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Personality Development


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  • 1. Personality Development
    an unbroken series of successful gestures…
  • 2. What is Personality ?
    “The integration of those systems or habits that represent an individual’s characteristic adjustments to the environment.”
    "The way in which the person does such things as remembering, thinking or loving."
  • 3. Self Confidence
    Concentrate your goals & Time Mgmt.
    Organize your mind
    Be loyal &
    Strike a balance in life
    Essentials to achieve good Personality
    Control your fear & worries
    Try to like other people
    Avoid indecisiveness
    Try to look good
    Feel accomplishments
    and analyze your mistakes
  • 4. Self Confidence
    • Great Mantra for powerful personality
    • 5. Have a firm faith, determination & confidence
    • 6. Nothing can stop you from stepping the stairs of success.
    “Theycan't hurt you unless you let them.”
  • 7. Organize your mind
    • Organizing the mind means taking the charge of your
    • 8. Thoughts
    • 9. Emotions
    • 10. Imagination
    • 11. Controlling the reactions
    • 12. Systematic
    “The way you think is the way you live”
  • 13. Be Loyal & Honest
    • Be loyal, honest and truthful
    • 14. By being mean you can’t get anything
    • 15. There is no short cut to success
    • 16. Be successful only by being honest
    “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”
  • 17. Try to like other people
    • Try to give attention to other people
    • 18. Be a good listener, listen to them politely
    • 19. Always give honest and sincere replies
    • 20. Never boost of yourself
    • 21. Make other person feel that he/she is important
    “The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.”
  • 22. Avoid Indecisiveness
    • Be independent
    • 23. Don’t let indecision as hurdle that may cause failure
    • 24. Future leads to regretful conditions
    “Indecision is the thief of opportunity.”
  • 25. Feel accomplishments
    & Analyze your mistakes
    • Analyze your mistakes and learn a lesson from them
    • 26. Your confidence and self esteem should not get lowby the fear of failure
    • 27. Achieve some goal, give yourself a reward
    • 28. Be a true friend of yourself
    • 29. Try to find and recognize your weaknesses
    “Hope is a desire with an expectation of accomplishment.”
  • 30. Try to Look Good
    • First impression is the last impression–so look good
    • 31. Maintain the right posture of your body
    • 32. Sit and stand straight
    • 33. Go for some change
    “Attractiveness and magnetism of man's personality is the result of his inner radiance.”
  • 34. Control your Fear & Worries
    • Conquer your fears and worries, stress and anxiety
    • 35. Think of new ideas and solutions
    • 36. Keep yourself as busy as you can
    • 37. Prepare yourself for the unexpected
    “Only when we are no longer afraid we begin to live”
  • 38. Strike a Balance in Life
    • Maintain a balance in your life for harmony and happiness
    • 39. Don’t bring office work at home
    • 40. Be determined to give your 100%
    • 41. Spend your time with people who have positive attitude towards life
    “Balance. The Ultimate Goal.”
  • 42. Concentrate your goals & Time Mgmt.
    • Be focused and concentrate on your goals
    • 43. Avoid all the distractions
    • 44. Proper time management improves your efficiency
    • 45. Maintain a planner and make a to-do list for every day.
    “Time in its aging course teaches all things”
  • 46. Instructions to bring about a desired change in your personality
    Take a look at your image in the mirror. Just say “What a great creation!”
    Maintain a cheerful disposition all the while you can. A smile can go miles. There is also a scientific reason behind this fact. While a smile requires only 17 muscles, a frown uses 43 muscles.
    3. Try to stay busy in activities that could enhance your personality. Participate in speeches, debates to improve your communication skills. Games like chess can enhance your foresight and spatial abilities.
  • 47. Contd…..
    4. Play games on a regular basis to have a fit physique
    5. Take the help of professionals who can do a make-over
    “Smile comes easy and spreads about positive vibes”
  • 48. Thank you