Worlds Top ten Paints Companies 2011 Annual ReportPublished WPCIA January 4, 2012 WashingtonSluggish economic environment,...
revolutionary elastic touch interior wall paint consists of diamond coatings company successfullydeveloped, will bring hug...
5. BASF (GER.) $ 4.62 billion6. RPM Inc (U.S.) $ 3.85 billion7. Diamond Paints (U.S.) www.diamo...
Coatings sales: $ 17.25 billionNumber of employees: 56,600Coatings Sales: 1.872 billion litersGeographic Sales: Europe 32%...
2011-12-07 AkzoNobel Launches New Styling PolymerDemand is growing for styling polymers that are high-performing as well a...
Phone: +1 412 434 3131Fax: +1 412 434 2125Website: www.ppg.comThe main information 2011:Coatings sales: $ 13.60 billionNum...
Colpisa Colombiana de Pinturas, a privately-owned Colombian coatings company, and itsaffiliates, including Colpisa Ecuador...
Company Profile:Founded in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacture,development, distribut...
The Sherwin-Williams Company announced it has been awarded the Presidential GreenChemistry Challenge Award on July 12, 201...
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  1. 1. Worlds Top ten Paints Companies 2011 Annual ReportPublished WPCIA January 4, 2012 WashingtonSluggish economic environment, the global coatings market in 2011 still reached $ 106.7 billion,a number of reasons may be attributed to this growth, including increased demand for industrialand building up and developing the automotive industry. U.S. and European markets are alsoexpected to mature in the next few years, an increase due to increase technical and productdevelopment, the unique formula and a favorable regulatory environment.Paint industry in most parts of the world can be called a mature industry, its growth depends onmany factors, the level of economic activity, such as and construction (the main users of paintsand coatings) state. Developing economies of the industrial growth is the main driver of growthin the coatings industry. Availability of cheap labor and abundant resources of the entire AsiaPacific region and Latin America and the production of these companies set up businesspremises. However, it is undeniable that continued demand from developed countries to helppaint the overall market expansion.U.S. and European markets are also expected to mature in the next few years, an increase due toincrease technical and product development, the unique formula and a favorable regulatoryenvironment, look at the year 2011 the global coatings market, global industry analysts said,North America accounted for 20% of the global coatings sales in the United States aloneaccounted for 17% of the world, but paint production in the Asia-Pacific is considered to be thesource of growth, accounting for 44% of the world. With the coatings market in North Americaand Western Europe more or less similar rate year on year in, OEM and industrial coatingsindustry will continue to work in a difficult environment. However, these industries by focusingon value added, technology and environment-friendly features in these stagnant market growth tobe optimistic.Sales in 2011 the global coating North Latin Region Asia-Pacific Europe Other Total America America Output (Million 1557.6 849.6 601.8 318.6 212.4 3540 Million tons) 44% 24% 17% 9% 6% tons Scale (%) Output value $394.79 $320.1 $213.4 $74.69 $64.02 (Billion) 1067 Billion 37% 30% 20% 7% 6% Scale (%)Paint the future is likely to focus on the development of new coating systems, allowing effectiveuse of new materials. Research and development (R & D) is the next frontier, As the worlds first
  2. 2. revolutionary elastic touch interior wall paint consists of diamond coatings company successfullydeveloped, will bring huge impact to the traditional wallpaper industry. Complete OEM andindustrial coatings industry, mainly in design, color and styling for special attention.Manufacturers are more and more development will be different from competitors, creatingniche products for customer confidence in paint products. Nanotechnology is not yet fullyexplored many of the paint manufacturer. This technology has a lot of commitment and a varietyof reasons has increasingly become a focus of attention.From the high-growth markets including China, India, Indonesia and other leaders of theprogress of the Asia-Pacific regions largest regional market stands tall. Europe and the UnitedStates close behind as the worlds other major paint market. Asian markets are also expected inother parts of the worlds fastest rising ahead of the overall increase to the 4.2% annual growth.Product group, architectural coatings is clear market leader, accounting for about 51% of allpaint sales volume and 44% of sales, on the other hand, the rapid growth of some products,especially the functional coating is expected to be recorded during the analysis of 2.8 percentcompound annual growth rate.