ACW - Charity Portfolio 2012


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ACW are a full-service design agency based in South West London. Our diverse range of clients includes; UNHCR, Save the Children, CARE International, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Roll Back Malaria and The International AIDS Society to name a few, where we have worked on a series of projects large and small offering research, strategy, online and offline marketing solutions. Our expertise covers the following areas:
- Strategy and Consulting
- Graphic Design
- Digital Communications
- Social Marketing
- Brand Communications
- Online/Offline Strategy
- Content Management
- Print
- Advertising
- App Development
- PR

We are an approved supplier to a number of high-profile organisations including; the United Nations, the LVMH Group, the World Health Organisation, the NHS and Estée Lauder. Our qualifications include; Recommended Agency Register status, N3 compliance and ISO 9001. If you would like to find out more or view further examples, please visit our website at

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ACW - Charity Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. ACWinvestigate. innovate. inspire. Charities por tfolio
  2. 2. MSF – International Brand Guidelines “A strategic project that took two years from inception to fruition. ACW supported us from the internal review stage right through to implementation, a complex process that required continuous refinement. ACW cut through the complexity of the situation and came up with solutions that were creative, yet pragmatic and realistic; making it easy for all offices to apply in practice.” investigate. innovate. inspire.
  3. 3. MSF – InternationalBrand Guidelines (online) investigate. innovate. inspire.
  4. 4. MSF – Activity Report 2011 investigate. innovate. inspire.
  5. 5. MSF – Financial Report 2011 investigate. innovate. inspire.
  6. 6. MSF – Access to Essential Medicines 2011 investigate. innovate. inspire.
  7. 7. MSF – TB Report investigate. innovate. inspire.
  8. 8. MSF – 5 Lives Report investigate. innovate. inspire.
  9. 9. MSF – Access Campaign Posters investigate. innovate. inspire.
  10. 10. MSF – Pro Bono40th Anniversary ALIVE••• Consultancy Activity Repor t 40 Access to Medicines Brochure• Brand Guidelines• Annual Repor t & Accounts• Print Management• International distribution logistics investigate. innovate. inspire.
  11. 11. UNHCR – Mobile App investigate. innovate. inspire.
  12. 12. UNHCR – Mobile App Website investigate. innovate. inspire.
  13. 13. UNHCR – My Life as a RefugeeApp Press Release & Web Banners ‘MY LIFE UNHCR LAUNCHES BILE APP O AS A REFUGEE’ M id e, iPad and Andro Download on iPhon do? What would you n or terror. flee war, persecutio ple are forced to Every minute 8 peo t would you do? Suddenly, Download on iPhone ed your family, wha , iPad and Androi If conflict threaten mat ter of life or death. d make could be a each choice you ers AS A REFUGEE’ lets play Android, ‘MY LIFE s make in a Built for iOS and g decisions refugee same life-changin nite with loved About UNHCR contemplate the , reach safety, reu to try to sur vive true-to-life quest imagine: UNHCR, the UN their lives. Can you refugee agency, ones and re-start ggler to help you ? who have fled viol protects and ass ists those t you pay a smu ence, persecutio ate to escape tha n or terror. Establis • Being so desper were fleeing from ? 1951, it has help ed tens of millions hed in g caught by the army you of forcibly displace • The terror of bein by war? people to rebuild their lives and has d from your family twice won the Nob being separated Peace Prize. Wit • The trauma of h a staf f of more el ers, compelling than 7,000 people UGEE’ engage s and educates play of 125 countries, it is working to safe in over ‘MY LIFE AS A REF faced by millions guard the rights with the same perilous dilemmas needs of 35.4 mill ion people worldw and them to wrestle ide. ide. refugees worldw real-life in this FREE app are based on the Get in touch The three stories with or persecution. ilies torn apart by conflict Please email you experiences of fam r enquiry to mylife asarefugee@acw or call +44 (0)20 8392 4332. rks... How the app wo who have been ‘MY LIFE AS A REFUGEE’ has e main characters been built and lves around thre each developed by ACW The role play revo compressed into for UNHCR, the ths or yea rs of narrative are UN refuge e agency. forced to flee. Mon in order ns along the way ers hav e to make decisio Learn more about UNHCR: ww w.u of the stories. Play stor y depend on nhcr.or outcome of each g The events and erent to reach safety. in a potentially diff Take action this t the play er makes, resulting World Refugee Day : the decisions tha http://takeaction time. experience every Download the ap p Scan to downlo ad Scan to downlo from the App Sto ad re: from Android Ma rket: e? Could you surviv ww w.mylifeasarefug To scan these QR Codes, search for and download QuickMark from the App Store (iPh one) or Android investigate. innovate. inspire. Market. For mor e information, plea http://ww w.quic se visit: w
  14. 14. Stop TB Partnership – Annual Report investigate. innovate. inspire.
  15. 15. Stop TB Partnership – GDF Annual Report investigate. innovate. inspire.
  16. 16. Stop TB Partnership – World TB DayBranding & Collateral investigate. innovate. inspire.
  17. 17. Stop TB Partnership – World TB DayInteractive Website investigate. innovate. inspire.
  18. 18. RIDH – Activity Report 2011 investigate. innovate. inspire.
  19. 19. Roll Back Malaria – World Malaria Day Posters investigate. innovate. inspire.
  20. 20. Roll Back Malaria – Posters investigate. innovate. inspire.
  21. 21. Roll Back Malaria – Leaflet investigate. innovate. inspire.
  22. 22. Roll Back Malaria – Adverts investigate. innovate. inspire.
  23. 23. International AIDS Society – Brand Guidelines investigate. innovate. inspire.
  24. 24. International AIDS Society – Annual Report investigate. innovate. inspire.
  25. 25. International AIDS Society – Newsletter investigate. innovate. inspire.
  26. 26. Journal of the InternationalAids Society – Website investigate. innovate. inspire.
  27. 27. CARE – Annual Report 2011 investigate. innovate. inspire.
  28. 28. CARE – Overview Broadsheet investigate. innovate. inspire.
  29. 29. DNDi – R&D Briefing Document investigate. innovate. inspire.
  30. 30. Action Against Hunger – Annual Review investigate. innovate. inspire.
  31. 31. MMV – USB Flashcard Drives investigate. innovate. inspire.
  32. 32. Studio 3, Vineyard Heights, 20 Mor tlake High Street, London SW14 8JNtel +44 ( 0 ) 20 8392 4330 | fax +44 ( 0 ) 20 8392 4335 | |