Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Guide to All Things Celebrity


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It's the Insider's Guide to meeting celebrities, being mistaken for one, getting autographs, crashing their hot, "Hollywood" parties, getting their rock-hard bodies, working out where they do, their plastic surgery secrets and walking the red carpet ON the guest list!

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Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Guide to All Things Celebrity

  1. 1. This is a FREE e-book distributed by, & affiliated sites only. This book cannot be duplicated, sold or used for ANY commercial purposes. Doing so would be a violation of our copyright and the copyright of the contributing authors and photographers. This e-book is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a referral or advice.
  3. 3. HOW TO GET ON THE GUEST LIST TO EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY EVENTS, MEET CELEBRITIES, TOUR TV SHOW/MOVIE SETS AND MORE: Bid at Our site has VIP tickets to TV Shows, Set Visits and Walk-on Roles, as well as signed scripts and tickets to awards shows like The Grammys, Emmys, American Music Awards, People/s Choice Awards, etc. We also get movie premiere tickets where you walk the red carpet with the celebs and mingle with them at the after-party. Best of all, your bid is a donation to the Broadcasting Training Program, ( a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides you with tax- deductions in most situations. Here is what two of our bidders had to say after their wins... quot;Had a fantastic time at American Idol. The seats were great! 5th row to the left of Simon. Our family caught a glimps of our heads a few times. It was so unreal to actually be there in the studio. Julie made a big sign asking Chris for a kiss for here birhtday. She was noticed and he blew her a bunch of kisses. It gets even better. We did not want to wait in a long line to retrieve our cell phones and cameras so we hung around outside the studio for a while till the line was gone. We were walking out when a woman came up to Julie and said follow me. I had no idea what was happening,but the woman explained she had also noticed Julie and wanted her to meet Chris. She was Jordan's Nana. She snuck us back to the secret exit and waited with us till all the Idols came out. Julie got autographs and pictures with everyone and actually had a long conversation with Chris and Phil. What nice people they all are!! She said it was the best birthday ever. We even hung out with Justin Long( the Mac guy) and Johnathan Togo( from CSI Miami) in the exit line. They were a lot of fun. Needless to say our experience was excellent and we are so happy you made this possible. Thank You again.quot; Cynthia Pipoly and Julie ( cjpipoly1quot;atquot; ) Page 3: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  4. 4. Well everyone wanted to know about my next big adventure. So here we go. Everyone knows I won a visit to the set of Ghost Whisperer. Well my plans were for me to visit the set on Monday the 12th of Dec. Well I got my plane ticket all worked out. I was to fly out on the 11th from Indianapolis at 7 am. Then I would fly for a layover in Denver and then on to Los Angeles. Needless to say I was so excited I couldn't sleep the night before. Not to mention I was still just getting over a cold. So in the freezing cold and sleeting snow with a temp of about 30. I made my way to the Indianapolis airport. I had someone take me. I had planned to stop along the way and grab something to eat but since we left at around 3am to go to the airport nothing was open. But when we got there. I was able to get a personal pizza. It was really good and kept me filled up all the way to Los Angeles. The flights weren't so bad. I did remember to bring some chewing gum to help my ears and to keep the pressure down. I learned that from the first time i flew. I made it to denver and then onto my flight to Los Angeles. Somewhere on the flight to L.A. I fell asleep. From being so tired. This is where things began to go down hill. Somehow I apparently bit my upper lip. Enough to cut it some. Needless to say that wasn't going to help my look. Read the rest of the blog by going here: Sincerely, Matthew MacLeod [ mattmacleod1642(no-spam) ] Read more testimonials at: BID NOW @ (Items change weekly) Page 4: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  5. 5. HOW TO FIND CELEBRITIES FOLLOW ON When Shaq tells his legions of followers he's at a diner, it means he wants them to come find him. The basketball star and Twitter icon not only graciously met two tweeters who tracked him down, he tipped his waiter $160! After the meeting, Shaq posted a note to all of his follows that they are forever connected in 'Twitteronia' and should always approach the 7'1” b-ball star. And THAT's how good publicity is done. Look up your favorite Celeb on and become a follower! HOW TO MEET CELEBRITIES - SOME SIMPLE TIPS By s.e. Jones To meet celebrities without being brash or rude, you need to be a part of what they do. You'll generally find most celebrities are just like everyone else. Celebrities are not as public shy as some might think. So often we see people glorified on television and in movies that we tend to forget that they are still just as human as the rest of us. Add to that the endless parade of paparazzi pictures and stories and it seems the people we know as celebrities, more and more are viewed as icons, rather than as human beings. If you want to get behind the glitz, you might be interested in meeting some of these people and making your own judgments. Please keep in mind though, as you read the tips below, that I've not included such drastic measures as rushing someone at a restaurant or breaking into their house. While these methods are technically a means of meeting someone, you're not likely to get to know them in any sense of the word. It's best to meet them under mutually agreeable terms. Below I've listed some tips that might be helpful if you are interested in meeting a celebrity. Interview. One of the more obvious ways to meet a celebrity is to request and interview Page 5: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  6. 