——Sales growth is expected to accelerate the expected compound annual growth rate of 6.5percent, five-year period 2011 2016 -, which is expected to drive the market value of $ 142.4billion, to the end of 2016.——Decorative paint coating composition of the worlds largest segment, accounting for about51% of all paint sales volume and 44% of sales.Classification of production in 2011 global coatings Classification Building Industry Package Transportation Other Total Paint(Million 1805.4 1097.4 106.2 460.2 70.8 3540(Million tons) 51% 31% 3% 13% 2% tons) Scale (%)2011 WORLDS TOP TEN PAINT BRANDS:1. AKZONOBEL (NED) $ 17.25 billion2. PPG Industries (U.S.) $ 13.60 billion3. Sherwin-Williams (U.S.) $ 7.57 billion4. DUPONT (U.S.) $ 5.12 billion
  3. 3. 5. BASF (GER.) $ 4.62 billion6. RPM Inc (U.S.) $ 3.85 billion7. Diamond Paints (U.S.) $ 3.54 billion8. SACAL (U.K.) $ 3.35 billion9. VALSPAR (U.S.) $ 3.31 billion10. Nippon Paint (JPN) $ 2.84 billion1.AKZONOBELCompany Profile:Akzo Nobel NV (AKZA), the world’s biggest paint maker and and a major producer of specialtychemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and arepassionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers. Our portfolio includes wellknown brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, theNetherlands, we are a Global Fortune 500 company and are consistently ranked as one of theleaders in the area of sustainability. With operations in more than 80 countries, our 55,000people around the world are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow’s AnswersToday.Netherlands, AmsterdamPO Box 9300Tel: +31 263664433Fax: +31 263663250Website: www.akzonobel.comThe main information 2011:
  4. 4. Coatings sales: $ 17.25 billionNumber of employees: 56,600Coatings Sales: 1.872 billion litersGeographic Sales: Europe 32%,Americas 31%,Asia Pacific33%,4% in other regionsBoard member:Hans Wijers: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of ManagementKeith Nichols: Chief Financial OfficerLeif Darner: Board member responsible for Performance CoatingsTex Gunning: Board member responsible for Decorative PaintsRob Frohn: Board member responsible for Specialty ChemicalsFocus on the development:- Mainly in emerging markets and Asia-Pacific region reached 70% of U.S. sales.-ROS steady at 8% return on investment rate to 22.5%.-Decorative coatings, including powder and specialty industrial coatings, automotive refinish,marine conservation and aerospace coatings.-€ 45 million investment to add new Ningbo plant, expected to be completed mid-2014.-Striving to 2015 sales in China reached 200 billion yuan (about $ 3 billion).Market Positioning:Top 3 in Europe: decorative paint, repair paint, powder coatingThe worlds best-selling paint: powder coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, marine protectivecoatings, aerospace coatings.European markets selling paint: decorative coatingAsia-Pacific market and the North American market selling coatings: decorative paints, woodcoatingsSummary:Nobel Management Committee (ExCo) on January 1, 2011 established Akzo the Commissionentered into a detailed three-year plan to improve corporate performance and the achievement ofthe completion of an additional € 500 million EBITDA target. The plan includes 20 master plan,involving more than 100 detailed initiatives, covering areas,such as: supply chain andprocurement, research and development, financial shared services, information management andhuman resources.Dec 2nd,2011,Completing an acquisition that was first announced earlier this year,AkzoNobel has purchased the coatings business of the South Korean company SSCP. SSCPsupplies coatings to the consumer electronics industry. According to AkzoNobel, the deal, whichalso included the acquisition of the German-based company Schramm — a manufacturer ofcoatings for plastics, metals, electrical insulation, and aluminum of which SSCP was a 70percent shareholder enables it to strengthen its position in the specialty plastic coatings market.
