2012 annual meeting power point(2)


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2012 annual meeting power point(2)

  1. 1. 2012 Annual Webinar Meeting
  2. 2. NASHwishes to extend our thanks to for sponsoring our Annual Webinar Meeting! On the web at www.WholeHealthNow.com
  3. 3. WELCOME!From your NASH Board and Committee Heads Back: Myra Nissan, Tanya Kell, Manfred Mueller, Carleen Johnson, Julie Mann Front: Kate Birch (Intl. Committee), Debi Hayes (AH Editor), Laura Sholtz
  4. 4. Manfred Mueller NASH President THE NASH VISION To legitimize, promote and protect the 200 year old profession of non-physician homeopaths. To unite homeopaths in North America to preserve our right to practice our healing art. – Recruit more homeopaths into NASH. – Help form local and state homeopathic societies with support and guidelines. To represent, promote and lobby on behalf of our profession in all provinces, territories and states – Support Health Freedom legislation in all states To uphold the highest standards and competencies for our profession – Work with all homeopathic associations to finalize a uniform document. To sponsor a mutual member support system consisting of a practitioner directory, journal, continuing education, mentorship, practice resources and much more.
  5. 5. Manfred Mueller NASH President What’s Happening in the Homeopathic Community?Organization Actions CommentsHAA: Homeopathic Overseeing the development of the Currently, ACHENA has taken the lead onAction Alliance homeopathic Standards and Practices revising the document. Unfortunately, the document. changes to the document include commentary that deviate from the original purpose agreed upon by HAA participants.CHC: Council for Pursuing National Commission for This process will be beneficial to the CHC inHomeopathic Certifying Agencies (NCAA) and ICE its professional organization andCertification accreditation for the CCH management, but the ultimate goal is government regulation which is wrought with problems for our profession.Formerly CHE: Currently seeking US Dept of This a long and costly process whichACHENA - Education recognition ultimately only makes sense if we areAccreditation seeking licensing under state law. MostCommission for schools cannot meet the currentHomeopathic requirements, so letting the governmentEducation in North determine our school requirements willAmerica. make it even less attainable.
  6. 6. Tanya Kell NASH Vice President HEALTH FREEDOMHealth Freedom Laws Passed to Date:• 2009 New Mexico Enacted the Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act• 2008 Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 32-2911 Amended• 2005 Louisiana Revised Statutes 20-37 VI-B• 2003 Rhode Island Statute 23-75 - Unlicensed Health Care Practices• 2001 California SB577 - California Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners• 1999 Minnesota Statute 146A - Minnesota Freedom of Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners• 1994 - Oklahoma Statute 59-480 (Oklahoma Parameters for Jurisdiction of Physician Licensing Act) - Oklahoma Allopathic and Surgical Licensure and Supervision Act.• 1976 - Idaho 54-1804 (Idaho Exemptions to the Medical Practice Act) - Unlicensed Practice. Penalties and Remedies Relating to Unlicensed Practice
  7. 7. Tanya Kell NASH Vice President LICENSURE VS CERTIFICATIONCredential Recipient Credentialing Body Participation Association/AgencyCertification Individual Voluntary CHCLicensure/State Involuntary/ Individual Government AgencyCertification Required Institution or Association/AgencyAccreditation Voluntary Program ACHENA
  8. 8. Tanya Kell NASH Vice PresidentWHAT’S HAPPENING IN CANADA? • Ontario Regulation • NASH’s continuing role
  9. 9. Myra Nissen NASH Treasurer NASH FINANCIAL REPORT The 2011 Financial Report and 2012 year to date has been sent out to all members with the agenda.On the Bright Side The other side..• Staying on track and on budget. • Economy still in crunch.• Membership is up. • Interest rates continue to be low.• Hired a bookkeeper. • Unstableness of economy restricts• New website to better serve members. spending.• Looking forward to online sales of AH• Expenditure reductions where possible.
  10. 10. Myra Nissen NASH Treasurer DEFENSE FUND This fund was created in 1995 to benefit registered members who encounter legal problems in their practice of homeopathy. $50 from every registered membership is put in the Defense Fund yearly. As of December 31, 2011, we have a total of $78,876.38. At the end of 2012, we expect to add an estimated $8,750. The fund offers a grant of $250 for seed money to any state organization who is pursuing health freedom.