6. one of them. As a reader of Associated Content, you've no doubt seen some content providers here who have done just that, albeit via telephone. Generally you need to have credentials of some sort, or a least a good story. You also need to pick your celebrity carefully. Usually the ones that are quot;hotquot; are much more difficult to pin down. Go to Where they Work. While this might seem a little strange, it can be surprisingly effective. Obviously some celebrities are more accessible than others, you have to chose wisely. Also remember, not all celebrities are movie or television stars. It's possible to get backstage passes for example, for performing artists, or to simply schedule an appointment if your subject is a public servant. You might also try getting a backstage pass to a talk show where a particular celebrity is appearing, or applying to be an extra on a movie set. If your area is sports celebrities, you can show up for training camp. This is an area where you really need to use your imagination. Charity Events. Attending a charity event that has celebrity attendees might give you a glimpses of stardom, but to actually meet the celebrities involved, you have to be part of the organization that is putting on the event. Granted, joining an organization for the sole purpose of meeting celebrities might seem a bit overly dramatic, but you can always tell yourself and your friends and family that you're in it for the greater good. Causes and Events. A lot of celebrities attend events in order to raise awareness of something or to give their views. As with charity events, you're a lot more likely to actually have a conversation with one or more of these celebrities if you are part of the group that is putting on the event. It's not impossible however to meet someone famous by just showing up. Several years ago, for example, I was at a march in Washington D.C. and met the entire cast of the television show L.A. Law. It was purely circumstance. I just happened to be up near the front when they needed some people to help carry the banner they were all holding. One of the big bonuses of this type of meeting is you won't have to go through press agents or other handlers and the celebrities are much more open. Corporate Liaison. As odd as this many sound, it is possible to meet famous people if you are in any position to serve as a corporate liaison; and you don't even necessarily have to work in human resources. Several years ago, for example, I was working for one of the largest telecom companies in the country, as a systems engineer. As it so happened, the CEO was contacted for a visit by then President, Clinton. The President wanted to be seen on television embracing some new technology we'd been developing. He came to our headquarters and spoke to a very large crowd. A couple of us engineers were assigned to escort him to and from the podium. The three of us chatted for several minutes while waiting for his introduction. It was interesting to say the least. Fan Clubs. Most fan clubs keep track of their celebrities whereabouts. If you want to meet them, it's good to know if they will be in your area. Quite often they also list meet- n-greets, where the star will take time to talk to fans. This is quite common for soap stars and other lower echelon celebrities. Page 6: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  7. 7. Book Them. If you are part of a small organization that might appeal to a celebrity, you might pay them to come visit and speak to your group. If that seems too expensive, perhaps you can get them to volunteer to do the same. This is not uncommon. Many celebrities have causes they support, so if you happen to work for an echo-friendly group say, or support animal or human rights, you might find a lot of success. Also, if you can arrange for some press to cover your event that should greatly increase the chances of your star signing on. Be a Clerk. Living where I do, I know several people that have met celebrities through their work. Granted most of them work at near minimum wage, but still, they've met a lot of the rich and famous. You have to pick your position wisely though, because not every encounter will be something you might consider meaningful. You're not likely to get much conversation if you're waiting on them at a restaurant, for example. On the other hand, if you're selling them clothes, you might discover more about them than you really want to know. Move. If you live somewhere distant from where the stars live, work or hang out, your chances of meeting any of them are pretty slim. If you're truly interested in meeting the movers and shakers, you'll have to either vacation frequently, or move. The above tips should be helpful to anyone who is interested in meeting celebrities. Please always remember that you're much more likely to have a meaning full encounter with a celebrity if you're polite, professional and don't act too star struck. Good luck with your efforts. Page 7: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  8. 8. NOTE: You can also meet Celebs by bidding and winning on Set Tours, Set Visits, Walk-on Roles, Attend Movie Premieres from . Simply REGISTER as a BIDDER and be notified every time a new item is added. With Set Visits/Tours, you are given a tour of the set where you are introduced to the stars of the TV show or movie. With Walk-on Roles, you are on-camera as Background Talent. You also meet the stars of the show. A few of the Set Visit/Walk-ons we’ve offered since 1996 include: • Ghost Whisperer • 24 • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno • Lost • ER • Scrubs • West Wing • Prison Break • Diagnosis Murder • NCIS/JAG • CSI: Miami • Drew Carey Show • Oprah Show • Stargate • Prison Break • Bones • Entourage • Californication • According to Jim • Private Practice • The Wire We also receive VIP tickets where you are, at times, able to meet the Cast. We have offered Lunch with Judge Judy, Green Room Access on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and Bill Mahr’s Show. (A Green Room is where the guests of the show hang before the show). Go ahead, see what’s posted now at! Page 8: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  9. 