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Competitive Analysis
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Competitive Analysis


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Class Project- Objective to research company and market share with recommedations

Class Project- Objective to research company and market share with recommedations

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  • 1. The use of this photo is to illustrate the history of Crown. They began by their invention of the bottle cap in 1892
    Prepared by Marjorie Wachowiak
    Franklin University Masters Program
    MCM Metrics and Analytics
  • 2. Who is Crown ?
    Manufacturing leader of metal consumer packaging
    Global industrial platform, 139 factories in 41 countries
    Leader in technology for metal packaging
    75% of sales outside USA
    Brand building part of Culture as illustrated in the logo
  • 3. Crown is
    • #1 producer of food and aerosol cans
    • 4. #2 producer of metal vacuum closures.
    • 5. #3 producer of beverage cans in the world
  • What is the Market Segment?
    Manufacture and/or distribute packaging products for the consumer goods market
    Primary product material- aluminum and steel packaging
    Primary-Metal cans for food and beverage market
    Closures,caps and crowns for food and beverage market
    Consumers responding to more emotional experiences through packaging
  • 6. Who are the Customers?Primarily Food and Beverage suppliers to consumer goods market
    SC Johnson
    Proctor and Gamble
  • 7. Growth Potential
    Growth anticipated to be 4% between 2009 -2013
    Key areas of growth will be come from consumer convenience packaging
    As emerging countries economies grow, the demand for consumer packaging grows in theses countries
    Beverage can segment fastest growing segment in emerging countries
    High end brand growth in specialty packaging, consumers are willing to pay higher prices for enhanced experiences
    Technological advances in design, shape, print techniques and closures are offering increased value to the consumer
    Metal packaging remains the most effective packaging solution assuring safe and plentiful food supply
    Metal is the most recyclable material, consumers demand for sustainability solutions continues to increase
  • 8. Who is the Competition?
  • 9. Competitive Financial Review
    The maturity of the consumer packaging business in the US and European markets reflect volatility in the past three year performances. A much deeper look needs to be taken to fully understand the competitive market. See next two charts.
  • 10. Where Product is Produced
    Rexam is most competitive globally, Ball is working on partnerships in Southeast China which is not reflected in these numbers.
  • 11. Segment Comparisons
    Crown diversified in 2006 to exclusively metal
  • 12. Competitive Analysis
    Highly competitive market
    Innovation is critical to each company. Silgan approach concentrated in food and is focused on upscale growth. Balls approach involves technology and partnerships in foreign countries. Rexam and Crown continue to be the most mainstream and the most aggressive in global growth
    North America and European markets are mature
    The emerging markets are where the growth will come in the future. Currently only Rexam and Crown are aggressively pursing
    Rexam is restructuring the business, focusing on growth in emerging countries vs. Russia. This is impacting bottom line results in 2009
  • 13. Why Crown?
    Global Leader
    Enhancing the consumers experience
  • 14. InnovationMaximize Brand Impact with advanced technology and distinctive design
    High End Selling
  • 15. Crowns Globalization
    Geographically diverse business with leadership in fastest growing regions
    Globalization strategy implemented in 2001
    Continuous investments in specialized assets of manufacturing steel products
  • 16. Global Breakdown
    Geographically diverse business with leadership in fastest growing regions
    Globalization strategy implemented in 2001
    Continuous investments in specialized assets of manufacturing steel products
  • 17. Why is sustainable important?
    Preserves natural resources
    Reduce the amount of energy, water and other resources associated with production
    Reduce associated emissions that occur through production
    Respect for the environment and the future of generations to come
  • 18. Sustainability at Crown
    Materials used by Crown can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality
    Recycling of aluminum takes only 5% of the energy to reproduce, steel only 25% to reproduce
    Development of unique packaging and kighter weight creating effiecienes in shipping
    Metal cans preserve food and beverages, requiring less waste
    Unique geometry of Crowns patented SuperEnd reduces metal use by 10%
    Continued R&D focus on sustainability
  • 19. Crown is committed to continuous improvements in product design and manufacturing to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environment both now and into the future.
  • 20. Enhanced Consumer Experience
  • 21. Why Crown Now?
    The longterm globalization strategy that began in 2001 has positioned Crown to to become the dominant leader in the emerging countries
    As the emerging countries economies grow, so will will their sophistication in demand for product packaging
    The elimination of the plastics business in 2006 allows Crown to become the metal packaging expert. Focus in research, development and production, in one segment, will enhance Crowns importance to their customers
  • 22. Crown Strategylongterm execution began in 2001
    Continue capital expenditure investments in emerging markets
    Expand capacity to meet new demands globally
    Realign production to meet emerging countries demands and growth in sophistication
    Diversification of product offerings within steel packaging
    Meet customers changing needs
    Support multi national and regional customers
    Remain a leader in sustainability research and development
  • 23. What Crown must continue to do?
    Consumer Focused, be aware never lose sight of changes in lifestyle that will drive changes in demand
    Customer, stay committed to helping them build their brands. Their success is Crowns success
    Competition, Rexam is aggressive and will bounce back watch their production in Mexico and any other new countries. Ball is an industry leader be aware of their developments in non metal category and apply learning's to metal. Silgan is ahead addressing the high end specialty market, watch them carefully innovations in customer experiences.
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