What are the pros and cons of the Logitech G930


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If you are shopping for the Logitech G930, find out first what are the pros and cons from owners before you buy it.

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What are the pros and cons of the Logitech G930

  1. 1. What are the Pros and Cons of the Logitech G930? Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 1
  2. 2. If you are looking to buy the Logitech G930 and is looking to find the pros and cons of this wireless gaming headset, check out these feedback from owners of the Logitech G930 before you buy it. 2
  3. 3. Strangely, owner Kermadac found the Logitech G930 headset to be indestructible but I am rather careful with my headsets . Here is the feedback from Kermadac: This Logitech G930 headset is an amazing piece of equipment. Pros: -Very long wireless range. I can be almost anywhere in my house and they still work. -Nice battery life. I can have them run up to 12 hours before charging them -Indestructible. I have thrown these multiple times when i rage at video games and they take it all and never have broken -Exellent audio. The surround sound sounds amazing and the customization is great -Voice modifiers, best thing to have in vent or raidcall -Comfortable. I can wear them all day and not get sweaty or feel like i need to take them off Cons: - Only negative thing about them is that once in a while they will cut out randomly but I think it might just have to do with it being wireless and all wireless things will cut out sometimes from interfering signals While Kermadac found the Logitech G930 indestructible, owner Cody Nelson found it to be amazing. Here is why: This headset is SWEET. I am an all-day computer user. This means, I wake up, workout, shower, eat, then use the computer until night. I work online, and I game online. I spend probably 13 hours per day on the computer. PROS: - Great battery life. It really does last up to 9 hours. - Surround sound is unreal. I use this headset for games like DayZ, Rust and other games where realism and sound location are very important elements. This headset's 7.1 is perfect for this. - Mixer. The mixer allowed me to tune up the bass. The bass, out of the package, is very mild. But, with some proper tweaking, you can make your ears 3
  4. 4. tremble(which I LOVE). - Voice morphing. The morph works great, very little transfer lag and cool sound quality. I rarely use it, but when I do, it is easy to use and works great. - Little station thingy - The station where the receiver sits and the charging cord comes out is very compact and easy to manage wires with. - Signal. I can walk a few rooms down (through VERY thick walls) and still be able to talk and hear with no interruption. - Sound quality. Oh my word, if you are a sound quality enthusiast you will LOVE these. It hits all sound levels with perfection and has a great amount of customization when it comes to sound quality. - Buttons - The buttons are great. I use them, personally, for Spotify. Center is play/pause, front is skip, back is.. back. Work great, feels like instant reaction to pressing the buttons. Though, sometimes need to be pressed more than once to get a response (rarely). - Adjustability; Unless you are some space alien with a 3 foot diameter head, these will fit you. - Comfortability; I wear these all day, I'd have no idea they were even on my head if I didn't have booming music pumping through them. - Microphone; The mic is EXTREMELY flexible and the sound quality is what you'd expect from a logitech headset. Its great. CONS: - I'm trying really hard.. Nothing. Overall: For the price, there are unbeatable. The sound quality combined with build quality are amazing. I would definitely recommend the Logitech wireless gaming headset G930. Love it. Finally, owner Andrew found the Logitech G930 to be a great headset overall. Here are his reasons: I think the Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 is a great headset for anyone who loves to talk with friends while doing their everyday things. There are more pros than cons to this headset, and I would recommend it to just about anyone, a friend of mine is getting one for himself soon 4
  5. 5. Pros: • Wireless capabilities allows you to move freely around the house while still being connected audio-wise • No more of that standing up and having your device slam onto the ground because of wires being connected (unless you're charging) • Good microphone quality • The "G" buttons on the side are useful • The software that comes with the device in the manual is fun to use • Sound quality is good (I'm not an audiophile) Cons: • Sometimes I accidentally hit the volume roller on the side (not a big deal) • Some microwaves can mess up the connectivity of the microphone while active (main problem) • The software that comes along with it can sometimes be buggy, but it fixes itself usually if you restart the program Ultimately, what is important is that the Logitech G930 is an awesome gaming headset as experienced by Robert Beeman. Here is his feedback: I have had this headset for a little over a month now. I have used it in movie watching (VLC), gaming (bf4), and video conferencing (go to meeting). It has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. The sound quality blows away anything I had before on any system, although I have to admit I am not much of an audiophile typically. The virtual surround sound is amazing for both movies and games. The audio quality (both sending and receiving) on my digital conference calls is awesome. I got these when the price dipped, so there is nothing on the market comparable at that price range. Pros: * Surround sound creates amazing submersion for games and movies * Audio quality for both headset and mic are top notch for conference calls * I am now spoiled by a wireless headset. I don't think I could go back to getting tangled in a wired one again * The battery life is awesome. It lasts all day if I charge it each night. I work 5
  6. 6. from home regularly and spend a lot of the day on calls with it, then spend the evenings watching movies or playing games. Cons: * The power button is super frustrating. It is WAY more difficult to turn on than it should be. It is too tiny for a finger to press it, and the time it needs to be depressed causes confusion as well. * The power plug is the most annoying thing. I do not understand why this thing is so hard to plug in. Especially since I also have Apple products (I can't express how much more I appreciate both Thunderbolt and Magsafe now) * The headset is heavier than I expected, but it seems to be the norm for wireless * The mic seems a little more fragile than I would have liked. It also doesn't seem to stay in the upright position very well on its own I think the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons though. Especially at the price points this unit is sometimes available in. Click here if you still need more information on the Logitech G930. If you want to take advantage of the steep discount from Amazon and start enjoying the use of this great wireless headset, click here. 6