Startups shenzhen developments

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discussing about the Shenzhen and south China startup community developments

discussing about the Shenzhen and south China startup community developments

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  • Give a brief overview as to why you’re the person standing in front of them, either startup experience or Startup Weekend experience
  • Shenzhen startupweekend, Startup Tuesday ( ) Bridging cultures, building confidence in entrepreneurship Not being afraid to fail, not afraid to get copied. Help avoid entrepreneurs to make similar mistakes I made when starting out. Continue to bridge-connect China/HK/USA/EU entrepreneurs
  • Speaker slide
  • Thanks and if you have any questions, also please feel free to connect with me on any blogs or weibos 


  • 1. Shenzhen / South China Startup Community Status Checking-in in with StartupsHK Michael Michelini
  • 2. M ike M ich e lini 迈理倪 S E O , E -com m e rce d u d e s ince ’04 Living in C h ina s ince ’07 We nt Wall S tre e t N YC to C h ina P as s ionate to b u ild C h ine s e s tartu p com m u nity! o ld in g h is o w n te rn e t d ud e hAme ric an in n c e ‘07 in C h in a s i
  • 3. Summer 2011 Took HK Startup Model to SZ
  • 4. Weekly Startup Tuesday @ ChaiHuo hackerspace
  • 5. Shenzhen, China Startup Community Growing
  • 6. S e attle to F acilitate S W
  • 7. Left my Shenzhen SW T-shirt behind in USA HQ
  • 8. Guangzhou’s First Startup Weekend, June ‘12
  • 9. Guangzhou’s First Startup Weekend
  • 10. China is Craving InnovationChongqingHarbin
  • 11. Chinese Social Media is the platform.
  • 12. New Startup Cafés in Shenzhen / Guangzhou
  • 13. Incubator? Government or No Government
  • 14. Differences Between USA + China startupsTrustRelationships“Darkness”Event OrganizationsShenzhen is the melting pot. Risk FAILUREGovernment cooperation.
  • 15. Question & Answer Michael Michelini 迈理倪 Twitter Weibo