone move forward. But by turning around and swimming only in the direction of the current you will find yourself being carried along without much work at all. This same thought process applies to forex, battling against the trend will only bring you stress and more than likely lose you money. I know form research that trading with the trend can increase your chance of a successful trade by up to 25%. This one tip alone has enough power to turn a consistent loser into a consistent winner when applied properly. If you only take trades with the trend you can only essentially be wrong once when the trend changes direction. If you take trades against the trend you can be wrong an infinite number of times until you find the top or bottom of the move. There are many ways to identify a trend the most common of which is to find lower lows for a down trend and higher highs for an uptrend. Sometimes it helps to zoom out and even move to a higher time-frame to get a good visual view of the overall trend in the market. Trading with the trend is an essential ingredient in L.M.T and will make a huge difference to your trading once put into practice. 8
  9. 9. Breathing Space An enormously overlooked area of trading is the stop loss size, for those of you who don’t know, a stop loss is a pending order to close your position at the point you specify to cut losses. Many traders believe that if they use very small stops the risk on a trade is minimized. The truth is they are forcing themselves out of good trades because of market noise which regularly triggers their stop loss before moving in the anticipated direction. The secret to trading with the trend is to ensure that your stop is far enough away that any market noise will not trigger it and essentially give your position room to breathe and develop with the overall trend. Calculating the correct stop loss size for a position can be a tricky, each currency pair has its own personality and volatility at different times. I have found that stop losses have to fluctuate and evolve with the markets. Your trade now has space to breathe and you have essentially given your self an even higher chance of success. Your entry does not have to be as precise as when you where using a tight stop and you are now allowing the overall trend to carry your trade into profit. I find one of the most successful ways to calculate an accurate stop loss is to use the Average Daily Range of the currency pair you are trading. This will give you an indication of how volatile the current market conditions are then adjust your stop loss to suit. Unfortunately using the ADR to calculate stops is an enormous subject and cannot be covered in full in this report. 9
  10. 10. Protecting Protecting Profits Give two traders the exact same entries and after several trades you will often find that one is profitable while the other has had consistent losses. This is because of how the individual traders manage their trade once the position is open. Often the thought process most traders employ is to set a stop loss and take profit then wait to see which one is triggered first. Trading this way is like burying your head in the sand, hoping and praying that one level will be hit before the next. Picking an entry into the market is the easy part, it’s how you manage your open trades that will ultimately decide if it will be profitable or not. Using a good entry technique and trading with the trend on the long term charts means that a high percentage of the time you will end up with some profit in the trade at one point or another. The key to consistent gains is to try to avoid letting a profit turn into a loss, we can do this by moving the stop to break even and creating a risk free trade. The only downside to managing a trade this way is you will have some trades stopped out at break even. When this happens you just have to smile and remember you have avoided a potential loss. There are always more trades around the corner and the ones which don’t get stopped out at break even will often run for hundreds if not thousands of pips profit. This is how I manage to maintain a win percentage often above 90%, it is not unusual for me to sometimes go months without a losing trade. Obviously you don’t want to risk 200 pips and move your stop to break even as soon as you have 10 pips profit. Once you have a 50-100 pips profit you should defiantly consider moving your stop to break even and creating a risk free trade. 10
  11. 11. Know When Not To Trade Trading requires a lot of discipline. A trader’s natural urge is to be in the market as much as possible. However it is important to remember that no position is often the most profitable position to be in. This is a very important reason for my success. I don’t take every trade my system produces. I have developed several rules and filters which I apply to each setup to find the best of the best, the trades with a high chance of success. Using this method ensures my raising equity curve stays smooth and consistent and I don’t suffer any large drawdown, In fact it is rare that I get more than one loss in a row. Keeping out of the market is as important as trading itself. The forex markets are not always going to provide great trading opportunities and taking every opportunity that comes along despite the chance of success will result in a bumpy ride and uncomfortable drawdown at times. While most traders are asking themselves how much they could win in a trade I am always asking myself how much I stand to lose in a trade. Although it’s not often, sometimes during the year I may go a week or two without taking any trades. On some occasions the markets are just not giving any good trading opportunities and it’s best to walk away and remember there will always be more trades around the corner. 11
  12. 12. The Trading Group As I mentioned earlier it is my firm belief that using the L.M.T methods anyone can learn to trade forex profitably, recently I decided to put my theory to the test. I decided to create a small group of struggling forex traders and set about teaching them exactly how I trade the forex markets. I showed them every aspect of my forex trading system and went into great detail on every subject covered in this report and much more. After just 1 month the results were astounding every single student in the group was trading successfully. 2 month later some students were at a point where they would be confident in trading full time for a living. Others were happy just using forex trading as a second income. After the success of my small group of traders I was happy and content that my theory was correct. But the word got out and it wasn’t long before I began receiving a steady flow of request to start another trading group. This posed a problem for me, although I had enjoyed teaching the group to trade It took up a huge amount of my time. After much consideration I decided to set about creating a home study course, in the course I put everything I had taught the first group of traders this way more people could benefit from my methods. It took months of hard work creating step by step video tutorials and manuals. The course became known as the L.M.T Forex Formula. 12
  13. 13. “L.M.T Forex Formula” Release Date: Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 Finally! After allot of hard work in the creation and months of testing with a select group of individuals. I am about to release a limited number of copies of the L.M.T Forex Formula to the world on Tuesday, 19th May 2009. This revolutionary on-line home study course reveals the exact long term trend following system I have designed and used for years to consistently take profits out of the forex market while only checking my charts for less than 15 minutes each evening. I have already proven that anyone can do this! The L.M.T Forex Formula methods have been tested on a select group of individuals who were struggling with their trading. Now two months later they are quietly taking money out of the forex markets consistently and with ease. I hope to see you in my next group of successful traders! 13