9. EXPERT TIPS FOR AUTOGRAPH COLLECTING Beware of These Common Pitfalls By Victor Medina Everyone has collected autographs at one time or another. Usually it begins with your classmates in your yearbook, or friends and relatives in a wedding guest book, and can expand into a number of sub-hobbies. Sports autographs, celebrity autographs, historical autographs, and literary autographs are all popular genres for collectors. Unfortunately, there is one big negative that plagues collectors: fake autographs. It can frustrate many collectors, but with some common sense and a little research, collectors can avoid the pitfalls. Charles Shakelford of Knights of the Realm Collectibles, a well- respected autograph dealer based in Dallas, has worked to address concerns and has a number of recommendations for new and veteran collectors. A recent check of ebay showed no less than 20,000 autographs for sale. The online auction site has brought the availability of autographs to an all-time high. The problem with ebay is the lack of any accountability for the people who sell there. quot;It's okay to buy on ebay if you know the company that you are buying from,quot; Shakelford said. quot;If not, you are taking a high risk.quot; Common sense is a big part of buying on ebay. You can find a number of quot;autographedquot; photographs of A-list actors on ebay with a low starting bid of under ten dollars. In reality, most of those photos are not actually autographed by the person depicted; it is merely a ploy to get you to buy the photograph. Most quality 8' X 10' color photos will cost you five dollars, so to charge you little to nothing for a Brad Pitt autograph is absurd. In addition, it is a known fact that the quot;Sharpiequot; permanent marker was introduced in 1964. It goes without saying that an autograph from Babe Ruth or Clark Gable (who both died before that year) signed in Sharpie is a fake. As Shakelford mentioned, if you know an ebay seller is reliable (feedback is not always a good indicator, however), then you can bid with confidence. It does help if a seller can offer some documented proof of the authenticity of an item, such as a photo of the item being signed or a paper trail outlining the autograph's origins helps. A certificate of authenticity (COA) is not always a good indicator of whether an autograph is real or not. Anyone can generate a COA on their computer, and it has no legal bearing, so anything it states gives no real guarantee. Knights of the Realm autographs include a photograph of the item being signed by the celebrity, something their customers appreciate. Some autographs that appear real are actually photographic copies. To tell if a photo is Page 9: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  10. 10. actually signed, Shakelford suggests you shine a bright light on the photo and view it at an angle to see if the ink reflects off of the photo. If you cannot see it, then it is copied into the photo. Studio Fan Mail is a company that handles autograph requests for many stars, and will always send out copies or auto-penned (machine-made) autographs. Anything sent out from them is always fake. Many times, secretaries sign autograph requests received by mail, which can also cause authentication problems. Collectors often communicate online or in fan trades to report which stars use secretarial signatures. Collectors should also be wary of a seller who provides a seemingly unlimited supply of difficult signatures or items signed by multiple parties. Actors who sit down for private signings charge a premium for their signature, so Knights of the Realm usually has a very limited number available. Multiple signed items, like cast-signed photos or posters, usually take time to collate and are often one of a kind, and collectors should expect to pay a premium. It took Knights of the Realm nearly a year to get all four Ghostbusters (Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd, and Ernie Hudson) to sign a single photo, which was quickly snapped up by a loyal customer. Even though Knights of the Realm considers their prices reasonable to make them accessible to collectors, the reality is celebrities have certain fees for private signings, so expect to pay a premium for popular actors. If the price on a certain item is quot;too good to be true,quot; it probably is. For collectors wanting to get that elusive autograph, buying from a reputable dealer is your best option. Knights of the Realm has been able to offer collectors some of Hollywood's biggest stars by arranging private signings. Their reputation has made it possible to work with stars who rarely sign, such as Tobey Maguire, Sean Connery, and Harrison Ford. Building a relationship with stars has opened a number of doors. quot;Through years of traveling and becoming friends with actors, they remember you as their career grows, and they introduce you to other stars,quot; Shakelford said. This has been especially true in working with actors from shows like Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica. Knights of the Realm also travels to conventions and autograph shows around the country where celebrities are making appearances. Building trust with customers is the most important thing Knights of the Realm does, outside of arranging signings. Shakelford suggests that you find a dealer that does the same thing. quot;Get to know them and talk with them,quot; he says. quot;See if they go to different autograph collector shows. Find out what their store looks like, and how the customers act around them. See if they have repeat customers and watch how they treat their customers.quot; True professionals who go the extra mile in a high maintenance hobby like autograph collecting will show that same effort with customers. Over the years, Shakelford and the staff of Knights of the Realm have had a number of experiences, some they can laugh at and some they may want to forget. quot;I remember meeting Stan Lee and not knowing who he was and turning his autograph down and kicking myself for it now.quot; At a convention they were exhibiting at, Shakelford had someone come up to his table, looking at autographs from a particular show. He began to talk about the show and the actors, when the person pointed out that she was an actor on the show appearing at the convention. He did not recognize the actor, who Page 10: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  11. 11. sported a much different look outside of the show. quot;She sat down and talked with us and we have since became good friends and have a great laugh about it still to this day.quot; MORE CELEBRITY AUTOGRAPH COLLECTING TIPS Through-the-mail Collecting Do's and Dont's By Jimmy Cloward 1. Always include an S.A.S.E. 2. Be polite and considerate when writing to celebrities. 