Depression help guide for teenagers


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Learn how depression affected your teen’s life. What is cause and signs or symptoms, how you can handle your children.

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Depression help guide for teenagers

  1. 1. Depression Help Guide for Teenagers
  2. 2. What is Depression Depression is a strong mood involving sadness, despair, discouragement, or hopelessness that lasts for weeks, months or even longer. Depression in children, teens and young adults in much more than a phase. It’s a real condition that can mess daily life, lead to be suicidal thought and behavior and disturbed personal life.
  3. 3. Signs And Symptoms  Constantly feel irritable, sad or angry.  Feel bad about yourself  Changes in eating and sleeping habits  Thoughts of death or suicide  Feel helpless and hopeless  Anything and everything makes you sad, cry.  Difficulty concentrating  Loss of interest in social activity
  4. 4. Differentiate Teenage And Adults Depression in teens can look very different from adults. The following symptoms of depression are common in both.  Irritable or angry mood  Unexplained aches and pains  Extreme sensitivity to criticism  Withdrawing from some, but not all people m
  5. 5. Effects of Teen Depression  Problems at school: Lead to poor attendance, drop in grades or frustration with schoolwork  Running away: Many depressed teens run away from home or talk about it.  Drug and alcohol abuse: Teens may use alcohol and drugs as self-medicate for depression.
  6. 6.  Low self-esteem: Feeling of ugliness, shame, failure or guilty.  Reckless behavior: Reckless driving, out of drinking are signs of high-risk behavior.  Other problem: Violence behavior, mental health problems, eating disorders and self-injury.
  7. 7. Suicide Warning Signs in Depressed Teens  Talking about committing suicide  Writing and reading stories or poem about death, dying or suicide  Seeking out weapons, pills or other ways to kill themselves.  Engaging in reckless behavior  Speak about romantic death
  8. 8. Getting Help  Depression is one of the most common of all mental health Problems.  Seeking professional help if you suppose your teen suffering with depression and chose a therapist who specialize in treating teenagers.  Encourage social and physical activity and learn about depression
  9. 9. Overcoming Agoraphobia & Extreme Anxiety Disorders By Tim O’Lawler
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