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  • 1. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedFamily Travel Made Easy(well, easier)Summer Hull – Mommy PointsEdward Pizzarello – Pizza in Motion
  • 2. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWho Are We?
  • 3. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedMiles and Points Matter for Families• More people = more $$$• Staying connected to family• Tight budgets with daycare, groceries,doctor’s visits, diapers, and much more• Emergency trips• Showing our children the world
  • 4. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTravel Regularly (Almost) For Free• If you have good credit, and are willing todo a little work your family can travelfrequently almost for free.• You can travel in first or business class.• Stay in very nice hotels and/or suites.• Show your kids things that they otherwisewould just read in books or see in movies.
  • 5. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedPerhaps best of all, traveling withkids can be fun and pretty easy!
  • 6. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedFamily Travel Made Easy Agenda• Earning and Redeeming Miles and Points – FamilySpecific Issues• Elite Status & Families• Travel Logistics for Families• Planning the trip• Lap infants and infant fares• What to pack• Where to sit on the plane• How to survive the flight• Helpful Travel Gear• Q&A
  • 7. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedEarning & Redeeming Milesand Points for Families
  • 8. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedEarning A Lot of PointsFamilies need more miles and points thansingle travelers so we have to try harder andget the family involved.
  • 9. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedCredit Card Bonuses x 2Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility,and Disclosure Act of 2009 = problems forstay-at-home parents as of October 2011
  • 10. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedArizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana,Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington,and Wisconsin.
  • 11. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedOne Million Miles and Pointsin Three Years
  • 12. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedAvailability Issues and SchoolSchedules
  • 13. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTips for Availability• Start looking 11 months out• Consider different cabins or differentflights• Consider “off season” destinations• Combine revenue and award tickets• Fixed value points• Expert Flyer• Use award booking services
  • 14. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTips for AvailabilityGetting multiple business class seats on international flights can bevery tough. According to Gary Leff, who books tons of these awards:• Anywhere - Brussels (Newark, JFK, Chicago, Washington Dulles onUnited and Brussels Airlines)• New York JFK – Vienna on Austrian• American’s Asia flights (especially in first class)• LAN’s South America routes from Miami• Asiana especially Seattle – Seoul• Virgin Australia Los Angeles – Brisbane• Most Air France routes when using Air France KLM Flying Bluemiles (transferrable instantly from Amex Membership Rewards,but you pay fuel surcharges)• Saudi Arabian (seriously – a Delta partner, no fuel surcharges, andtons of business class space – and connections to places likeIndia)
  • 15. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedBook Something, then KeepLookingGet to know your airline change policies,and then you can book awards that willwork, but keep checking to try to improvethem.
  • 16. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedElite Status and Families
  • 17. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 18. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 19. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 20. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 21. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 22. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy Elite Status?
  • 23. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedAirline Elite Status• Most airline elite status starts at 25,000paid flown miles per year and goes upfrom there.• First class upgrades, preferred seats,early boarding, extra miles, betterservice, etc.• Not practical for everyone and somebenefits can come via airline credit cards.
  • 24. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedAirline Elite Status• Can leverage many benefits to otherfamily members.• AA up to 8 get preferred seats, free bags,etc.• United Platinums 8 get E+ seats• United status carries over on awards ifthe miles are booked from an eliteaccount
  • 25. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedHotel Elite Status• Free breakfast, late check-out, loungeaccess and upgrades are huge forfamilies• Mid-tier status can often be obtained bycredit cards or promos• Some top tier can be obtained viaspending on credit cards
  • 26. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedHotel Elite Status• Hilton Gold via Citi HHonors Visa gets youfree continental breakfast for two +possible lounge access + internet• Hyatt Platinum via Hyatt Card or UA ClubCard gets 2PM late check-out + internet• Club Carlson Gold via Club Carlson cardinternet + welcome gift
  • 27. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedHotel Elite StatusReally good stuff comes into play via top tierstatus such as Hyatt Diamond!Mattress runs can make sense if you areclose to the number of required stays.
  • 28. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTravel Logistics for Families
  • 29. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedPlanning the Trip• Be realistic and conservative.• Consider bringing grandparents or secondset of hands.• Choose flight times carefully and takesleep/feeding schedules into account.• Think about where the kiddo(s) will sleep.Do you need one room or two? Suite?• Where on the plane should you sit?• Car seats?
  • 30. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedPacking• Bring more than you think you need, butnot so much that you can’t carry it.• Focus on things that can’t easily beobtained where you are going.• Keep the baby things together in one placeas much as possible, and carry that bag on.• Checking bags is likely a necessity.• Decide what you will do about stroller andcar seat.