  5. 5. 2011-12-07 AkzoNobel Launches New Styling PolymerDemand is growing for styling polymers that are high-performing as well as moreenvironmentally sustainable. According to the company, Biostyle CGP polymer is more than50% natural in its composition.October 12, 2011 Akzo Nobel, with its excellent case for sustainable development "Sustainablewater management system", with 11 other outstanding companies jointly won the well-knownbusiness newspaper - "Economic Observer" was awarded the "2011 Sustainable development inChina - outstanding case Award. "It can be seen Akzo Nobel in Chinas future development isbright.June 10, 2011 Akzo Nobel Supervisory Board announced that CEO, Mr. Wei Sihan in 2012 thecompanys annual shareholders meeting on the occasion to leave the company. Meanwhile, theSupervisory Board also announced that the company in 2012 after shareholders approved, willBorui Tong (Ton Büchner) will take over the post. Mr. Bo Ruitong currently listed on the Swissmultinational, president and CEO of Sulzer. What will bring to the Akzo Nobel how kind offuture?AkzoNobel has awarded the plant Service First Applicator status - one of just forty suchaccreditations in the entire country of England in November. AkzoNobel Automotive andAerospace Coatings (A&AC) has been selected as a preferred supplier by Toyota Motor Europe."There are huge opportunities for us to compete directly in local and regional markets. Bydelivering a consistent brand image around the world, we can increase our global scale andestablish more leadership positions," said Tex Gunning, AkzoNobel executive committeemember responsible for decorative paints.Through these research data shows that in 2011, AkzoNobel made these remarkableachievements are inevitable, outlook 2012, AkzoNobel is confident people, they paint the worldstop ten brands in the top position no one can shake the short term.2.PPGCompany Profile:PPG Industries’ vision is to continue to be the world’s leading coatings and specialty productscompany. Founded in 1883, the company serves customers in industrial, transportation,consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets. With headquarters in Pittsburgh,The company has more than 140 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates and operates inmore than 60 countries.United States, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15272
  6. 6. Phone: +1 412 434 3131Fax: +1 412 434 2125Website: www.ppg.comThe main information 2011:Coatings sales: $ 13.60 billionNumber of employees: 40,800Coatings Sales: 1.593 billion litersGeographic Sales: Europe 23%,Americas 61%,Asia Pacific 11%,5% in other regions.Board Members:Charles E. Bunch: Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerJ. Rich Alexander: Executive Vice President Performance CoatingsPierre-Marie De Leener: Executive Vice President, Architectural Coatings - EMEA, andPresident, PPG EuropeGlenn E. Bost II: Senior Vice President and General CounselRobert J. Dellinger: Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer.Focus on the development:- Major expansion of emerging markets in Asia Pacific high-performance coatings andarchitectural coatings- Ensure high performance coatings, including automotive paints, industrial coatings, includingmarine protection and aerospace coatings market in Europe and North America, steady growth.-America increased steadily.-A customers preferred supplier-Annual growth rate of earnings per share of 10%-Return on capital (ROC) to achieve an average 15%-Achieve 30% of sales come from products listed no more than four years-Each employees average annual growth of at least 5% of output.Market Positioning:Europe: automotive coatings and other industrial coatingsNorth America: automotive coatings, aerospace coatings and architectural coatings.Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings, industrial coatings.Summary:PPG Industries, Inc. (PPG) is a producer and supplier of protective and decorative coatings,optical and speciality materials, commodity chemicals, and glass. It operates in six businesssegments: performance coatings; industrial coatings; architectural coatings-Europe, Middle Eastand Africa; optical and specialty materials; commodity chemicals and glass.PPG Industries, through its subsidiary PPG Colombia, has purchased the coatings businesses of
  7. 7. Colpisa Colombiana de Pinturas, a privately-owned Colombian coatings company, and itsaffiliates, including Colpisa Ecuador. The transaction is expected to close no later than the end ofthe first quarter 2012.PPG Industries Inc. CEO Charles E. Bunch told analysts in New York on Monday that thecoatings industry has shown solid growth coming out of the recession and Pittsburgh-based PPGhas benefited.According to Outcalt, by acquiring Colpisa, PPG will become one of the leading providers of afull line of automotive refinish products in Colombia with the ability to grow and serve localcustomers through an established distribution network. According to Knavish, PPG wouldbecome the only major global coatings supplier with a direct automotive OEM manufacturingpresence in Colombia."As an automotive refinish coatings leader, we are pleased to add Colpisas automotive refinishbusiness to our global portfolio," said John Outcalt, PPG vice president, global automotiverefinish. "This acquisition is further evidence of PPGs commitment to grow our coatingspresence in Latin America."PPG currently has no manufacturing sites in Colombia or Ecuador, but does supply protectiveand marine coatings to the region, in addition to its technology and distribution relationship withColpisa.“PPG is strongly committed to supporting the communities where its employees work and live,especially through educational programs focusing on science, technology and math,” said JohnGauthier, plant manager for the Mount Zion glass manufacturing facility. “We are proud tocontinue our decades-long relationship with Millikin University by helping to enrich this uniqueprogram for girls. Some of our female employees are hoping to serve as mentors or speakers forfuture camp sessions, which will offer an exciting opportunity to grow this relationship further.”Currently PPG Industries’ aerospace business has named Mark Cancilla global platform directorfor coatings. As global platform director for coatings, Cancilla succeeds Brian Roberson, whohas relocated to join PPG’s architectural coatings business in Australia. Brent Wright has beennamed global platform director for transparencies, succeeding Cancilla.“Our outlook for global economic conditions in 2012 includes growth in global industrialactivity, including increased global automotive OEM industry production, and we believe globalgrowth rates in the coatings industry will outpace gross domestic product,” Bunch said. “Weexpect that lower natural gas costs will continue to be a benefit to PPG in 2012. We alsoanticipate a continued slow recovery in the developed regions in residential and non-residentialconstruction markets, and that uncertainty in the European region will result in subpar growththere.”3.Sherwin-Williams
