Soini - Designing Ui For Maemo 5

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Maemo Summit 2009 Presentation …

Maemo Summit 2009 Presentation

"Designing UI for the Maemo 5"
by Mox Soini

How to make the applications work together as an integrated whole?

This talk will discuss the UI Design of the Maemo 5 product as an "application portfolio". Design patterns as well as application specific designs are presented, and the reasoning for the design decisions.

Design of the pre-installed applications in the Maemo 5 product is discussed, highlighting the UI flows, common user experience solutions and power user features. Throughout the application walk-through, the structure and "look and feel" of the applications is categorized, resulting in a conceptual design tool for 3rd party application designers and developers.

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  • 1. Designing UI for Maemo 5 Mox Soini
  • 2. Design Process
  • 3. Goal What ideas are kept, What ideas are dropped
  • 4. Cannot extrapolate, it’s like hand-drawn curve
  • 5. Changes happen at varying speed
  • 6. Final result is often Unexpected
  • 7. Maemo 5
  • 8. Easily understandable with Soul Simple – not too neutral Positive surprises Clean Delights
  • 9. Reduced set of UI elements • The key in defining finger usability • The key in attaining UI consistency • Accelerate the design and development time (reduced complexity) • Avoiding customization where possible
  • 10. Compared to past • The UNIX philosophy – “do one thing and do it well". • Finger usage – Larger size of UI elements • Removal of focus • Avoid dimming • Only few menu items UP ED h N it EA w at! • No tabs in dialogs ’S CL ow ss f IT – N % le 50
  • 11. UI Flow
  • 12. Navigation Structure – Line
  • 13. Accounts Folders Messages Viewer Email
  • 14. Navigation Structure – Summary
  • 15. Music Video Summary Internet Radio Media Player
  • 16. Navigation Structure – T-Bone
  • 17. Month Week Event Agenda Calendar
  • 18. UI priorities Main views Viewing content Navigation via content View menus Manipulating content Edit dialogs Edit Mode Views Power use / shortcuts for content Multiple selection Context Sensitive Menus
  • 19. Viewing content Manipulating content Power use / shortcuts for content
  • 20. There’s NO app for that It’s a plugin!
  • 21. VOIP services IM services Sharing services Plugins Media filters Media formats OpenMax
  • 22. Contact list Profile Alarms Bluetooth 3G / Wlan networking Integration Metadata Location Music / Video File Choosers playing Camera
  • 23. Keep in mind • Simplicity • Focus on key use cases • Fluent and seamless • Not cramming all in the same place • Each view has it’s own purpose
  • 24. Thanks! Designing UI for Maemo 5 – Mox Soini Hildon 2.2 UI Style Guide Hildon 2.2 Widget UI Specification Fremantle Master Layout Guide