  • 31. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedCarry-on Bag• Snacks and drinks for the kiddos -especially for departure and landing.• Diapers, wipes, and more diapers.• Change of clothes.• Toys, DVD, iPad, movies, colors, stickers,etc.• Blanket and/or comfort item.• Extra bottle and formula.• Sense of humor and free drink coupons!
  • 32. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedGet kids to carryand pack theirown bags
  • 33. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedChecked Bag• Carry-on essentials for you, but your handswill already be full, so try and checkeverything that you do not really need• Take advantage of elite status or creditcards that provide free checked bags toavoid fees. (or fly Southwest!)• Use curbside checking or get help into theairport.• Use luggage carts.
  • 34. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedStrollers• Make life in the airport and destinationmuch easier, but some strollers arerequired to be checked.• American Airlines weight limit doesn’tallow Bob strollers to be gate checked.• Be ready for heavy lifting through security– especially if you are traveling alone.• Can rent strollers at some locations (likeDisney), so determine which way is easiestfor your family.
  • 35. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedIn the Airport• Can carry through some liquids forinfants/toddlers, but have to be tested.• Multiple bags may require multiple tests.• Easier if they are in bottles or sippy cups.• Under 12 yrs old can keep their shoes on.• Don’t hesitate to use a backpack/leash ifyou need to for safety reasons – especiallyif you are travelling alone.• Don’t get there late, but super early isn’tgood either
  • 36. In the Airport
  • 37. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedAirport Lounges• Having an airport lounge to go to can makethings much easier.• Snacks, drinks, nicer restrooms, agentsready to help with seats, rebooking, etc.• Most important are family rooms withdoors that shut and toys to play with (AA).• Can get day passes or annual member• United Club Card, Amex Platinum, 12passes for $33 via Executive Privileges Club
  • 38. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedLap Infant• Children under two are permitted as lapinfants, but whether or not that is a gooddeal depends on your family.• Safety issues during turbulence.• Limited space• Keep in mind the baby’s temperament –won’t know that until they are born.• Little C would have been a disaster as a lapinfant!
  • 39. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedLap Infant• Ask if there are any open seats if you havea lap infant.• 10% miles/fare + taxes internationally• Bring the birth certificate to prove age.• Have car seat available if you want to takeadvantage of complimentary seat.• Nursing covers• Once infants/toddlers become mobile at 9-12 months, it becomes much harder tomanage lap children.
  • 40. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedLap Infant• 10% of fee may mean lowest fare, orhighest fare for ticketed cabin.• Hang-up and call back• BA charges 10% miles + 10% YQ• Air Canada charges low flat fees• Etihad and Qatar 10% miles in economy• Virgin Atlantic 1,500 Miles for Upper Class,750 miles for Prem. Eco, 200 miles for Eco• Cathay is evil at 25% fare to/from US
  • 41. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhere to Sit on the Plane• Sitting together requires advancedplanning and/or on-board negotiations.• E+/Main Cabin Extra!!!!• First/Business if you can do it.• US Airways issue – don’t add baby until atthe airport.• If in a car seat, the kiddo can probably kickthe seat in front of them.
  • 42. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhere to Sit on the Plane
  • 43. © Lypht, LLC All Rights Reserved• Most airlines allow families with youngchildren to board early (Southwest between Aand B group)• Isn’t always announced, so go ask.• Consider having just one person board andbring the kid on later.• Get your child in the seat and get out of theaisle while you install the car seat or CARESharness.Boarding
  • 44. © Lypht, LLC All Rights Reserved
  • 45. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedSurviving the Flight• Plan activities for the whole flight +• Eat on-board to take up time.• Make sure they are thirsty when they geton so that they will drink after take-off• Suckers and gummy bears are good• Do one activity as long as it works.• If they fall asleep – don’t move.• Movies, DirecTV, ear phones, etc.• If it isn’t hurting anyone, let them do it.
  • 46. © Lypht, LLC All Rights Reserved
  • 47. © Lypht, LLC All Rights Reserved
  • 48. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedIf All Hell Breaks Loose• Try really hard to keep a sense of humor.• The flight will eventually end.• Show others you are doing everythingyou can, but don’t get too worried aboutwhat others think.• Hand out ear plugs, drinks, whatever.• Just keep trying to meet your child’sneeds.• Get up, walk around. Switch off. Drink abeer.
  • 49. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTravel Gear - Travelmate
  • 50. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedTravel Gear – Traveling Toddler
  • 51. © Lypht, LLC All Rights ReservedWhy We Do This
  • 52. © Lypht, LLC All Rights Reserved