3. Be patient. A response could take a long time! I have been collecting autographs through-the-mail for about seven years now. Besides simply writing letters to celebrities and receiving signed photos, I have learned that there is much more to this hobby. What keeps me going is that this is the most rewarding thing I've ever done with my spare time. If you are interested in becoming an autograph collector, I suggest first making a list of maybe five or so famous people whose autographs you would love to have framed and hanging on your wall. Remember, be realistic when making this list. Right now, you probably won't get Michael Jackson through-the-mail simply because of his level of fame. However, you may get major stars like Al Pacino or Johnny Depp, who both made Autograph Collector Magazine's Top 10 signer's List. Research plays a major role in this hobby. You must know who signs by mail and who doesn't. Who charges for their signature? But first, you must know the basics. First, it is crucial to your success that you always mail an S.A.S.E. along with your request. An S.A.S.E. is a self-addressed stamped envelope. The famous person is already giving you a signed photo, most won't bother to pay for shipping, too. Next, write a short (but sweet) letter to the star. Say something nice about their work, why you admire them, and then hit them with an autograph request. It is important to keep this letter as short as possible. The celebrities who do personally read each letter will be turned off by a lot of writing. Another useful tip is to include an index card in with the letter, that way, if they don't have a picture to send, you'll usually at least get the card signed. Bill Cosby personally taught me that trick when he sent me an index card and a letter explaining just that! Last but most important, you need the celebrities mailing address! There are a bunch of websites out there with free addresses but some are not updated. Remember, most famous people move pretty frequently, so it is important if you get the address off of a website, make sure it is updated. I hope you are able to utilize some of these tips to land yourself some 'graphs. Good luck and happy collecting! Page 11: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  12. 12. SKIPPY'S GUIDE TO MEETING CELEBRITIES by Scott 'Skippy' Jessop THIS GUIDE IS NOT MADE FOR YOU TO GET ARRESTED FOR STALKING. STALKERS ARE CREEPY PEOPLE WHO GET CAUGHT SIFTING THROUGH THE GARBAGE OF PEOPLE THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH. IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU— SEEK HELP. IF NOT, READ ON. Most of us star-struck by celebrities are known as fans. We are big supporters of the people we like and wish we could know them better. If you are a fan, and you have the chance, why not try to meet them? Here are some tips to help you come face to face with your favorite star. 1) GO WHERE YOU KNOW THEY WILL BE This seems obvious, but there’s more to it. If some big award show is coming up, celebrities will be in town. Go to the places where they needs things done. Celebrities will need their hair done -- find salons. Celebrities will need lodging -- find hotels. Celebrities will need to get drunk later -- find bars and find where the after party is going to be. If there’s a concert in town -- find the tour bus. If you have the money, get a hotel room in the place they are staying. Or secure a table in the VIP room at the after party. 2) FIND THE BACK ENTRANCE Often there are entrances where you and I cannot enter. These are the doors reserved for employees or people who need privacy -- find out where they are. There will be a usually be a sign on the side of the building or around back trying to keep you out. Remember, you’re not trying to get in to the building. You just want to meet the celebrity on the outside. 3) KNOW THAT CELEBRITIES DRESS LIKE CELEBRITIES Celebrities either dress flashy which makes them easy to spot, or they dress like criminals -- which also makes them easy to spot. Most criminals don’t have bodyguards; so chances are it might be a star. If it’s someone famous, take a picture. If not, call the cops. Page 12: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  13. 13. I once saw Daryl Hannah leave a salon with her head down, wearing dark sunglasses. She was trying to avoid the cameras and any attention. The problem was, she’s a tall blonde with really nice clothes. I recognized right away that this was either Daryl Hannah, or a girl I should ask out on a date. 4) CARRY A CAMERA Even if your goal is just to get an autograph from a celebrity, it helps to have a photo of him or her signing the paper. This is in case anyone questions the authenticity. Be prepared with an easy to use camera. If your camera requires more than simply pressing down on the button, it annoys the entourage. Stars will not wait very long while you explain the five minute process of taking a picture. Once I helped set up a meet-and-greet for Britney Spears. We were given passes to the event, but I had no time to go grab my camera from the car. After being ushered in with 40 other people, Britney came in and fielded questions. I decided to man up and ask her on a date. Even though she didn’t say yes, the real disappointment is that all I have of the encounter is a crappy photo a person two rows behind me took. You can kind-of tell that I was in the same room with Britney. 5) DRESS LIKE A TOURIST Everyone loves helping tourists because they look vulnerable. If you look creepy, the cops will appear. Never out dress a celebrity unless it’s Bjork, Marilyn Manson, Willie Ames or anyone else who only wears T-Shirts. When I met Justin Timberlake at the Sundance Film Festival, I went into a mall and acted like I was shopping. I had seen his people head into the mall and assumed that J.T. was with them. By fitting in with the other shoppers, he wasn’t nervous by my presence and was really nice when I stopped him and asked for a picture. In general, try to fit in. Even at clubs. If everyone else is dressing flashy, you may need to get a flashy yourself. Remember, no more dressed up than the star. 6) THINK OF WHAT YOU MIGHT SAY Once you’ve encountered the celebrity, have an icebreaker ready. Think of their last accomplishment and ask them about it. Act like you care about their answer even if you don’t. The only reason you are asking questions is to avoid looking like an idiot by staring at them. Also as important in knowing what to say to Celebrities, is knowing what not to say. When Katie Couric was in Utah for the Olympics, I made a sign that read, “Can I date your sister?” Before I could place it on display, her people saw me and moved me over to the Al Roker section. They moved me as far away from Katie as possible before Page 13: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  14. 14. explaining her sister’s death. 