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Medical Education and Twitter by Dr. Jeremy Faust
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Medical Education and Twitter by Dr. Jeremy Faust






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Medical Education and Twitter by Dr. Jeremy Faust Medical Education and Twitter by Dr. Jeremy Faust Presentation Transcript

  • TWITTER for EMergencyMedicine DOCS:Channeling the BuzzJeremy Samuel Faust, MD MS MA@JeremyFaust
  • What isTwitter?•online social networking/microblogging service enablingusers to send and read text-based messages (≤140characters) known as "tweets".•you only read who you follow, vice versa•links to all web-based media•global conversation wing of Free Open AccessMeducation movement (FOAM)versusDon’t pre-judge Twitter by how most people useit.
  • What can possibly be said in a tweet?140 charactersAvg. English word=4.5 lettersRoughly 30 words per tweet=maximum optimal slide@JeremyFaustA good tweet=a good presentation slide View slide
  • What is aTwitter Feed?•constantly updatingtimeline of all tweetsby you and peopleyou follow.•real-timeinformation sharing•conversations anddebates View slide
  • What is a hashtag???!!“#” pronounced “hashtag”how you search for and view concepts bytopic (instead of chronology)If “#ACEP12” appears in a tweet, it getsfiled with all other tweets with “#ACEP 12”#FOAMed is the hashtag for the free onlineEmergency Medicine education movement
  • TopTen Reasons to be an EM Doc onTwitter10. Channel the buzz: use turn your phone obsessioninto something useful.•Links to articles•Real time debates•Eavesdrop onleaders in the field
  • ...or maximize your downtime.tplaying mindlessgame learning on Twitter10. Channel the buzz: use turn your phone obsessioninto something useful.Top Ten Reasons to be an EM Doc on Twitter
  • 9. Change your participation fromold school new realitypassive to active@JeremyFaust•LiveTweeting a conference/talk = being areporter, creating a news ticker.•People around the world benefit from yourtweets and thank you!
  • MST3K9. Change your participation frompassive to activeexample: #ACEP12
  • 8. Change your participation fromactive to passiveNo need to activelysearch things out.Twitter brings importantthings to you.
  • 8. Change your participation fromactive to passive•follow through on yourintention to read that article.•or learn what experts think.
  • 7. Use Twitter to augment/replace your JournalWatch (or blog aggregator)Mike and Matt’sUS podcastNews from LACconferenceRandom peds critcare updateMD from CostaRica comments onLAC
  • 6. Go to conferences from your...anywhere.@JeremyFaust
  • 5. Ask questions at conferencesConference questions via Twitter is coming.Get comfy now!Twitter forces short focused questions, disallows diatribe.Removes participation barriers:nerves/fear of public speaking
  • 4. Keep up with the conversations that matter4a. Keep up with conversations that matter lessWeingart Lin Mattu Reid Le Cong Lex Mallemat
  • 3. Make friends and professional connections now,meet them laterI’ve met in the pastUmana Gussow RanneyI met todayJoshi Haber MarcusI will meet in thefutureBenitez May Le Cong Thousandsmore
  • 2. Keep up with mainstream science media(as well as EM-specific journals)
  • 1.Twitter is here to stay. It is not too late to be an early adaptor. Bea part of the EM/Twitter/#FOAMed revolution.@JeremyFaust“Resistance is futile”
  • Not just the more the merrier........the more the better.Thank you!@JeremyFaustFOAM is the concept.Twitter is the conversation.#FOAMed is the hashtag.more voices=more niche expertise=betterconversations.