  11. 11. Laura Sholtz NASH RegistrarWELCOME NEW NASH MEMBERS!2011: 2012:Susan Kramer - Georgia Nadya Dhanani - GeorgiaSwapna Vemuri - New Jersey David Shapley – TexasBindu Vindujay - Pennsylvania Iffath Sultana - ConnecticutJeffrey L Prickett - Utah Vatsala Sperling - VermontDawn Benett - Minnesota Dan Horvath - ArizonaLori Foley - Minnesota Jackie Krammer - MinnesotaWendy Johnson - Minnesota Casey Kristofferson-Littlejohn – No CarolinaAndrea Kraft - Virginia Marti Yokiel - MinnesotaSu Sandon - Minnesota Ashwini Janardhan - CaliforniaVictoria Young - Colorado Sandra Jones - Minnesota Judith Trojnar - Pennsylvania Anne Johnston Smith - Minnesota Kanyakumari Rudrangi - Michigan Vani Sistla - North Carolina
  12. 12. Laura Sholtz NASH Registrar NASH MEMBERS2011: 2012 to date:Registered: 166 Registered: 173Associate: 116 Associate: 122Student: 74 Students: 84Schools: 13 Schools: 14Friends: 6 Friends: 6
  13. 13. Laura Sholtz NASH Registrar NASH BOOK REVIEWS The NASH website is always looking for good bookreviews. If you have read a homeopathic book that isworthy of sharing, please send your review to: NASHBookReviewEditor@gmail.com The whole community thanks you!
  14. 14. Carleen Johnson NASH Secretary CODE OF ETHICS• All registered members will be sent the revised code of ethics for vote approval.• The changes were in regard to the use of appropriate terminology for: • the people that we serve (clients vs. patients) • for the notes that we make about our clients (personal consultation notes vs. medical records).• Updating the appendices to reflect these changes in terminology.
  15. 15. Carleen Johnson NASH Secretary Continuing Education Units Changes20 CEU’s are required per year for 2013 and 201425 CEU’s are required per year starting 2015Activities constituting potential CEU’s -1. Attendance at a homeopathic conference or seminar – 1 hour equals 1 CEU2. Postgraduate homeopathic training – 1 hour equals 1 CEU3. Homeopathic teaching (at a school/college or study group) – 1 hour equals 2 CEU’s4. Homeopathic Conference or Seminar Presentation – 1 hour equals 4 CEU’s5. Supervising or mentoring a homeopath or homeopathic student – 1 hour equals 4 CEU’s6. Published review (at least 400 words) of a homeopathic book/seminar etc. – equals 2 CEU’s7. Published review (at least 800 words) of a homeopathic book/seminar etc. – equals 4 CEU’s8. Published article in a professional journal (at least 3000 words) – equals 8 CEU’s9. Published homeopathic book/manual etc. – equals up to 20 CEU’s10. Conducting or supervising a proving – equals up to 20 CEU’s11. Homeopathic research – equals up to 20 CEU’s12. Volunteering (i.e. at NASH) to enhance homeopathic education and outreach – 1 hour equals 1CEU
  16. 16. Carleen Johnson NASH SecretaryStudent Liaison CommitteeMission: The Student Liaison Program will create a bridgebetween NASH and students of homeopathy.Goal: To involve homeopathic schools as members of NASH,allowing their student representatives to dialogue with NASHand among themselves about issues affecting thehomeopathic profession.
  17. 17. Carleen Johnson NASH SecretarySchool Liaison CommitteeHomeopathy School InternationalInstitute of Classical Homoeopathy (ICH)Los Angeles School of Homeopathy (LASH)The British Institute of HomeopathyNorthwestern Academy of Homeopathy (NAH)The School of Homeopathy and Alternative TrainingAcademy of Classical HomeopathyTeleosis Homeopathic Collaborative, LLCNashville School of HomeopathyCanadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM)Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy Resonance School of HomeopathyCentre For Homeopathic Education New York Evolution of Self/Soul School of Homeopathy(ESSH)
  18. 18. Julie Mann NASH Foundation Chairperson NASH FOUNDATIONThe NASH FOUNDATION was incorporated in Colorado in 1999 as a non profit charitable corporation dedicated to education, research and publications to support and enhance the profession of homeopathy. Activities of the organization include but are not limited to: ◦ Sponsoring workshops, seminars and conferences in homeopathic education ◦ Publishing educational and scientific materials relating to homeopathy ◦ Funding research projects involved with homeopathy ◦ Funding special projects that enhance and expand the awareness of the profession of homeopathy
  19. 19. Julie MannNASH Foundation Chairperson CURRENT PROJECTS •AMERICAN HOMEOPATH Journal •Editor: Debi Hayes, RsHom (NA) •Saving A Lost Generation (fiscal sponsor) •Project Leader: Carol Boyce RsHom (NA) •Savingalostgeneration.com
  20. 20. Julie MannNASH Foundation Chairperson IDEAS FOR FUTURE • Co-sponsoring conferences • Supporting the creation of local and state associations • More support for the journal • Fundraising/grant writing • Case submission clinical studies • Student Scholarships • Grants for RSHoms for research • Your ideas?
  21. 21. A BIG THANK YOU and LOTS OF LOVE to our amazing Executive Director Liz Bonfig nashinfo@homeopathy.org
  22. 22. Questionsfrom the membership