7) BRING RATIONS In addition to pen, paper and camera, don’t forget to dress weather appropriate. Have extra food and water, you don’t know how long you will be waiting for a sighting. Bring mints and deodorant (you don’t want be remembered as the stinky fan). While you are celebrity meeting, don’t forget to bring a hot friend. If you are already hot, then you double the sexy. If you are not good looking, find an attractive counter part. The better looking you both are, the better chances you have to gain access to the Celebrity hot spots. Pretty people like being around pretty people. Last but not least, bring cash. If you don’t have a hot friend, cash always helps. Cash acts as a hot friend and will buy momentary friendships. HOW TO CRASH A HOLLYWOOD PARTY: BY ndhillon Step One Get primped and preened so make sure you are wearing something to fit the current trends and you smell great. Open up the latest vogue or check an online gossip site to see how your makeup should be done- if in doubt be subtle rather than too dramatic. If you are a guy make sure you are wearing your hottest outfit but DON'T GO OVERBOARD- this isn't the prom so a great pair of slacks or designer jeans and a long sleeved collared shirt will do. Step Two Repeat a mantra to give your confidence a boost. You are hot and you are just as deserving as any of those celebrities to get into the party. Page 14: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  15. 15. Repeat: I am hot and confident ten times until you actually believe it!! (As you should) Step Three Make sure you have checked the papers or local event listing websites (sometimes promoters have sites listed and will email you event details) for event details. Step Four When you get to the door don't wait in line. YES I repeat DON'T WAIT IN LINE. This is what will increase your chances of getting in. You show you have the confidence to get in and may even have friends inside. Step Five Once you are in the front of the velvet rope and have caught the eye of the bouncer tell him it's quot;just onequot; or if you have a friend with you (preferably a woman) tell him it's just quot;two ladiesquot;. If you have the right charming smile, maybe bat your eyes a bit and use some natural feminine wiles, he will tell you to wait a little bit (that's only to distract the people waiting in line. If you have smiled, spoken nicely (not like a prima dona), and mentioned it's just you or another good looking will get in. He may make you stand to the side for 10 minutes but you will get in. Step Six Once he lifts the velvet rope and you're in..thank him and smile. Maybe even ask for a name for next time!!! Once you are in mingle, dance, drink, and most importantly know that you are deserving to be there and have a great time! Page 15: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  16. 16. HOW TO BE MISTAKEN FOR A CELEBRITY By Qbyjones Living in LA, it always cracks me up to see celebrities doing everyday things and trying hard not to draw attention to themselves. But in the course of this effort, they actually draw MORE attention - it's pretty ironic. Then add to this the fact that everyone wants to be a celebrity, so I thought I would lay out what I've observed by the real ones as a guide for the celebs in the making. Things You'll Need * Cell phone * Blackberry or mobile device * Large, dark sunglasses * Baseball cap Step One Its all about attitude. First you have to get into the mindset. Assume at all times that people are looking at you and watching what you are doing. Never make eye contact and keep your head down. Step Two Next, its about the look. Whether you are a man or woman, work hard to keep a low profile - which will actually draw more attention to you. Be sure to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses at all times - especially indoors. Page 16: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  17. 17. Step Three Its all in the look. While In Style will tell you exactly how to put together the high-fashion celeb look, its really not that complicated. Baseline outfits: for women, skinny jeans, pushdown boots and off the shoulder, hip shirt. For men: threadbare tshirt, baggy jeans, vans slip ons. This is pretty standard for the Lindsay/Jessica/Nicole look, as well as the Ashton/Carson/Brad look. Step Four Then it is back to behavior. Always talk on your cell phone, even if no one is on the other line. Always text from your blackberry - during meals, in the midst of ordering drinks, walking down the street. See, you are extremely busy, and everyone wants a piece of you. Step Five Responding. If a stranger does approach you - maybe for directions since most folks in LA aren't really from here, then mumble that you don't give autographs and move on. Overall Tips & Warnings * Keep your look simple - don't go over the top. Real celebs really throw their look together and its everyone else that tries hard to recreate it. * Since there are so many celebs in LA, if you see one, check out what they do and note it for later. * Try not to incite a riot. Page 17: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  18. 18. HOW TO CRASH A FILM FESTIVAL PARTY! Credits: - FilmFest - How to crash a film festival party VINCE TALOTTA/TORONTO STAR Star reporter Diana Zlomislic dazzles passersby in Yorkville with her movie-star- looks and entourage. (Sept. 11, 2008) All you need is an entourage, killer heels and a lot of chutzpah to crash a TIFF party. I've had braces twice in my life to fix nasty, crowding teeth. I've topped the scales at 213 pounds. I've worn polyester pants with an elastic waistband. I have never had an entourage. For six hours on Tuesday night, five amazing strangers helped write a bizarre, new chapter in my life. Suddenly, camera-toting tourists on the streets of downtown Toronto wanted my photograph. Veuve-happy restaurant patrons in Yorkville shouted for my autograph. For the first time, I infiltrated the quot;inquot; crowd at some of the most exclusive parties at the Toronto International Film Festival without a single invitation – and despite intense security and a wall of even scarier ladies with earphones and clipboards. What changed? I found an entourage and they helped me carry out a little social experiment. What would happen if you took an average girl, gave her all the right accessories and plopped her into a celebrity setting for one night only? Could she forget her ordinariness and embrace the spotlight? Or would she have a panic attack like a high school girl at a UN Model Debate who hid in the washroom during break while the rest of the acne- Page 18: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  19. 