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Mobile Strategy and User Experince
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Mobile Strategy and User Experince


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Overview of Mobile Strategy and Design consulting services for Marlin Mobile. Included is our project methodology

Overview of Mobile Strategy and Design consulting services for Marlin Mobile. Included is our project methodology

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Add strategy. Mobile UX is about defining habits to fit into people lives.
  • Add strategy. Mobile UX is about defining habits to fit into people lives.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile UX Design & Strategy
      Translating User Experience to the Mobile Web and Applications
      Adrian Mendoza & Justin Souza
      Marlin Mobile, Inc
    • 2. Mobile Strategy – User Experience
      • The mobile web is both your point of entry and your barrier to entry for many users.
      • 3. Your mobile strategy is NOT your online strategy
      • 4. The immediacy of the mobile experience is key
    • Mobile Strategy - Performance
      • Is the experience available and performing optimally?
      • 5. How are vendors impacting end-user experience?
      • 6. Quality assurance
      • 7. Performance of patches and updates
      • 8. Compatibility of all elements as fragmentation continues to accelerate globally
      • 9. Use case factors
      • 10. Battery life
      • 11. Network vs. WiFi
      • Achieve vivid context to the experience by combining:
      • 12. Attributes of unique customer profile
      • 13. Customer satisfaction
      • 14. Customer support incidents and avoidance
      • 15. Web analytics
      • 16. End-user experience performance metrics
      Mobile Strategy - Optimization
    • 17. Mobile UX – Competitor Audits
      • We use documents called Mobile Competitive Audits in order to differentiate Functionality andUser Experience across competitors.
      • 18. These audits help our clients define what they want their product to do and how they want to compare against their competitors.
      • 19. We use images and text to describe user interactions.
    • Mobile UX – User Personas
      • User Personas help us define who we want to use the App or mobile web site (target audience)
      • 20. We can then do research to help support who these users are and what they will do on the app or mobile web
      • 21. For established brands, they help us define the users perception of the brand
      Resources used to find Events.
      Facebook (33%)
      Email (25%)
      Mobile Web Phone (17%)
      School Website (17%)
      Web Sites / Internet (8%)*
      * Includes Google, City specific news sites, etc
    • 22. Mobile UX – User Scenarios
      • For mobile, personas and scenarios help us define habits and usage patterns in how the users will interface with the device
      “Jennifer would love to find things to do on her iPhone”
      Search with current location
      Display Things to do
      Detail of Activity
    • Mobile UX – Wireframes
      • For mobile, the key is to translate the immediacy of the experience into the application and its functionality
      • 25. We create strong call to actions for the users in order to compliment their experience and still match the business goals
    • Mobile UX – Design
      • Design should maintain the brand, while delivering a clear path to the user.
      • 26. The design of the app or mobile web presence should maintain its branding across multiple devices, platforms, and apps.
      • 27. Design should be based around using native elements and functionality from each platform. This helps reinforce the user’shabits gained from using their own device.
    • What is Marlin Mobile?
      • Marlin Mobile is creating products and services for the mobile web and apps
      • 28. Our mantra
      • 29. “3 Worlds, 1 Experience”
      • 30. The challenge
      • 31. Fragmentation
      • 32. Global view…economies, access, infrastructure
      • 33. High end-user expectations compounded by the immediate nature of the experience
      • 34. The solution
      • 35. Data driven products and services that arm mobile web presences with the user experience, performance, and optimization insight necessary to accelerate opportunity
    • President, Co-Founder: Justin Souza
      Justin's career is highlighted by 10 years in web experience and market-leading product management roles. At Hewlett-Packard, Souza led product introductions for its handheld device and inkjet cartridge product lines, with subsequent roles managing consumer customer experience for Following Hewlett-Packard, Justin assumed a Product Manager role at Gomez, Inc., a market leader in SaaS web experience management solutions. Souza most recently served as Director of Product Management at ConnectEDU, a data-driven education management solution. Justin earned a BS from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an MBA from the University of Oregon.
      Questions? Contact
      Follow Justin on Twitter @marlinmobile
      Or read his mobile UX blog at
    • 36. Vice President, Co-Founder: Adrian Mendoza
      Adrian's career is highlighted by over 10 years of design and user experience in the handheld, pharmaceutical, financial, and educational sectors. His first studio, Synthesis3, worked with several Palm OS software companies in creating their brand for both a web and retail presence. In the financial and education sector, customers included Sovereign Bank, Houghton Mifflin, MIT and Harvard. Adrian has consulted in UX and Information Architect lead roles for Fidelity's E-business design group, Thomson Financial, and T.Rowe Price. Adrian earned his Bachelors from the University of Southern California and his Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Additionally, he is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Boston, MA.
      Questions? Contact
      Follow Adrian on Twitter @marlinUX
      Or read his mobile UX blog at