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QR Codes


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  • 1. QR Codes
    By Megan Chopay
  • 2. What are they?
    Specific barcodes readable by scanners or camera phones (short for quick response).
    Encode information from a two-dimensional space, such as magazines, advertisements, television and websites.
    Developed in Japan to track auto parts but have become popular for commercial use.
  • 3. How to use them?
    Made for quickly and easily linking content on Smartphones.
    Most Android phones and Blackberries are able to read the codes right out of the box. For iPhones, the App Store offers a free QRReader.
    Creating your own QR Code:
  • 4. Where you may have seen them
  • 5. 2011 Grammy Campaign
    “Music is Life is Music” QR Code
    on all print material and outdoor
    Unlocks exclusive Grammy content
    via codes specific to your location.
    Content includes:
    Eight full past Grammy performances
    Allows users to see all the tags
    associated with a space when they
    enter a location — so, if you were to
    visit the record store, you would be
    presented with all the other tags
    associated with the location
  • 6. Strengths/Opportunities
    Direct link to web page that delivers company or product information
    Ability to measure number of page views
    QR format can support a large amount of content
    Inexpensive to create
    Simple to use and easy to place for publicity, marketing and advertising purposes
    Provide consumers with exclusive content
    Appeal to a younger more tech-savvy demographic
  • 7. Weaknesses/Threats
    Users must be equipped with a camera phone and the correct reader software, which is currently only available on Smartphone's
    Limited reach because many people don’t know how to use them
    Can’t directly track number of people who scan a QR code
    Consumers don’t know what they’re getting once they access the QR code, so it will not always be utilized
    A QR code might direct users to a website that does not display properly on a cell phone
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