19. ridden teens exchanged phone numbers? Is it possible to rent a new life? Yeah, babies – it is. Step one was finding the right people. Through word-of-mouth and Google came my reconstruction crew: hair and makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, publicist, bodyguard, limo service and driver. We met up at my place for quot;The Transformation.quot; Jackie Shawn, an award-winning makeup artist whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and Playboy, tackled my face and hair. Jessica Tjeng of The Artist Group handled quot;the look.quot; The wardrobe stylist pulled 15 different designer pieces for my consideration, half-a-dozen killer heels, eight kinds of clutches and an assortment of accessories and hosiery. After squeezing into a size 10 satiny black shift from Michael Kors (thank you, Spanx), publicist Tracy Nesdoly, as fierce as they come, taught me how to enter a room. Nesdoly has worked in public relations for about a decade and wrangled media for Time Warner's film fest after- parties. Two hours later, five inches taller (thank you Miu Miu for making me 6-foot-1) and escorted by bodyguard Sunil Ram – who was trained by former members of Britain's elite Special Air Service – we piled into the SUV that was waiting downstairs. Robert Murphy has chauffeured celebrities around Toronto for 18 years. Like a good driver, he doesn't steer and tell, though he will say the company he works for, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, looks after the Rolling Stones when they're in town. My plan was to hit a bar in Yorkville and parade into two of the festival's biggest parties – Entertainment Tonight Canada's Birthday Bash at Casa Loma and InStyle magazine's soirée at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Both are invite-only. My publicist's plan, it turned out, was a little bigger still. On to the Four Seasons for a drink at Avenue. At the bar, a woman in Chloé sunglasses and a floppy felt hat huddled over her glass. Geez, it really is hard to tell the somebodys from the nobodys. We try to get a booth at the back of the bar but the waitress, unimpressed by my entourage and looking run ragged, says, no – it's reserved for quot;a Louisa.quot; My publicist orders me a flute of $50 pink champagne, which I sip standing at a tall table. When I put the bubbly down, Shawn, my makeup artist, retouches my mouth with M.A.C. lipgloss in quot;ample pink.quot; A dapper man, who looks to be in his 70s, comes to the table and gets very close to me: quot;My, you are an extremely tall woman,quot; he drawls, and then wanders to the bar. Next stop is a walkabout in Yorkville. We want to see if one flash sets off a flurry. Star photographer Vince Talotta and the paper's multimedia team are at the ready in the little laneway off Cumberland St. Just their presence prompts a crowd waiting for some action. We walk the alley to Yorkville Ave. Restaurant patrons and tourists start shouting Page 19: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  20. 20. and pulling out their cameras and cellphones. quot;Hey Charlize! Give us your autograph,quot; yells one group of wobbly young men in business suits. Fortunately, the limo is waiting on Yorkville Ave. and I climb in before they get a closer look and realize I'm no Charlize Theron, the glamorous actress they thought they were leering at. The driver pulls up to Casa Loma and announces he's dropping off some talent for the party. In short order, my publicist has arranged for me to appear on the red carpet before an army of photographers. Half-a-dozen publicists are guarding the velvet rope. quot;Name please?quot; one asks. quot;Diana Zlah-miss-lich,quot; Nesdoly replies. quot;Her project?quot; quot;The Rented Life.quot; We're on. I feel like a total loser trying to remember poses from episodes of America's Next Top Model. I try to make love to the cameras but I think I barely manage C-grade foreplay. Like a good publicist, Nesdoly tells me I'm fantastic. We bail before anyone starts asking questions. It was a rush and it's time for the last and biggest party of the night. Everyone at work said I would never get in to InStyle's famous do at the Windsor Arms. Stalled by the clipboard-wielding name-takers, my bodyguard takes my arm – quot;I've got to get her inside,quot; he announces firmly, while Nesdoly distracts the CWNTs. Through the doors, a celebrity's paradise: thousands of bright pink orchids, acres of crystal baubles, impossibly small hamburgers and a sea of platinum hair. Champagne has never tasted so good. I am in. Outside, Nesdoly is facing a swarm of increasingly suspicious publicists and security. quot;You're not on the list!quot; barks one clipboard. quot;She has to be here to sign in!quot; says another. quot;But she's already inside,quot; Nesdoly implores. quot;One of your door people already stamped her in,quot; she says, referring to the invisible S-mark a door attendant made on my wrist. Says a third clipboard: quot;If I could find her, I'd remove her.quot; This is where the record scratches. I realize it's nearly 11 p.m. – my Cinderella hour. All of my doting entourage must disappear while I return to being me – photographed not much and adored by the only fan who matters, my husband. I think I'll hold on to my life. But I'm definitely keeping the shoes. Page 20: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  21. 21. HOW TO GET A CELEBRITY BODY By Tatiana Morales (CBS) The Oscars, movie premieres and other red carpet events give us the chance to see our favorite stars strut their stuff. And while you may not be a big-time celebrity, you can certainly look like one! The folks at Health magazine have identified five stars who have beautifully toned legs, abs and more. On The Saturday Early Show, Health contributing editor Petra Kolber shows how we can get the following celebrity bodies at home. Halle Berry - Arms And Shoulders quot;The great thing about the shoulder area is that it is one area that does not hold a lot of body fat and so you can tend to see results pretty quickly,quot; Kolber says. To get sculpted arms and shoulders, you need to challenge your muscles by lifting heavy weights. quot;The biggest mistake I see is people not using heavy enough weights,quot; Kolber confirms. How to do it: Combine several arm moves into one fluid motion: 1. Begin with a free weight in each hand, arms by side. 2. Do a bicep curl, curling hands up toward shoulders. 3. Then extend arms/hands to ceiling as you would in an overhead press. 4. Next, move into a tricep extension by lowering hands behind your head and then Page 21: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  22. 22. returning them overhead. Elbows should face forward the entire time. 5. Lower elbows into waist, and then move arms down by sides, back to starting position. 6. Keeping arms straight, lift them to sides - a lateral raise - and then lower to starting position. 