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Convertible Leasing Guide

There is more to choosing a convertible than style and speed. Here's what you should be looking for the next time you lease a convertible.

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Convertible Leasing Guide

  1. 1. Convertible Leasing Guide
  2. 2. Convertible Cars • Without a doubt, convertible cars offer one of the most fun driving experiences. • However, there is more to choosing a convertible than style and speed. – In this presentation, we’ll walk you through some other issues you should consider when deciding to lease a convertible.
  3. 3. Size & Seating How versatile do you need your convertible to be? • Two-seater “roadster” models are a common type of convertible, but larger four-seater models are available. – Among four-seater models, do you need one that can fit adults comfortably in the back seats, or are smaller seats fine?
  4. 4. Safety Considerations • Due to their design, most models of convertible cars are equipped with small rear windows. – This can create blind spots that are larger than you may be used to. Will you need a model with parking sensors and rearview cameras? • Depending on the model, various airbag configurations may be available. Choose one that meets your needs for cost and safety.
  5. 5. Soft Top vs. Hard Top Soft Top • May be cheaper on some models. • Allows for more road noise and hot/cold exposure, but newer models can feature multiple layers for better insulation. • May wear down over the life of the car and need to be replaced. Hard Top • May be more expensive • Usually offers greater security, style, and durability. • Adds weight to the car. • Can take up more trunk space when lowered. • Mechanical complexity can increase repair costs.
  6. 6. Special Features There are many extra features that are especially useful for convertible cars. Which do you need? • Built-in wind deflectors • Heated and cooled seats • Sun-reflective leather upholstery • Seats that automatically return to previous position • Seatbelts that move for front and rear passenger convenience
  7. 7. Choosing a Convertible • Getting into the driver’s seat of any convertible has never been simpler, thanks to • By assuming a short-term lease, you can drive a convertible in spring and an SUV in fall.
  8. 8. About • is the world’s largest vehicle lease marketplace. • Our goal is to match individuals who want to get out of their lease, with individuals who are looking for short-term leases with attractive payments and no money down.
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