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This white paper is especially targeted towards enterprises and organizations which have already Call Manager
9. Reach Across Enterprise : It should reach all places, not only office
desks but also the lift man, the basement car par...
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 Multiple channel of messa...
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Smart Alerts Using Cucm V 1.4


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Smart Alerts Using Cucm V 1.4

  1. 1. WHITE PAPER SMART SECURITY ALERTS USING YOUR CALL MANAGER Parsec Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 348 Udyog Vihar Phase-II, Gurgaon-122016,India Ph: +91-124-4502000, Fax: +91-124-4002503 Web : www.parsec-tech.com, Email : info@parsec-tech.com
  2. 2. Preface This white paper is especially targeted towards enterprises and organizations which have already Call Manager i.e. CUCM deployed in their premises. With an additional modest investment, this initial wise investment can be very effectively leveraged to use the power of your IP communication infrastructure to be able to set up a highly responsive and flexible security alert system in your organization. Security Today Z ZZ In India today, physical security and disasters mitigation plans have become Z Z Z ZZ Z ZZ Z z z absolutely necessary- especially in the metros which have been recently been in the Z Z Z Z Z z z Z z z radar of trouble-makers, Corporates and large organizations need to have a ~~~~~~~~~ security system which is dependable and is able to send the right information, with ~~ ~ ~~ a high degree of accuracy in a way that is fail safe and yet does not cause an undue ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~ alarm or disorderly evacuation. Also it is important to have the ability to have a calibrated or tiered alert system-not a system which just sends a loud siren off. So the system should be such that RIGHT information should reach the RIGHT people in the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT level of alert escalation along with the RIGHT mitigation advice/plans. 10 Essentials Of A Smart Security Alert Communication System 1. System Availability: It should continue to work in an emergency /disaster environment (remember your GSM traffic gets choked up at the 1st whiff of disaster or alarm-just when you want it! Also GSM don’t work in basements and blind spots). 2. Quick Delivery: It should have quick delivery – from the first alert to reaching the message across to the chosen/all employees should not take more than a few seconds. 3. Multi-Lingual: The messages-text and voice- should be multi-lingual- particularly when there are blue collared workers in your organization. 4. Multi-Mode: Such broadcast message should be available simultaneously on PCs, IP phones and mobiles- even blackberry. 5. Bulk Instantaneous Delivery: It should have mass/bulk message delivery capacity. It should have also reliable delivery- anything less than 99% message delivery is obviously in-adequate. 6. Selective Delivery: It should have selective delivery capacity-you do not want to create panic across all buildings where maybe only a few buildings need mass or orderly evacuation. 7. Method Of Delivery: It should be not be loud and create general panic. 8.MITIGATION PLAN: An alert it self is insufficient without follow up instructions and orderly execution. In other words Alerts should always be accompanied by exit plans and instructions.
  3. 3. 9. Reach Across Enterprise : It should reach all places, not only office desks but also the lift man, the basement car park etc. 10. Overrides : It should over-ride normal phone communication during the broadcast. All these functionalities can be delivered by your Cisco UC system! It would require modest upgrades in loading applications and also some system integration (integration with SMS etc) . Now lets compare the various alert communication systems that you have at your disposal. Solutions Available Capability Reliability Speed of Accuracy of Pre-Configured Help Multi-Lingual Select Delivery Deliverability Messages Notices, Message And Delivery g Exit Plans Help Advises Mode of Delivery And Plan i Delivery SMS Delivery First to fail Quick Often SMS get Possible Not possible Cumbersome Possible (Through PC) in case of delivery not lost if delivered network possible in bulk. traffic when there is high traffic PA System Reliable as it Fast Fast Only pre- Not possible Only voice advise- Possible but is a separate recorded voice no map or exit noise can add on can be played – plans carry system with no text shrillness and wiring and volume quality all. changes according to distance. Office Email Reliable in Not always Accurate Possible Possible Possible Possible delivery, but quick view not enough guaranteed. Office EPABX & Reliable Back to back Accurate Not Possible Not possible Not possible Individual Normal TDM Phones calling. phoning up Highly time consuming CUCM with IPTs Through Automated Highly accurate Sample Can be made Help notices can Simple drop office LAN- delivery- messages can be available on be made available down menu so secure preconfigure pre-written and each IPT in English and selection of delivery and d messages flashed across screen regional department, no can speeden saving valuable languages wings or floors congestion up things time make select delivery fast and accurate Solution Outline Feature Benefit Preconfigured messages can be sent Immediate message delivery- just select and click and there can by admin be instant delivery across the organization Hoot and shout feature Messages can be accompanied with hooter buzz or light indication or both or none depending upon the type of escalation-ensuring that the right amount of flagging is done depending upon the severity. So it does not have the loudness and disruptive quality of a PA announcement but is not as un-obtrusive and silent as an email –best part is this wide array of configuration option makes it a handy broadcast tool
  4. 4. Feature Benefit Multiple channel of message Completely fail safe delivery- it ensures that message delivery can delivery-PC SMS and IPT phone-in be done in multiple mode-and the person can be reached if he is any combination as chosen by outside the office, in his seat or in the cafeteria-and yet not Security/Admin head-depending consuming bedlam which a PA system can do upon nature of exigency Mass delivery of message in text Shop floor people can be alerted in a language that they format –prerecorded voice format understand –text and voice. Both type of messages can be and in multiple languages delivered to selected recipients or to all the configured end points. Also GSM end points are taken care of for text messaging. Select message delivery Unlike PA systems which can alert only a floor or a building, here a combo message delivery can be sent to not only sections, buildings or floors – but to select people –say for instance the security officer in each floor Content delivery This is most distinct feature- it is not enough just to say get out unless it is accompanied by an exit route map. Most Cisco IPTs support graphics and therefore exit route maps can be pushed to the phones thereby assisting orderly with-drawl. Also IP enabled LCD displays can also be configured. Visitor verification In normal times the general security demands that any visitor coming to a facility should be either authorized or verified. This allows the visitor to be verified by the intended recipient by sending the image to the IP phone. With action buttons on the phone the recipient can allow, wait, reject or send any other custom information to the security desk. Thus you can see that a command & control station, if necessary located outside the physical premises of the organization, can assist, guide and direct people towards timely and select information dissemination, in a language they understand and not creating all round panic and stampede. Additionally, exit maps and staircase plans can be displayed to facilitate organized exits. All this can be done with modest investments in applications which are already certified by Cisco towards interoperability in Cisco’s labs. Solution Components/BOM This proposed solution contains various application sub modules. The following will give an idea of the components of the entire solution. g MARS Messaging g Text messaging g Voice messaging g MARS Broadcast g MARS Digital Album g MARS Visitor Verification *This solution works best when they are interoperable with other related solutions. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS PRESENTATION IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. PARSEC SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO CLIENT OR TO ANY OTHER ENTITY OR INDIVIDUAL FOR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUES, TRADES, DATA OR FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY NATURE ARISING FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, EVEN IF PARSEC HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. PARSEC AND ITS AFFILIATES SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY IN TORT, CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE TO CLIENT AND/OR ANY THIRD PARTY. All the names are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All content is copyright © 2008 Parsec Technologies. Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved Website : www.parsec-tech.com, Email : info@parsec-tech.com, Tel :+91 - 124 - 4502000, Fax : +91 - 124 - 4002503