7. If you want to make this more challenging and really engage your core muscles, do this standing on one leg and just use the opposite arm; then switch. Hillary Swank – Back Swank's backless dress was the talk of the Oscars, and it certainly showed off all of the muscle she developed while working on quot;Million Dollar Baby.quot; Swank is proof that boxing is a phenomenal way to train the upper body. Jump rope, which is often associated with boxing, is another high-intensity, highly effective cardio activity that you can mix in with your strength training here. How to do it: 1. Get into a kneeling position on the floor, with your hands and forearms resting on the exercise ball, about shoulder width apart. 2. Draw abdominal muscles in (think about drawing belly button toward your spine). 3. Maintaining good posture, roll out your body along the ball, extending your hips. (Your shoulders and hips move together in one fluid motion) Only roll out as far as you can keep your good posture/straight back. 4. Return to beginning position. Page 22: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  23. 23. Jennifer Lopez – Glutes People always say that JLo has a great butt - you too can have a defined derriere with a little work. Performing cardio on an incline - such as climbing stairs - is a great way to tone your glutes. Good form is crucial when working this area. According to Kolber, we often put our backs into these exercises instead of our glutes. How to do it: 1. Begin in a push up position with arms slightly bent and ball under hips. 2. Draw in your abdominal muscles and keep them tight the entire time. 3. Lift one leg toward the ceiling until you can't lift it any further. Don't push yourself; you don't want to hyper-extend your back. 4. Slowly lower leg to starting position, and repeat. Page 23: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  24. 24. Sheryl Crow - Abs Unfortunately, this area does not respond well to simple strength and endurance training. We tend to store body fat here, and only by including cardio and a sensible diet into your routine will you see the results you want. The following exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective ab exercises out there. It trains both the upper and lower areas as well as the obliques. How to do it: 1. Lie on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees. Rest hands lightly behind head. 2. Draw your belly button toward your spine. 3. Slowly extend your right leg and at the same time rotate your torso by drawing your left shoulder toward your right knee. 4. Return to starting position and repeat on opposite side. Page 24: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  25. 25. Beyoncé Knowles - Legs quot;Strong legs help us move more easily, help us in our favorite sports and are also the best accessory for that little black dress,quot; Kolber says. quot;Cardio that involves climbing, or an incline will also contribute to developing shapely legs. Beyoncé is a phenomenal dancer and that also helps her look so great - dancers have some of the best legs around so why not mix it up and take a beginning dance class.quot; Of course, the following move can also help you tone your legs. How to do it: 1. Begin with feet together and hands on hips. 2. Take a step forward and lower yourself into a lunge position. Return to starting position. 3. Take a step to the side, lower yourself into a lunge, return to starting position. 4. Take a step back into a lunge position, then return to starting position. 5. Take another step to the side, lower yourself into a lunge, return to starting position. 6. Repeat on opposite leg. Page 25: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  26. 26. WORKOUT WHERE CELEBRITIES WORK OUT Hint: And it’s not just NY and LA! Sources: CNN, Forbes Madison Square Club, New York Madison Square Club is a private gym owned by “wellness guru” David Kirsch, creator of The Ultimate NY Diet. Considered more of an anti-gym, with its intimate setting, oriental rugs and soft lighting. It has 500 members who swear by his services, even though the club discourages socializing and watching TV while you exercise and limits a max of six members to work out with a trainer at a time. Where do Celebrities work out? Frequent visitors to this club include Ellen Barkin, Liv Tyler, and of course Heidi Klum. Barkin to prepare for the premiere of Ocean’s 13, Kirsch developed a program that Barkin’s inner thighs, gluts, arms and core. They trained daily from 60 to 90 minutes and infused cardio with circuit training and no rest in between exercises. Kirsch’s Madison Square Club is also where Liv Tyler might be found shadow boxing with dumbbells and tones her arms with push-ups. Heidi Klum trains with Kirsch and 8 weeks after giving birth was on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The Cost? $25,000 a year for unlimited training sessions, plus $125 monthly dues. Page 26: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  27. 27. The Sports Club/LA Beverly Hills, Calif. Where do Celebrities work out? The Sports Club/LA Located in Beverly Hills in a 100,000-square-foot gym with valet parking. Members can get personalized dietary and fitness routines by registered dietitians and more than 65 private trainers. This is where your local gym might look a bit bare, members can choose between Rowing machines, Stairmasters, bikes, weight lifting equipment, or classes like Aquatic Bootcamp, World Dance, Shreadmill, Martial Arts and Boxing, Gyrotonics, Yoga, Junior Olympic swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, racquet and squash courts, a rooftop driving range and even ping pong. That’s not all! If you only want to appear to go to the gym they have a sports bar (with a 120-inch flat screen), hair salon & spa, restaurant, café, Sundeck, ski trips, art excursions and movie screenings, to biking weekends, and even black tie events. This is how Beverly Hills does it. It’s so surprise that this is where Victoria Beckham and David Beckham got memberships upon moving to Los Angeles summer 2007. The cost? $2,500 initiation fee for the executive membership, plus $235 monthly dues. Page 27: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  28. 28. Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona Where do Celebrities workout? Canyon Ranch Locates in the Sonoran Desert, Canyon Ranch is for Celebrities who want to get out of the gym and have a retreat. The have additional spas in Las Vegas, Nevada and Kissimmee Florida. The Arizona spa has more than 80,000 feet of space with contains 7 tennis courts, racquetball & squash courts, 7 workout rooms, 8 Jacuzzis, concierge, a beauty salon, room service, spa treatments, laundry service, 3 outdoor pools. This a place to go and relax also, guests can also schedule time with professional counselors, doctors, nurses and even psychotherapists. Guests can choose between offerings like canyon hikes, funk aerobics, ballet workouts and mountain biking. Allure reports that Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington have enjoyed trips to the ranch. What is the cost? Well.. could not find that but I guarantee it is not $38.00 a month like at local 24 hour gyms. Page 28: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  29. 29. BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE: Plastic Surgery Do’s and Don’t Author: Lyle Back, M.D. Well, the New Year is finally here and now it’s time to put into action all those great resolutions you made! Is this the year of the “new you”? For many of you that will include a new diet and a little more exercise to get in better shape. For others this may be the year that you take that big step and you finally make that appointment with Dr. Back’s office and find out what all this plastic surgery stuff is really all about! Perhaps I can help you before you even come in. Scheduling an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon may be the biggest and possibly most important step in you’ll take in seeing what cosmetic surgery can do for you. How about a few “tips” before you come in for that appointment? 1) Do make sure your plastic surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Unfortunately, there are many physicians who might advertise or promote themselves as Board Certified but they don’t necessarily mention what they are specifically Board Certified in. (These are not the doctors you should be going to for Cosmetic Surgery!) In addition, The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the most respective, definitive and legitimate certifying body of plastic surgeons in the U.S. Beware of “sound-alike” imitations such as Board Certified “Cosmetic Surgeon”. Only the most qualified plastic surgeons have earned the right to call themselves Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and would not use such a designation. 2) Don’t enlist the services of a physician who does not have operating room or admitting privileges at a local accredited hospital as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. If the physician you are contemplating seeing doesn’t have these privileges, it means the hospital or surgi-centers in his area don’t recognize his qualifications as being good enough to be on their staff. The Plastic Surgeon you want will have proper qualifications and have these privileges. 3) Do ask to see before and after photos of the doctors’ work on other patients. A busy and popular Plastic Surgeon will probably have before and after photos very similar to yourself. Even better: A patient that has had this procedure within the past year or so that might be willing to talk to you about their experience. Computer simulations are great but they are just “simulations”. Before and after photos will show you what the doctor has actually accomplished for other patients. Page 29: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  30. 30. 4) Do get a second opinion consultation. Different doctors have different styles and sometimes different approaches to the same problems. You should make sure you have a nice comfort level with the plans and options that have been reviewed with you. More importantly, you should have a comfort level and confidence in the doctor and his staff. 5) Don’t make a decision solely on the basis of price. It may sound trite but this will only get you into trouble. Qualified surgeons will all have prices in a very similar range and will generally be very fair in making sure their charges reasonably reflect the amount of work you are considering having done. Beware of the pricing that seems like a bargain - you may want to recheck those credentials on this one. 6) Do ask what facility your doctor will perform your surgery in. The safest and most reliable surgicenters will be high quality, accredited and state licensed facilities. These facilities have the best equipment, the most qualified staff and nurses and the appropriate systems and equipment to deal with potential emergencies. 7) Do ask your doctor about estimated recovery times and restrictions with respect to your particular procedure. If you do not have the ability to organize your business and social or familial obligations or might not be able to limit your physical activities as your doctor recommends, you are only going to be short-changing yourself on the quality of your recovery and possibly the overall level of success with your surgery. Beginning your journey on your cosmetic procedure already knowing that you’re going to compromise and take “short cuts” for the instructions in your after care is a major mistake. Any doctor who minimizes the after care needs and tells “you’ll probably be ok…..Don’t worry about them” may be doing himself a favor but is giving you bad advice. 8) Don’t ask for multiple complex procedures at once, like they do it on the “Extreme Plastic Surgery Makeover” TV shows. In the real world (meaning not on TV), people have jobs, children, social obligations and responsibilities that go beyond their cosmetic procedure needs. It is unlikely after your cosmetic procedure that you will be placed in a Three Star hotel for the next two months with your every meal and need catered to and no other responsibilities other than appearing on camera. You should be more focused on recoveries that will be simple, straight-forward and limited. It is much more realistic and much less risky to limit the amount of surgery you are having so that you will ultimately have a reasonably quick and uncomplicated recovery to enable you to get back into the swing of your normal life in a stream-lined way. Lyle M. Back, M.D., F.A.C.S. is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in the full range of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He served as a Professor of Plastic Surgery at Temple University and St. Christopher’s Hospital for children. He is a well-known, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has been in private practice in Cherry Hill for almost 15 years. He has appeared in numerous magazines, on the radio and on TV as a “Top Doc”. Page 30: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity
  31. 31. MORE RESOURCES: Bid on Celebrity Red Carpet Events, Get on Guest Lists, Get VIP Tickets and more: Try the Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles online for free: Get Thousand-Dollar Celebrity Looks for Under $100! Celebrity Link - Find Links to Celebrity Websites Celebrity Baby Names: The Interesting, Odd, and Downright Crazy Names Celebrities Give Their Children Free Celebrity Horoscopes Page 31: Super Sexy, Super Delicious Secret Tips for all things celebrity