Success In Life Is Personal


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Success In Life Is Personal

  1. 1. Success In Life Is Personal
  2. 2. First things first. What is YOUR definition of "success"? What determines whether or not someone is successful in your eyes? For some people it is having a lot of money, for others it may be having the time freedom to play golf once a week, and for others it may be raising their children to be "good people" or having a large group of close friends. For every one of us, there is a different definition of what success is for others, and what success is for ourselves in our own lives. The more important of the two is how we measure success for ourselves, not for others. In order to have success in our own lives we must first define, within ourselves, what it IS to be successful and then set
  3. 3. our hearts and minds on achieving it. The basic foundation to attaining success is setting goals and when you achieve those goals, you have success.
  4. 4. How Can I Get Success in Life? To begin the journey toward achieving a life filled with success, consider the following strategies: Adopt a Positive Mindset - Too many of our daily thoughts are negative and self- defeating. While you can never truly remove all negative thoughts from your mindset, you can begin to consciously focus on positive thoughts versus negative. Work to become aware of your thoughts and when you come across a negative one, shift your thinking to something positive. In time, this conscious behavior will result in positive subconscious changes.Assume Responsibility - Avoid placing blame on others or circumstances for your position in life. Accept responsibility for your
  5. 5. actions. What we attract into our lives is a direct result of our mindset, our thoughts and our beliefs. Choose to think positive thoughts versus negative ones; shift your mindset to one of abundance and opportunity rather than failure and lack of opportunity and begin believing that you deserve as much success as the next person.
  6. 6. When deciding on the path in life you would like to pursue you must be true to yourself. Do not set goals for yourself that others place on you. Find what it is that you desire and go for it.Feeling successful brings it's rewards. It brings with it happiness, raised self esteem and confidence that when combined snowballs and makes success even sweeter.When starting out on your personal crusade of finding your own success there are many things you can do. The following are tried and tested techniques that can give you the winning edge.
  7. 7. Be it far from me to suggest that prayer does not work. But remember, the verse I quoted is from the Word of God. He is the one who says that lazy hands make a man or woman poor. All the praying in the world won't compensate for laziness.
  8. 8. Follow your dreams and build your foundations. You have dreams and these dreams are significant of what you want to accomplish in the near future. If you already have set up your goals, then you can definitely picture what your future is, now you need to build foundations, and these foundations should be strong enough to keep you going with no hesitations.Get out from your comfort zone. Those who aim to achieve the best of what they can be, should get out from their comfort zone. Whereas, to succeed in life you need to improve and grow, you would not be able to do this while you are in that crib. Get my point?
  9. 9. Some people are amazingly nave about life. They seem to think that success in life is happenstance. But this is an extremely competitive world in which we live. Even finding your so-called dream job these days is much harder than it used to be. Regardless of your aspirations, however, you can become a success in life. It's called being diligent: doing what's required to gain the competitive edge; never giving up; refusing to accept defeat; living a life of integrity.
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