  8. 8. Company Profile:Founded in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacture,development, distribution, and sale of coatings and related products to professional, industrial,commercial, and retail customers. The company manufactures products under well-knownbrands such as Sherwin-Williams®, Dutch Boy®, Krylon®, Minwax®, Thompson’s® WaterSeal®, and many more. With global headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin-Williams®branded products are sold exclusively through a chain of more than 3,500 company-operatedstores and facilities, while the company’s other brands are sold through leading massmerchandisers, home centers, independent paint dealers, hardware stores, automotive retailers,and industrial distributors. The Sherwin-Williams Global Finishes Group distributes a widerange of products in more than 70 countries around the world.United States, Cleveland, OhioTel: +1 800 5245979Fax: +1 800 4343131Website: www.sherwin-williams.comThe main information 2011:Coatings sales: $ 7.57 billionNumber of employees: 31200Coatings Sales: 0.824 billion litersGeographic Sales: Europe 26%, Americas 23%,Asia Pacific 47%, 4% in other regionsBoard Members:Christopher M. Connor:Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerJohn G. Morikis: President and Chief Operating OfficerSean P. Hennessy: Senior Vice President - Finance and Chief Financial OfficerArthur F. Anton: President and Chief Executive Officer Swagelok CompanyRichard K. Smucker: Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer The J. M. SmuckerCompanyFocus on the development:- Key emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region continued to grow sales of architecturalcoatings- Car paint, industrial coatings in Europe and North America increased steadily.Market Positioning:Europe: Automotive CoatingsNorth America: automotive coatings, architectural coatingsAsia-Pacific market: architectural coatingsSummary:
  9. 9. The Sherwin-Williams Company announced it has been awarded the Presidential GreenChemistry Challenge Award on July 12, 2011. The award from the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency, (EPA) on behalf of the White House, recognizes Sherwin-Williamsinnovative new paint formulation, utilizing soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles (PET) in thesubstantial reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC).2011, Sherwin-Williams awarded the grant to Orlando’s Intervention Services Inc., anorganization committed to helping foster children become independent, productive citizens. Theprogram helps prevent homelessness and unemployment for youth who have reached their 18thbirthday and have thus aged out of the foster care system.Through this charity, so that the pace of long-term development Sherwin firm.Sherwin-Williams has launched the industry’s first static control water-based epoxy floor coatingsystem on October 7, 2011. The innovative General Polymers 3425E Static Control Water-BasedEpoxy Coating and 3424 Conductive Water-Based Epoxy Primer, developed by the company’sProtective and Marine Coatings business, offer better performance and environmental attributescompared to conductive solvent-based epoxy coating systems . It can be seen Sherwin isstanding to next now.In the same year , The Sherwin-Williams Co. has purchased U.K.-based Leighs Paints. LeighsPaints manufactures a comprehensive line of intumescent passive fire protection products for thehydrocarbon market.With the acquisition, Sherwin-Williams gains a team of structural engineers who specialize infire science and assist project owners and engineers with specification and compliance.Leighs Paints’ sales and technical support centers are located in the U.K., Canada, India,Germany and United Arab Emirates. Products are currently distributed across 47 countriesworldwide.About Sherwin-house news : Sherwin-Williams announced the election of Brian Skerry, Ph.D.,Global Technical Director, Protective and Marine Coatings, to a four-year term on the Board ofGovernors of The Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC). The SSPC is a leading nonprofit,member-based trade organization that issues industry standards and provides resources,certifications and training for protective coatings professionals.“I’m honored to have been chosen to serve on the SSPC Board of Governors,” said Skerry. “Ilook forward to helping the organization carry out its central role in providing education andinformation to protective coatings professionals.” Skerry brings to his board position nearly threedecades of experience in corrosion and coatings. He joined The Sherwin-Williams Co. in 1984,and since then, has held a series of research and technical management positions with increasinglevels of responsibility. He currently oversees global new product development,commercialization and technology innovation programs.Skerry has published 41 technical papers and received two Sherwin-Williams awards and sixcoatings industry technical publication awards as well as the National Association of CorrosionEngineers’ A.B. Campbell award. He has made more than 50 technical presentations in theUnited States, Europe, South America and Australasia. In addition, he has published 38 scientificpapers in publications that include Journal of Coatings Technology, Journal of ProtectiveCoatings & Linings, and Progress in Organic Coatings, among others.These are Sherwin - Williams has laid a solid foundation and look forward to a bright future in2012.